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Top 9 Best Non-profit and Charity Affiliate Programs to Boost Your Income in 2024

Small non-profit and charity organizations spend a significant number of resources and time achieving the goal and mission they have initially set. This often results in their fundraising efforts being compromised. Fortunately, you can now partner ...

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Non-profit and Charity Affiliate Programs

Small non-profit and charity organizations spend a significant number of resources and time achieving the goal and mission they have initially set. This often results in their fundraising efforts being compromised. Fortunately, you can now partner with non-profit and charity affiliate programs to avoid wasting time and resources.

As a matter of fact, these programs will let you focus on your mission while earning at the same time. To give you an idea, this article will present to you the top 9 non-profit and charity affiliate programs guaranteed to help increase your income this year.

Top 9 Best Non-profit and Charity Affiliate Programs

So here are the nine high-quality non-profit and charity affiliate programs that promise to help you support your noble cause while assisting you in raising your income.


non-profit and charity affiliate programs 1

Founded in the 90s, Fundraising.com was once known as Lollipop Company. The first products of the company were gourmet lollipops offered to non-profit organizations whose goal would be to market and sell them, which is the key to raising monetary donations.

After their success in that field, its range luckily went through a significant expansion. The current range of products includes different seasonal and year-round plants, like chocolates, scratch cards, and cookie dough.

What’s even more incredible about this company is that it now offers assistance to a lot of non-profit groups whose aim is to increase the number of dollars they can donate to their charity of choice yearly.

As an affiliate, you will surely be fond of a couple of distinct paths that will help you monetize. One of these is that you can influence the buyers of the nonprofit organization to buy lollipops and cookies with the goal of supporting fundraising efforts.

You can also use this program to direct you in launching your unique donation platform online. Regardless of your chosen path while in this organization, you can still enjoy a ten percent commission every time a sale or purchase from your link is made.

You can also enjoy an additional $3 each time there is a request for a fundraising guide, which is completely free, from your referrals. In addition, you will like the easy and convenient process of being part of the affiliate marketing program.

With its intuitive, real-time, and smart affiliate partner interface, every little detail, especially on clicks and sales, will be tracked for you.

  • Commission rate: 10% from both online fundraising campaigns and partner store
  • Cookie lifespan/duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: Direct deposit, credit cards
  • Payment threshold: $250



non-profit and charity affiliate programs 2

The affiliate program of Donorbox is also worthwhile to check out. It is a fantastic choice as it has over fifty thousand non-profit organization users from different countries. It is a powerful donation platform online, which is also simple and versatile enough that anyone can use it.

What this organization does is offer support to non-profit and charitable organizations by providing a user-friendly system online, allowing visitors to arrange and organize recurring donations.

Your partnership with Donorbox as an affiliate will surely let you earn amazing rewards and benefits. One advantage is that signing up as an affiliate is a simple, easy, and straightforward process. It will not cost you too much money and time.

Once signed up, you can begin having exclusive access to the company’s affiliate dashboard. This will be the tool you can use to monitor your progress while in the program. It also aids in optimizing performance with ease.

You also get the chance to access the curated resources from its complete library. This can contribute a lot to your consistent growth as an affiliate as you can use the resources to be consistent in converting and growing your referral program.

The commission rate is also promising. You will enjoy a 15 percent recurring commission for each successful transaction made through your link. The cookie duration is 45 days and the minimum payout is only $50.

  • Commission rate: 15% recurring commission
  • Cookie lifespan/duration: 45 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $50



non-profit and charity affiliate programs 3

Another organization that is worthy of your attention is CARE International. It supports a global movement conducted by twenty-one non-profit organizations with the common goal of ending poverty all over the world.

It has already made a mark in the industry as it worked with hundreds of countries and thousands of local employees in different parts of the globe. CARE International also continues to implement over one thousand humanitarian and development projects that focus on fighting and ending worldwide poverty.

Being an affiliate in CARE is, therefore, a win for you as the visitors of your high-converting affiliate website will also have the opportunity to access a large global non-profit and aid organization. As an affiliate, you will be helping CARE International raise funds for their causes in the form of charitable donations.

For each generated donation through your efforts and links, you get to enjoy a commission of 6.4 percent of the entire amount. It is not also hard to be part of the program as it only involves a quick and easy sign-up process, requiring you to input some important and required details.

It also has a reasonable cookie duration of around 30 days and a low payment threshold. You can request a payout if you already earned at least $25.

  • Commission rate: 6.4%
  • Cookie lifespan/duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Check, local bank transfer, wire transfer, PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $25



non-profit and charity affiliate programs 4

Another affiliate program, which leaves a positive impression on its members and participants is GreaterGood. This organization provides the public with a variety of products capable of supporting really good causes.

Your decision to be part of GreaterGood will give you the chance to create a positive impact not only on millions of people but also on pets and the entire planet. You will also be inspired by their real commitment to extend help.

You can earn a 2% commission for each sale made through your efforts and links once you become part of the program. This can already provide you with a reasonable earning potential, allowing you to enjoy a steady income by promoting a good cause.

As for the cookie duration, it is around 45 days. This can give you an assurance that you will keep on receiving credits for sales, including those from customers who spend more time before finally making actual purchases.

GreaterGood also makes it a point to give their affiliates an easier time receiving payments for the commissions they earned. They do so by partnering with Commission Junction, the affiliate marketing platform that pays your commission automatically. It also lets you access resources designed to help you promote the products easily.

  • Commission rate: 2%
  • Cookie lifespan/duration: 45 days
  • Payment method: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50


Better World Books

non-profit and charity affiliate programs 5

You may also want to give Better World Books a try. This award-winning global online retailer of used books gives affiliate marketers the chance to enjoy a lucrative income. It works by matching each book sold with a donation.

Throughout the years, this organization proved that it is committed to its cause. As a matter of fact, over thirty-one million books were already donated by Better World Books, raising several millions of dollars that helped them fund their literacy programs and libraries.

If you are interested, you will never go through a difficult time taking part in their affiliate program. All it takes is to sign up through their affiliate partner, Commission Junction. Once successfully signed up, you will receive the special links designed to track sales from you.

As for the commission rate, it is decent enough at five to eight percent. It is also good that Better World Books gives its affiliates a cookie duration of 45 days. This can give you a lot of scope when it comes to driving more than one sale, allowing you to acquire several commissions even with just one customer.

The unlimited referrals feature is also a big plus.

  • Commission rate: 5% to 8%
  • Cookie lifespan/duration: 45 days
  • Payment method: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50


The Linux Foundation

non-profit and charity affiliate programs 6

If you have a passion for open-source projects, then The Linux Foundation is the most suitable program for you. It even allows you to acquire knowledge and certification in this field.

It has in place training courses designed to improve your skills in the area, making it possible for you to join the open-source community. This foundation already earned a mark in the industry through its famous products, namely the Hyperledger project, Kubernetes, and the Linux operating system.

Once you become part of their affiliate program, you can start to promote such products, giving you the opportunity to tap a huge market of businesses, organizations, and people who need solutions in the open-source industry. Aside from the excellent training, the program also gives out lucrative commissions of five to twenty percent for each sale.

The cookie duration is also very generous since it runs for up to 60 days. This is an advantage as even customers who take a couple of months to decide on making a purchase through your link can still be counted on your earned commissions.

You do not also have to worry about the tracking part since it is operated with the help of the trusted affiliate network, Shareasale. Here, your sales, commissions, and earnings will be tracked accurately plus you will receive access to their text links and banners that you can use in the promotion.

  • Commission rate: 5% to 20%
  • Cookie lifespan/duration: 6o days
  • Payment method: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer, wire transfer
  • Payment threshold: $50


Ivory Ella

non-profit and charity affiliate programs 7

You can also promote the products of Ivory Ella, which is another non-profit and charity affiliate program that lets you earn by doing something good for the world. Among the products offered by Ivory Ella are tie-dye sweatshirts, graphic tees, and even affordable wedding dresses.

You can promote these stylish and trendy items to expand your reach and boost your earnings. This online store operates philanthropically with the goal of supporting a wide range of charitable causes. A huge chunk of their net earnings is dedicated to Save the Elephants.

However, they also support other charities, like cancer-related charities and causes. It, therefore, operates similarly to Brides Against Breast Cancer that donate millions of dollars to cancer patients, especially those who have a fight against breast cancer.

What’s great about Ivory Ella is that it partnered with UpPromote to run its affiliate program. This network gives affiliate marketers an easier time participating in the program. UpPromote even has tooltips and triggered messages that make it effortless to operate and navigate the app.

Ivory Ella gives you a three percent commission for every referral sale that turns into an actual purchase using your affiliate links or coupon sites and codes. It also gives a 30-day cookie duration.

One more thing that you will love about the program is the dedicated customer support staff. Expect to receive answers to your requests and queries because of the customer-centric program. It even boasts of its average response time of two minutes.

  • Commission rate: 3%
  • Cookie lifespan/duration: 3o days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $100



non-profit and charity affiliate programs 8

You may also want to join Omaze, an online donation platform, which works by incentivizing the process of giving to charities. The incentives one may receive would be unique experiences and exclusive merchandise.

Most of these experiences have the support of celebrity endorsements. If you want to join their affiliate program, you don’t have to worry as the entire process is hassle-free. It is as simple as filling out their online form and waiting for their approval, which will then let you access their banners, logos, and links.

Partnering with Shareasale, you will surely have a safe experience being an affiliate of Omaze. What’s even better is that you will get to work with their affiliate management team whose commitment is on helping you succeed.

You will even receive newsletters containing updates regarding sales opportunities, contests, and promotions. All these will be of help in making you a successful affiliate.

As for their commission rate, the baseline is 5%, which has the potential to grow if you deliver a good performance as a partner. It has a shorter cookie duration compared to the others, though, as it is only around 7 days.

  • Commission rate: 5%
  • Cookie lifespan/duration: 7 days
  • Payment method: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer, wire transfer
  • Payment threshold: $50



non-profit and charity affiliate programs 9

ShopRaise is also another of the most trusted non-profit and charity affiliate programs right now. It has an app, which allows you to raise money when shopping for the cause you are passionate about online. You can shop for everyday essentials, such as groceries, book a trip, or even buy home or office furniture.

An advantage of being part of ShopRaise is that it lets you select a cause that is truly close to your heart. You are allowed to select from any mission or cause from various charitable institutions and schools. You can even choose from clubs, teams, and churches.

If you are into affiliate marketing, partnering with ShopRaise will let you enjoy several perks and rewards. Among these benefits are their high rates of conversion and commission. It promises a two-dollar commission for every customer you refer to the app. It also has a cookie window of thirty days.

Most affiliate marketers who joined ShopRaise also rave about how great their experience is as they use the platform. The reason is that it is entirely easy to use no matter what device you have, including desktop and mobile app.

You will also love the sales-based and lead-based commission promised by ShopRaise. This is possible not only for the purchases made but also for account creations. Just by helping them sign up an individual supporter or cause, you can receive a commission immediately.

  • Commission rate: $2
  • Cookie lifespan/duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, check, direct deposit
  • Payment threshold: $50


Benefits of Joining a Non-profit and Charity Affiliate Programs

Your decision to be a part of a non-profit and charity affiliate program will let you enjoy several benefits – among which are the following:

  • Promotes positive change – Taking part in this type of affiliate program is the key to supporting a cause that genuinely resonates with your passion. The result is you making a positive difference and influence in the environment you are in.
  • Allows you to lend a helping hand – Note that these non-profit and charity programs focus on letting you raise not only money but also awareness for certain organizations. These specifically include organizations whose focus is on providing vital support and services to the unfortunate and the needy.
  • Helps you earn money through commission – Aside from your positive influence, you also get the chance to earn money through commission. You will earn it per donation or sale that your affiliate links generate. It is definitely a good way to increase your income.
  • Widens your target audience – You also have the opportunity to expand your target audience, allowing you to reach those with similar interests as you, specifically those who also support charitable causes. With that, new potential supporters and customers will be within your reach.
  • Improves your credibility – The fact that you are showing your genuine care to society can make you appear more credible and trustworthy. This can further strengthen your bond with them.

In addition, you will enjoy the convenience of taking part in this affiliate program. The reason is its quick and straightforward process. It does not even require strong technical know-how and big investment.

How to Select the Right Non-profit and Charity Affiliate Programs?

Selecting the right non-profit and charity affiliate program can help turn your affiliate marketing technique into a success. Here are the factors that will help you evaluate your choices fairly and comprehensively:

Overall quality

Examine the charitable organization’s overall quality. You need to be one hundred percent sure that it is top-notch as this is what’s going to help you sell it with ease. Ensure that the institution’s products are highly reputable, credible, and high-quality.

Commission structure

It is also crucial to examine the program’s commission structure closely. Your goal is to choose programs with fair and competitive rates of commission. Note that different programs also have different commission structures – some on a flat fee basis for every sale made.

Others will let you earn a specific percentage of the total amount of sale. There are also those who give recurring commissions, letting you earn a chunk of the subscription revenue for a longer term. Pick one that you are most comfortable with.

Payout terms

Examine the terms as far as the payout is concerned, like the frequency of payouts and minimum threshold. As much as possible, pick a program with more frequent payments. The program is also more attractive if the payout threshold is lower.


Take the time to assess the brand’s reputation, too. Go for respected and well-known brands so you will not experience difficulty selling them.


You can find plenty of incredible non-profit and charity affiliate programs and groups right now. You can even choose from small local charitable institutions to even the largest aid organizations.

All these non-profit and faith-based organizations like to welcome new affiliate marketers, so you can always take part in them. Just make sure that your choice of an organization is one that will highlight your amazing work and give you the benefits you deserve. Pick a program that resonates with your passion, too.

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