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Top 12 Best Yoga Affiliate Programs with High Commission Rates

The best yoga affiliate programs are the perfect opportunities for helping people achieve optimum wellness while boosting your wealth-generation capabilities. Imagine. You’ll be instrumental in improving others’ flexibility, muscle strength, vitality, breathing, and heart health. And ...

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Yoga affiliate programs

The best yoga affiliate programs are the perfect opportunities for helping people achieve optimum wellness while boosting your wealth-generation capabilities. Imagine. You’ll be instrumental in improving others’ flexibility, muscle strength, vitality, breathing, and heart health. And you’ll get paid for it.

And if you’re wondering what yoga brands can give you this opportunity, worry no more. We shortlisted 12 of the most profitable affiliate programs you can join in 2024 to make choosing easy.

Promise! You’ll want to start earning commissions on sales after reading this article.

Let’s start.

12 Yoga Affiliate Programs with High Commission Rates


yoga affiliate programs 1


Established in 1998, Vancouver-based Lululemon is one of the best affiliate programs for beginner marketers to join in 2024.

It’s an athletic apparel company dedicated to empowering like-minded individuals to improve their activities, while feeling good.

With its “Science of Feel” philosophy, this brand emphasizes maximum comfort in their innovative products to improve customers’ physical, social, and mental wellness.

Now that’s easy to promote! After all, nobody wants to feel uncomfortable during and after a few hours of yoga poses.

Joining Lululemon requires an AWIN affiliate network account. You can start promoting the brand’s yoga clothing and apparel once in. Embed unique affiliate links in your website or blog, weaving Lululemon around relatable and engaging stories.

Don’t worry if you’re a newbie because Lululemon promises exceptional digital marketing support.

Its commission rate is noteworthy, allowing affiliates to earn as much as 20% on a single sale. Imagine selling a $200 item, and you already have $40 in your account. Sell ten daily, and you’re looking at a potential $12,000 monthly.

Now, who wouldn’t grab such an opportunity?

  • URL: Lululemon Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 5% to 20% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days



yoga affiliate programs 2

Architect and yoga instructor Peter Sterios established Manduka in 1997, believing the secret to successful yoga is a high-quality yoga mat. It became the foundation of the brand’s “Yoga for All” philosophy. As for the first yoga mat Sterios created, he named it Black Mat PRO.

Today, Manduka designs and creates all kinds of yoga equipment to make yoga as comfortable and distraction-free as possible. It’s the only way to focus on breathing and poses.

Promoting Manduka products shouldn’t be a problem. After all, every yogi deserves the right tool to improve mindfulness and overall wellness.

Moreover, these yoga offerings are the designs and creations of seasoned yogis.

So, how do you become a Manduka affiliate? You’ll sign up with Rakuten Advertising, which should take a few minutes. It’s worth noting Rakuten withholds payouts below $50. So you’ll want to factor this in your decision.

Don’t worry about links and banners to embed in your website or blog because Manduka supplies them to all qualified affiliates.

  • URL: Manduka Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 6% to 15% per verified sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


Alo Yoga

yoga affiliate programs 3

One issue of aspiring yogis is their clothing. They cannot wear the same yoga apparel they use in the studio.

Alo Yoga changes that!

This yoga company designs and produces comfortable yoga clothing yogis can wear on the streets. It’s a unique fashion collection made more popular by celebrities, such as Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Hailey Baldwin.

It has products for men and yoga accessories, too.

Driving home the message that fashion for yoga studios should also make excellent casual clothing is easy.

It’s worth noting Alo Yoga partners with FlexOffers, not ClickBank network. Although ClickBank has better performance and quality, FlexOffers edges the former in user satisfaction. And that’s to your advantage as a beginner affiliate.

You’ll never fret about managing your affiliate campaigns because of a more organized and systematic user interface.

Alo Yoga’s generous compensation for your marketing efforts awaits. Grab it now.

  • URL: Alo Yoga
  • Commission: 14.4% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


Brilliant Yoga

yoga affiliate programs 4

Brilliant Yoga is one of the best yoga affiliate programs for beginners in 2024. It’s an eBook focusing on women who want to boost their general well-being or lose weight.

It emphasizes yoga’s benefits in increasing metabolism, allowing the body to burn more fat and reduce overall body fat percentage.

And do you know how many women you can promote Brilliant Yoga to? That’s 42.1% of American women above 20 years old (about a hundred million). Although not all use yoga for weight loss, you can still encourage them to try.

But why join Brilliant Yoga?

Brilliant Yoga has one of the most generous commission rates at 70%. And if you’re a rockstar in this niche, Brilliant Yoga is ready to boost your earning rate to 90%.

Imagine this!

The Brilliant Yoga eBook series sells for $47 as a package. Rockstar affiliates can earn about $42 per sale. Even newbies will find the $32.99 commission-per-sale enticing. Beginner affiliates selling one eBook series daily can generate about a thousand dollars ($987) monthly.

Not bad!

  • URL: Brilliant Yoga Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 70% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 60 days


Wai Lana

yoga affiliate programs 5

Wai Lana yoga is a lifestyle. It’s not something you can get from several hour-long sessions. Yogis integrate their learnings into their daily lives, allowing them to be mindful of everything and achieving optimum wellness.

Wai Lana empowers your audiences, followers, and readers to lead less stressful lives using carefully designed and manufactured products.

You can promote mats, recipe books, superfood capsules, Yogorama personal care items, bags, CDs, DVD packs, and more. You’ll never run out of opportunities to promote and make money.

Signing up is a cinch, although WaiLana reserves the right to evaluate affiliate applications.

Interestingly, ShareASale serves as WaiLana’s affiliate retailer, improving your chances of getting accepted into the program.

The compensation might not be as generous as Brilliant Yoga’s, but 15% is commendable.

Be impressed with WaiLana’s 120-day cookie lifespan. Most platforms only offer 30 days, while this brand triples the duration.

Now that’s worth joining!

  • URL: Wai Lana Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie lifespan: 120 days


Gaiam Yoga 

yoga affiliate programs 6

Gaiam Yoga is one of the oldest affiliate programs, with the parent company established in 1988 in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Although initially focused on fitness, yoga, and wellness, Gaiam expanded its niche to encompass health and active living.

That increases your target audiences substantially, allowing you to promote more products to more people and increasing your chances of earning more.

Hence, you can promote premium-quality yoga mats, props, clothing, and accessories. Yoga, wellness, and fitness DVDs are also available.

Gaiam Yoga has a longstanding partnership (since 2001) with Rakuten LinkShare. So, you’ll never worry about affiliate monitoring, reporting, and commissioning because this platform is secure and efficient.

We must also point out that GetACTV manages Gaiam Yoga’s affiliate program.

Here’s the real kicker.

Gaiam Yoga doesn’t have minimum payout thresholds, allowing you to enjoy your earnings without waiting for them to accumulate.

Welcome news, indeed!

  • URL: Gaiam Yoga Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Up to 10%
  • Cookie lifespan: Undisclosed


Jade Yoga

yoga affiliate programs 7

Who would’ve believed that Jade Yoga started as an oriental rug business in 1904? It was one of the US’s most respected rug dealers, revered for its exceptional service and top-notch quality.

In 1974, Jade Industries offered a solution to low-quality rug pads. Jade’s oriental rugs featured natural rubber rug pads to prevent slipping and improve cushion.

This innovation gave birth to the non-slip mat yogis use today, with JadeYoga offering Harmony, the world’s first yoga mat featuring all-natural rubber.

However, JadeYoga offers a wide range of products, not just mats. They have accessories and props to make yoga sessions more worthwhile. It even has gifts and gear to expand your marketing target.

This affiliate program is perfect for yoga studio owners, teachers, bloggers, and influencers, allowing them to earn a respectable commission from each sale.

You can sign up with AvantLink to join JadeYoga’s affiliate program. Create meaningful posts with embedded custom links, and you can start enjoying JadeYoga’s generous offer.

  • URL: Jade Yoga Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


Hugger Mugger

yoga affiliate programs 8

Sara Chambers turned a teaching-learning moment into a business opportunity, proving that bright ideas can come from virtually any circumstance.

The year was 1986. Chambers watched Iyengar yogi Mary Dunn improvise a yoga prop to modify a pose. A spark of ingenuity led to the cotton D-ring strap and yoga-specific gym shorts.

Chambers persevered to develop and source functional, innovative, eco-friendly, phthalate-free, heavy metal-free, and handmade Iyengar yoga-specific products, including yoga blocks and the Tapas Mat.

Hugger Mugger’s extensive collection makes it an excellent program to affiliate with.

Signing up requires an application with Affiatly and a two- to three-day wait.

Unlike other yoga affiliate programs, Hugger Mugger is only available to US residents. It’s a shame because the platform has many exciting products to promote.

Moreover, we couldn’t find the logic behind a 21-day cookie duration. Hugger Mugger only needs seven days, and its cookie lifespan becomes at par with the 30-day industry standard.

Still, Hugger Mugger’s dedication to quality craftsmanship can easily beat other platforms.

And you can drive the program’s handmade, USA-made products home.

  • URL: Hugger Mugger Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 21 days


Uplift Active

yoga affiliate programs 9

Admit it! You think you can only perform yoga on non-slip mats. Uplift Active changes this perception and opens infinite possibilities.

This brand blazes the trail of aerial dance, bungee fitness, and aerial yoga with innovative products, such as the Aerial Hoops, Aerial Yoga Gear, Aerial Silks, and Bungee Fitness Sets.

It also has instructional guides and videos, allowing aspiring yogi to optimize their wellness pursuits.

Although UpliftActive only provides 10% commission, its affiliates can earn over a thousand dollars monthly. However, note Uplift Academy only pays a maximum of $40 commission on Aerial Rigs, accessories, and clothing.

And get this!

It doesn’t have a minimum threshold for payouts, allowing you to withdraw and enjoy your earnings via PayPal.

Joining UpliftActive via Affiatly is a three-day wait. An email either confirms your acceptance or not.

Adding links, coupons, and banners to your blog posts or website articles should be a cinch. And if you encounter a problem, UpliftActive’s affiliate manager will guide you within three hours.

  • URL: Uplift Active Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: Undisclosed


Yoga Burn

yoga affiliate programs 10

Zoe Bray-Cotton collaborated with Digital Health Solutions, Inc. to establish the women-centric lifestyle and fitness enhancement platform Yoga Burn.

This company offers many products for women, including fitness programs (i.e., Fitness System for Women, Trim Core Challenge, Total Body Challenge, Booty Challenge, Inner Circle, Meditation Solution, Kick Start Kit), nutritional support products (i.e., Tea Ignite, Renew, Amino H2O, and Coffee Ignite), and fitness accessories (i.e., Foundation mat, body sculpting band, and apparel).

A whistle-bait figure is no longer only a dream for many women. With YogaBurn’s impressive product lineup, achieving a sexier figure is more realistic than ever.

And that’s worth promoting as an affiliate!

Moreover, YogaBurn has one of the most generous commissions in this list at 30%.

For example, the Total Body Challenge costs $47, earning you a $14.1 commission per sale. Sell a hundred of this product monthly, and you can bring home $1,400.

And here’s the fun part. YogaBurn uses Clickbank as its affiliate network partner. You can promote products from merchants in other niches.

And that’s how you can earn big in 2024.

  • URL: Yoga Burn Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 30% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: Undisclosed



yoga affiliate programs 11

BodyRock blasts most affiliate programs with its innovative offerings and attractive compensation scheme. While others will offer you 20 to 30 percent, BodyRock is ready to reward you with 60%.

And get this!

BodyRock compensates you for every first-time order, upsell, and order bump you produce through the unique identifier link. It also guarantees lifetime commissions. And if you want more, you can contact BodyRock about their Pay Bumps.

So, what’s BodyRock?

It’s a fat loss cheat code taking the cyberworld by storm, offering customers access to a 24/7 workout coach and fitness body. Although it focuses on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), BodyRock also incorporates yoga techniques to help weight loss fans achieve complete wellness.

Hence, the yoga community isn’t your only target audience. Folks wanting to lose weight sensibly and safely are excellent prospects, too.

And here’s the kicker.

BodyRock works with ClickBank, giving you more chances to improve your income-generating potential. After all, ClickBank has thousands of merchants to affiliate with.

So, grab this program now.

  • Commission: 60% per sale, upsell, and order bump; recurring
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


Barefoot Yoga

yoga affiliate programs 12

Founded in 1996, Barefoot Yoga started with the original yoga mat bag. Allowing Kelly LeFabvre to carry everything she needs for a meditative and mindfulness practice traveling India.

Today, BarefootYoga creates yoga packages (i.e., Meditation Cushion and Zafu & Bag),eco products (i.e., Mexican yoga blankets), and signature series offerings (i.e., practice straps, bolsters, Zabutons, carry-all bags, yoga blocks, and more).

Promoting these yoga products is never challenging. You can entice yogis and aspiring yoga practitioners to try. These offerings are perfect, especially for folks joining online yoga classes.

It’s like they’re in a studio with other yogis.

The best part? BarefootYoga has over 5,000 products to promote. And these offerings come from the finest yoga companies.

Like other platforms, Barefoot Yoga has an affiliate network partner where you’ll apply. This brand sends you carefully curated images, promo banners, and text links to embed in your website, social media, and blog.

BarefootYoga pays your commissions monthly through a check or bank deposit.

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 60 days


Why Should You Promote Yoga Affiliate Programs?

We covered the best affiliate programs to join in 2024. But is joining these platforms a good idea?

It’s a booming industry

Did you know over 55 million Americans integrate yoga into their daily lives, accounting for about ten percent of yoga enthusiasts globally? It’s also possible these numbers are higher.

More men are discovering the benefits of yoga, showing a dramatic 150% increase from 2012 to 2015. It’s also one of the world’s top 10 fitness activities.

Moreover, the yoga industry will hit the $215 billion mark by 2025, a significant jump from the $105.9 billion it made in 2022.

And you know what these figures translate to. Opportunities!

Many products to promote

The ever-growing yoga movement creates many opportunities for enterprising individuals and other entities. They know the demand is great! Hence, they are more than willing to supply yogis with a wide range of high-quality products.

You can promote mats, apparel, accessories, learning content, and other yoga-related products. These offerings can boost your passive income generation activities.

yoga affiliate programs 13

A well-defined target audience

The figures above underscore a well-defined audience. You have individuals passionate in their yoga practice.

This observation will allow you to create meaningful content, encouraging this wellness-conscious community to buy your products.

Influence others’ lives

Some aspiring yogi might not know how expansive yoga resources are. And this could limit their pursuit for optimum wellness.

Promoting a yoga affiliate program’s products empowers yogis to maximize their wellness potential. They’ll have access to services and items they might not even have heard of.

How to Determine the Right Yoga Affiliate Program?

Becoming an affiliate marketer for a yoga program can bring many advantages and benefits. However, choosing the right platform to promote is crucial. So, how should you ensure you get your worth?

Ensure quality

You’ll never want to promote yoga clothing made of low-quality fabric, fading after a few wash or ripping easily at the seams. Your audience will turn to other brands and look at you negatively if you do.

It’s the same with other products. Quality matters! And if you can add value to these yoga items, you can expect a boost in your passive income.

So, pick an affiliate program with high-quality offerings. Or, better yet, choose a platform that allows you to try or evaluate their products before promoting.

Research the company’s reputation

Any yoga business can claim they have premium-quality products. Some might even price their offerings higher than others to create an illusion of quality.

You might want to research and analyze the company’s history. Does it have favorable ratings on BBB? What do customer reviews say? Does the brand have a verifiable address and contact?

Analyze the commission scheme

Not all affiliate programs offer excellent commissions. Some do it for each sale, while others can compensate you for every lead you drive to the official website.

You might want to examine commission rates and compare them with the product price, too. For instance, a $100 yoga item with a 20% commission will be similar to a $40 product with a 50% rate.

yoga affiliate programs 14

Determine the payout terms

Earning a commission is meaningless if you cannot withdraw your money hassle-free. Some brands only pay through direct deposit, while others course it through PayPal and similar platforms.

Moreover, consider the minimum payout threshold – the amount of money in your affiliate account necessary for withdrawal.

What are Yoga Affiliate Programs for Beginners?

These affiliate programs for beginners are legitimate money-making opportunities for everyone. These platforms compensate for other people’s hard work and dedication promoting yoga products to customers, although affiliates are not “officially” members of such organizations.

These programs focus on the yoga niche, making them ideal for yoga teachers, influencers, content creators, bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, social media account members, and anyone with a knack for yoga, fitness, wellness, and overall well-being.

Affiliate programs work by leveraging third-party (you) connections. You can promote yoga products and services to blog readers or website visitors. Some brands also encourage email and SMS marketing using affiliate-specific links. Others allow advertising on social media, video platforms, and coupon sites.

Beginner affiliates never worry about promoting affiliate products because the company supports them with affiliate promotion and marketing guidance, tools, and other resources. You can contact the brand’s support team if you experience a hiccup in your marketing campaign.

The best part? These affiliate programs won’t charge you a dime! So, even if you fail in digital marketing, knowledge gained can open other opportunities. Win-win, right?

A yoga affiliate program is the perfect opportunity for newbies to earn extra cash promoting products that millions love. Moreover, your impact on other people’s health and wellness will make you feel good.


Is it possible to earn money from yoga affiliate programs?

Yes, you can earn money from a reputable yoga affiliate marketing program with high-quality products. Glassdoor says US marketers earn about $59,600 annually. Meanwhile, AHREFs discloses that one in two marketers earn less than $10,000 yearly.

Although these figures are not specific to yoga, they prove one can make money from such endeavors.

Here’s a tip! Perform well, and you can see your earnings rise exponentially!

How to get started with yoga affiliate marketing?

Joining a yoga affiliate program is not only easy, but also free. You have two options, depending on the company.

Some yoga businesses have built-in affiliate programs encouraging affiliates to apply with the brand’s application interface. The requirements might be more stringent and the vetting can take several days.

On the other hand, an affiliate network offers a “less stressful” way to join. For example, you can create an account with ShareASale affiliate network and choose several yoga merchants from the platform.

This approach lets you promote multiple products across different yoga brands on a single platform. And that increases your income potential.

Ideally, you’ll want an active and fully-engaged website to join, although some platforms allow social media accounts (with substantial following) and other marketing channels.

yoga affiliate programs 15

Wrapping Up!

Becoming a successful marketer for yoga affiliate programs is easy if you know which ones to join in 2024.

Although an attractive commission structure is an excellent motivator, affiliate marketers should focus on potential customers – the millions of yoga practitioners, aspiring yogis, and anyone wanting to integrate this ancient practice into their daily lives. Monetary rewards will follow.

So, never slack on your campaigns. It’s worth remembering these platforms compensate you for the results.

Joan, a creative mind and author behind UpPromote blog. Writing has always been my sanctuary, a place where I can explore my imagination and share my unique perspective on the world of eCommerce. Through my words, I strive to explain the complexities of the digital world and showcase its potential for innovation, growth, and limitless opportunities.