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Top Offers 11 Best Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 2024

Psychic and astrology affiliate programs might not be the top-of-the-mind money-making strategy for many affiliates. However, these platforms can surprise you with their impressive marketing reach and generous commissions. With an industry worth $2.3 billion, promoting ...

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Psychic and astrology affiliate programs might not be the top-of-the-mind money-making strategy for many affiliates. However, these platforms can surprise you with their impressive marketing reach and generous commissions.

With an industry worth $2.3 billion, promoting psychic and astrology products and services makes sense. After all, many read horoscopes and similar resources to help explain and foretell life events and circumstances.

But not all psychic and astrology brands are right for you. So, we took liberty in shortlisting the world’s eleven best psychic and astrology platforms for affiliates.

Top 11 Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs: Check It Out!

Psychic Source

Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 1

Psychic Source has been the go-to service provider for over 200,000 people seeking monthly psychic and astrological advice since 1989.

It has a network of psychic advisors ready to listen to customers via phone or video calls. They can also chat with people, offering accurate readings for about a dollar a minute.

And if you’re into zodiac signs, PsychicSource can be an excellent source of birth sign-associated information. In that case, you can call PsychicSource Astrology Source as well.

Surprisingly, PsychicSource manages its affiliate program without a third-party affiliate network. The signup page is uncomplicated, ensuring faster and more effortless applications.

And get this!

This platform doesn’t need you to sell anything. It only wants you to drive traffic to the website (leads), and they’ll do the convincing and everything else.

That also means you don’t need a website, blog, or social media channel to promote PsychicSource. You can email or text your contacts or distribute newsletters to everyone in the neighborhood, workplace, public spaces, schools, and virtually anywhere.

Isn’t this enticing? It’s one of the most generous affiliate programs you can ever partner with this year.

  • Commission: $100 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 365 days


Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 2

If you think PsychicSource’s $100 affiliate commission rate sounds enticing, you haven’t heard Kasamba’s offering yet.

Although PsychicSource predates Kasamba by a decade, the latter offers a heftier commission just by driving potential customers to their website. It’s one of the most profitable affiliate programs around.

Surprisingly, Kasamba is present in Atlanta, London, Melbourne, San Francisco, and Tel-Aviv, although it’s a NYC-headquartered company. Customers can get life-changing psychic readings wherever they are.

Kasamba doesn’t only have psychics in its network. Customers can also benefit from Kasamba’s spiritual advisers, guiding them in their enlightenment or making sense of their spiritual journeys.

Besides psychic and spiritual readings, Kasamba offers tarot card assessment & interpretation, fortune telling, and personal astrology. And if you’re into love & relationships, you can encourage your readers to try Kasamba’s love psychics.

While Kasamba beats PsychicSource’s commission, its 60-day cookie is only a fraction of PsychiSource’s 365 days. Still, two months is substantial for audiences to decide. After all, you’re only after “leads,” not sales.

Kasamba’s affiliate application is as straightforward as PsychicSource, making these two platforms excellent choices for newbies.

  • Commission: $125 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days


Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 3

Keen has an impressive selection of psychic and astrology offerings. We counted at least 23 categories, ensuring its services cater to a wide range of audiences and potential customers.

Customers can leverage a Keen spiritual advisor to guide them in achieving mindful and well-balanced life.

Its astrological readings are also perfect for realizing birth signs and charts, including gaining insight into optimizing one’s potentials.

Keen also provides advice on love & relationships, financial independence, and life paths. Surprisingly, it also offers pet psychics, Feng Shui, Chinese astrology, dream interpretation, Vedic astrology, angel readings, Chakra cleansing, aura cleansing, and more.

With such offerings (including tarot card reading), you’ll reach more target audiences.

Unlike PsychicSource and Kasamba, Impact Radius manages the Keen affiliate program. It’s a third-party affiliate network with rules and regulations slightly different from, but still aligned with, Keen.

Still, at $100 per lead, affiliating with Keen makes sense. Its 30-day cookies might seem “short,” but it’s the industry average.

  • Commission: $100 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

Miracle Mastery

Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 4

Miracle Mastery differs from other psychic and astrology affiliate programs in its offering. Whereas most programs on this list offer affiliates many options to promote, Miracle Mastery only has one.

This platform is a digital product promising to discover, unleash, and develop individuals’ psychic potentials. And like other digital products, Miracle Mastery allows buyers to read the material unlimited.

One issue with over-the-phone psychic advice is memory retention. Some callers might forget what the psychic advised them a few hours after the interaction.

Users won’t have such issues with Miracle Mastery. They can read the material whenever and wherever they want. The key is in “mastery.” And you can only “master” something if you do it frequently and constantly.

Becoming a Miracle Mastery affiliate is easy with ClickBank’s application and management.

Unfortunately, some might find Miracle Mastery’s commission rates discouraging, especially after learning other platforms offer $100 to $125 per lead. This program requires you to “sell,” not only to generate a lead.

Nevertheless, promoting a single product should be a cinch for first-timers, making this platform a vital stepping stone for beginner affiliates.

  • Commission: Up to 50% per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days

The Psychic Tree

Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 5

Mastering Miracle Mastery’s guide or adhering to others’ psychic, spiritual, or astrological advice doesn’t mean anything without the “right tools.”

Enter The Psychic Tree.

This online shop equips customers of psychics and astrologists with the resources necessary to optimize psychic insights, spiritual enlightenment, and astrological foresight.

It offers healing crystals, crystal packs, pendulums, sage smudges, crystal-infused fragrances, bath bombs & salts, essential oils, incense, crystal water bottles, crystal jewelry, and more.

The PsychicTree is the perfect venue for sourcing the materials people need to lead more holistic lives, although they’ve only been around since December 2017.

Affiliating with The PsychicTree is as easy as joining PsychicSource and Kasamba. It doesn’t employ a third-party affiliate network, fast-tracking the application.

Although its 5% commission percentage is lower than others, you can still earn big bucks by offering as many products to your audiences as possible.

Now, that’s a huge advantage over Miracle Mastery.

  • Commission: 5% per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

The Psychic School

Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 6

Miracle Mastery’s self-taught nature is perfect for some individuals but not for others. Most would still require expert guidance and the cooperation of other psychic learners.

And that’s why The Psychic School is an excellent program to promote aspiring psychics. It’s a global classroom encouraging anyone to discover, develop, and harness their psychic abilities without leaving the home.

PsychicSchool offers a foundational course in clairvoyant development, empowering learners to maximize their gifts and use them to benefit loved ones and others. They can also practice the teachings to improve self-healing.

You can offer PsychicSchool’s discount coupon codes to encourage audiences to enroll in a training course. All you need is to drive traffic, and PsychicSchool does everything else.

Most affiliate programs in this niche only offer a single-tier commission scheme.

Not ThePsychicSchool!

This program lets you earn recurring commission monthly. And although its initial commission percentage is only 15%, its multi-tiered model should make generating a steady income easy for affiliates.

  • Commission: 15% per sale and recurring
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

Psychic Oz

Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 7

PsychicOz is like PsychicSource and Kasamba, offering individuals accurate readings via online chat, phone, email, and video calls. And since its business model is not unique, you might wonder what separates this program from others?

It’s worth noting that PsychicOz offers more affordable rates than other psychic networks. Most companies only have a low introductory price, charging their customers a heftier fee for succeeding readings.

And here’s another gem in PsychicOz’s arsenal.

It vets all psychics offering their services to the platform. Customers will feel more confident their psychic and astrological readings are accurate.

You can convey these selling points to audiences.

And if you deliver leads to PsychicOz, the company will reward you with a handsome $150 fee per lead. The compensation is the highest in our list, beating Kasamba by $25.

Although PsychicOz doesn’t partner with an affiliate network, it manages its program splendidly. It offers an intuitive affiliate panel, ad banners, link codes, and creatives for a successful campaign.

  • Commission: $150 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days

Call Of Destiny

Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 8

Most psychic and astrology programs on our list cater to both sub-niches (astrology and psychic). Call Of Destiny stands out because it specializes in astrology readings.

Does it matter?

Did you know Columbia University cited a 2017 Pew Research survey that three of ten Americans look to astrology to explain global, regional, and personal events?

So, although you might not believe in zodiac sign readings and interpretations, around 30% of your audiences might. You’re missing an opportunity if you don’t promote Call Of Destiny’s offerings to them.

Still don’t think Call Of Destiny isn’t worth joining?

According to Call Of Destiny, you have over 70 million target audiences in the US alone, plus nearly a billion globally.

That’s impressive, especially if you consider COD’s affiliate compensation.

Call Of Destiny has a noteworthy commission scheme, offering affiliates $20 for every sale, while giving them the chance to earn a 75% monthly recurring commission.

So, sign up today!

  • Commission: $20 single-tier, 75% monthly recurring
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days

Life Reader

Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 9

Everyone needs guidance every now and then. And when one’s journey becomes unbearable, talking with a Life Reader psychic can be the light at the end of a long and foreboding tunnel.

Life Reader’s psychic services are the product of a robust vetting process, employing only trustworthy and credible psychics and clairvoyants with unquestionable ethico-moral standards to guide customers.

Each Life Reader has a specialty. For example, one might focus on love & relationship, infidelity, and family advice but not on “twinflames” and LGBTQ issues. Another Life Reader will handle that.

Unlike other astrology affiliate programs, Life Reader focuses more on Aussies and Kiwis. However, you can also promote this program to people in Canada, the EU, the UK, and other countries.

Interestingly, Life Reader’s affiliate compensation is identical to PsychicSource’s, although the latter beats the former with its impressive 360-day cookie.

Still, Life Reader remains an excellent choice for newbie affiliates in this niche.

  • Commission: $100 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

Mystic Sense

Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 11

Mystic Sense is another platform worth affiliating with this year.

Like most programs on our list, Mystic Sense delivers individualized psychic readings. However, its advantage is Mystic Sense also sends these services through SMS and not only through video calls.

Collaborating with only reputable psychics, Mystic Sense delivers readings that mean a lot to its customers. They can use these resources to lighten their dark days, discover their potentials, and find more meaning in their lives.

Surprisingly, Mystic Sense employs Pro Affiliate Pro for affiliate management, not ClickBank or Impact Radius.

On the bright side, you’ll never worry about marketing material, affiliate links, and creative resources because the platform delivers them once you’re in the program.

Mystic Sense’s $75 commission only applies when referrals deposit in the program. Hence, you might want to encourage audiences to try the platform’s services.

  • Commission: $75 per new user deposits
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days


Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs 12

AskNow is a platform connecting people worldwide to gifted psychic advisers. People can contact these highly-qualified advisors 24/7 via chat or phone, allowing them to gain insights into their future.

It’s a network dedicated to help people understand and appreciate the power of manifestation, the complexities of the spiritual realm, insightful clairvoyance, and more.

Making the right move is so much easier after talking to an AskNow advisor.

Joining AskNow requires signing up with AffiliateWalla. Although the initial application page only needs setting a username and password, it has a lengthy privacy policy. We recommend reading its entirety before continuing with the application.

Like many affiliate marketing programs, AskNow offers a dedicated manager to oversee, guide, and assist affiliates. And yes, even seasoned affiliate marketers will have an account manager supporting them in their campaigns.

Surprisingly, AskNow offers a $100 commission for every individual you drive to the website (like PsychicSource and Life Reader). At least you’ll never worry about selling anything.

  • Commission: $100 per lead
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days

What is a Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Program?

Astrology and psychic affiliate programs leverage people’s desires to seek “facts” about their lives (mainly the future), which conventional “advisers” and knowledge providers cannot.

Although not everyone believes in the metaphysical realm and the “supernatural,” some do. Unfortunately, companies catering to these individuals often find it challenging to reach out.

Enter affiliates. You!

Affiliate programs for psychics, astrologists, palm readers, tarot readers, and aura readers are “bridges” between these practitioners and their target customers. Managing the “bridge” are affiliate marketers.

One can say affiliates are the gatekeepers of the bridge, “informing” audiences (i.e., social media followers, blog readers, and podcast listeners) about psychics and astrologers’ products and services.

When audiences click affiliate links, they open the psychic and astrologist’s official website. They can purchase the product, allowing the affiliate to earn a commission.

But how does the company know which affiliate to give the commission?

Good point!

When a potential customer clicks a link, the action leaves “cookies” in the browser. Cookies are digital trackers, allowing the psychic and astrology company to know who referred (affiliate) the customer to them.

The more people you drive to the psychic and astrology company’s website, the greater your chances of earning a commission.

Why Choose a Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Program?

Digital marketers have various reasons for joining an affiliate program. However, the following three motivations are the most significant.

It’s a growing market

You might not believe it, but there’s an increasing number of people turning to psychics and astrologers to provide insights into their future.

Experts say 15% of Americans seek fortune-telling or psychic advice, with the majority being women.

The numbers are lower than credit card owners (98% of upper-income households and 57% of middle-income families), making credit card affiliate programs lucrative.

However, the psychic-astrology industry showed a 1.5% increase from 2018 to 2023 at its present value of $2.3 billion.

That’s a sign this market is one of the great niches in affiliate marketing. People will always seek advice from “non-traditional” sources, even if it means potentially being ridiculed by friends and acquaintances.

And you can earn by promoting astrology and psychic products to these individuals, while encouraging others to come out of their cocoons.

Many products to promote

Psychic and astrology programs don’t only provide tarot readings and palmistry. You can also promote products catering to one’s spirituality.

Some brands offer aura reading, numerology, cartomancy (reading playing cards), mediumship (bridging the living and the dead), Fng Shui, and lithomancy (stone or rock reading).

Others deliver psychometry (discovering “facts” by touching associated objects).

As affiliate marketers, you’ll want different offerings for your psychic and astrology audiences to increase the chances of earning more.

Great money-making strategy

Few opportunities let you earn passive income as easily as affiliate programs. And with psychic and astrology platforms generating millions of dollars, getting a piece of the pie is a cinch.

And if you stay the course, you can earn at least a thousand dollars monthly. Not too bad for promoting products some people scoff at.

How to Choose Suitable Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs?

Alt-text: Image of a shop signage specializing in psychic readings by Different Resonance on Unsplash.

Hundreds of psychic and astrology affiliate programs exist. Picking the most suitable ones can be intimidating, especially for first-timers. Never worry because the following tips will help zero in on the best platform to affiliate with.

Consider the psychic or astrologist’s reputation.

Establishing a psychic’s or astrologist’s reputation isn’t as easy as determining the trustworthiness of a company with physical products. The offerings are “intangibles” and challenging to prove.

You can analyze real-life customer experiences. Of course, they can be subjective (biased). So, scrutinize the reviews to determine the astrologist’s credibility.

Evaluate the product offerings.

Akin to evaluating a psychic’s or astrologist’s reputation, assessing their offerings can be challenging. However, past and current customers of these services can offer you insights into the product’s “quality.”

Ideally, you’ll want “credible” astrology and psychic tools and resources for your audiences. After all, they will stop believing you if these offerings fall short of their expectations.

Examine the commission structure.

Who doesn’t want a generous affiliate commission? However, instead of merely going for the platform with a high commission percentage, you might want to consider its monetary value.

For example, 30% might look enticing. But what if the product only costs $10? That means you will only earn about $3 per sale. Now, imagine a psychic product worth $100. Your earnings get a substantial bump to $30.

Moreover, consider what “customer action” the company expects you to deliver to earn a commission (i.e., leads vs. sales).

Study the program’s payment scheme.

Commissions are great. But if withdrawing your money is challenging, you’re better off with a platform with a friendly payment scheme.

Some psychics only pay after you’ve accumulated enough money in your account (i.e., $50 or $100), while others use multiple payment methods (i.e., bank deposit, crypto, payment platforms, and check).

How to Promote Psychic and Astro Affiliate Programs Effectively?

Promoting psychic and astrology affiliate programs is easy for seasoned super-affiliates but challenging for beginners. So, how should first-timers drive traffic to psychics and astrologists? Here’s how.

Embed links into well-thought-out, high-value blogs.

Like other potential customers, psychic and astrology audiences want “new” and “beneficial” information to help them advance their lives and practices (i.e., career forecasts or predictions). Hence, your blogs should contain valuable, relatable knowledge.

Analyze how you can integrate the psychic and astrology product seamlessly into your blog. Embed an affiliate link in your keyword, preferably somewhere audiences will most likely click.

Promote the products and integrate links into videos.

YouTube, TikTok, and other video sharing platforms make excellent tools for promoting affiliate products. Like blogging, vlogging as an affiliate requires creating meaningful psychic and astrology-aligned video content.

You can promote the product in the voice-over, captions, or video description. Or, you could do all three.

Encourage social media followers to try the psychic and astrology product.

Facebook remains King in social media, with 3.03 billion active users monthly. And if you’re not on this platform yet, you might want to consider getting one and growing your psychic and astrology followers. You must also try YouTube, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Like blogging and vlogging, promoting psychic and astrology products on social media requires embedding the affiliate link in your posts. And that includes “video shorts” and other social media bits.

Consider email marketing.

An affiliate marketer’s secret weapon, email marketing increases your chances of transforming email subscribers into psychic and astrology customers. Updating them with discounts, special promotions, and other “perks” will help boost your affiliate marketing performance.

Don’t be too “salesy,” though. Modern consumers know if you’re being genuine in looking after their “good” or are too pushy in generating sales.

Alt-text: Image of tarot cards for astrology and fortune-telling by Tengyart on Unsplash.


Promoting psychic and astrology offerings to the general population is like marketing ice machines to Nordics.

However, zero in on your target audience (i.e., horoscope readers, tarot card fans, palmistry enthusiasts, Feng Shui believers, and more), and you’ll find psychic and astrology affiliate programs more financially rewarding than other niches.

Of course, affiliate success still hinges on your ability to encourage and motivate audiences to try such products and services. Perhaps a dose of psychic reading can help you head in the right direction.

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