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Our Pick of the 11 Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest Creators

You are thinking of earning money with Pinterest via affiliate programs. Yes. It’s totally possible. The best affiliate programs for Pinterest can help you monetize your account and build your passive income. In this article, Uppromote will deliver ...

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affiliate programs for pinterest

You are thinking of earning money with Pinterest via affiliate programs. Yes. It’s totally possible.

The best affiliate programs for Pinterest can help you monetize your account and build your passive income.

In this article, Uppromote will deliver such programs to you. So, whether you are a long-time Pinterest user or an affiliate wanting to expand your channel to Pinterest, you can leverage them for monetization.

No matter the platform—Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook—UpPromote, the highly rated affiliate marketing app on Shopify, can help merchants track affiliate performance and overall sales.

With UpPromote, you can build an army of happy, high-converting Pinterest affiliates that drive impressive results.

11 Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest: Top Picks For 2024

This part will go through the best affiliate programs for Pinterest 2024 – a diverse list with programs in different categories. Let’s dive into it now!

Amazon Associates

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - Amazon Associates

You may have known about the Amazon Associates Program, right?

Yes, it is one of the most famous affiliate programs from the world’s largest ecommerce site for online purchases. The Amazon program has diverse products from popular niches, including software, fashion, electronics, home appliances, etc. Here, you can have a wide choice for promoting on your Pinterest.

It offers different commission rates based on the categories you choose. However, it usually falls within 1-20%. The cookie duration of the program is limited, only 24 hours. Such a term is short compared to other affiliate programs.

How do you become an Amazon affiliate? Bloggers or content creators with a qualifying website or mobile app can join the program. Check out our ultimate guide on earning side money with Amazon for detailed information.

Commission rate 1-20%, depending on categories
Cookie duration 24 hours
Payment method Check, Direct Deposit, Amazon Gift Certificate
Payment threshold Check: $100

Direct Deposit: $10

Amazon Gift Certificate: $10

  • Various products from different niches
  • Easy to use and set up links
  • Low payment threshold for direct deposit
  • High rate of driven conversions
  • Too short cookie duration

Wayfair – Home Decoration

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - Wayfair

If your target audience on Pinterest is decorators, you can consider the Wayfair affiliate program. Interior decorators, including DIY types and professionals, may come to Pinterest while seeking a decorating idea for their projects. It’s when you can show them Wayfair’s products associated with your affiliate links.

Commission Junction (CJ) hosts the program. It offers you a 7% commission rate—a good number considering their average order sizes of $300. Here, you can promote over 10 million products for all home demands and budgets.

To join the program, you must satisfy CJ’s affiliate requirements. The network is free to join, but you must have an active website to sign up. When being an affiliate on CJ, you will enjoy payment every 28th for USD, EUR, and GBP and 20th for all other currencies.

Commission rate Up to 7%
Cookie duration Not disclosed
Payment method Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
Payment threshold Not disclosed
  • A good commission rate
  • High average order value
  • A wide range of home products
  • Free to join and promote
  • Do not disclose information on cookie life
  • Require a website to sign up

Fine Art America – Art

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - Fine Art America - Art

If you specialize in an art niche, Pinterest is a nice place to start your affiliate marketing business. One option in the best arts and crafts affiliate programs to choose from is Fine Art America—a program with various art affiliate offers. Here, you can find many products under categories like canvas prints, metal prints, tote bags, throw pillows, etc.

The marketplace has 750,000+ independent artists and iconic brands. As an affiliate marketer, you are free to choose to promote products for any of them based on your interest. You will earn a commission of 8% of sales within a 30-day cookie period.

You can join the program via ShareASale—a platform for affiliate marketing. It’s free, but it will require a website to register. It will pay you on the 20th of every month when your account gets $50 at least.

Commission rate 8%
Cookie duration 30 days
Payment method Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
Payment threshold $50
  • A long cookie-tracking period
  • A good commission rate for publishers
  • Many art products from artists and brands to promote
  • A low payment threshold
  • Website requirement for registering

BH Photo Video – Photograph

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - BH Photo Video

You know, Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for photos. So, promoting photo-related products there is not a bad idea, right?

You can join the BH Photo Video affiliate marketing program to realize such an idea. The brand owns many photography affiliate offers, video products, computing products, etc. It will provide you with many graphics and text links for your ease of promotion. Its experts are also supportive and helpful.

You can earn a base commission of 2% if a customer makes a product purchase via your affiliate pin. The number can be 8% higher if it is a brand product. To enjoy such affiliate commissions, join the program via its website. It’s easy to enroll, as long as your site doesn’t violate their terms and conditions.

Commission rate 2% base commission for most products

8% for some brands’ products

Cookie duration Not disclosed
Payment method Not disclosed
Payment threshold $80
  • A wide variety of photograph-related products
  • Campaign managers support very well
  • Many graphics and text links for affiliates
  • Easy to apply via its website
  • A high commission rate for some brands’ products
  • It doesn’t provide cookie and payment method information.

Agoda – Travel

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - Agoda

The Agoda affiliate program is one of the greatest travel affiliate programs for promoting on Pinterest. It is a famous brand for hotel booking, so you can take advantage of its reputation. Its web, app, and promos are available in 38 languages, making it convenient for your audience.

Agoda offers you hotel ads, text links, and other customizable tools for usage. When joining this travel affiliate program, you can easily integrate such items into your site. The application will be via the brand’s website. It’s free and simple, but a website is compulsory.

The program will pay you a commission of 7% of booking revenue. It will process the payment on the 15th of each month when your account reaches $200.

Commission rate Up to 7%
Cookie duration Not disclosed
Payment method Direct Deposit
Payment threshold $200
  • A well-known brand in the travel niche
  • Available in 38 different languages
  • Provide many supporting materials
  • A good revenue sharing
  • It doesn’t disclose cookie information.
  • The minimum payout is high.

Mister Art – DIY & Crafts

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - Mister Art

The Mister Art program is another option in the best affiliate programs for Pinterest. It focuses on arts and crafts with a long-lasting history. When joining the program, you will take advantage of its loyal customer base and high credibility.

Mister Art offers a commission rate of 10% and a cookie term of 30 days. Its products are super easy to sell, helping you earn more and more commissions. You log in to CJ to join the program—a simple application process.

Commission rate Up to 10%
Cookie duration 30 days
Payment method Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
Payment threshold Not disclosed
  • A long-standing brand
  • Have a loyal customer base
  • Offer a high commission rate
  • Affiliates can enjoy a long cookie life
  • It doesn’t offer a clear payment threshold.

Sonos – Tech

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - Sonos

If you prefer tech affiliate programs, the Sonos affiliate program is recommended. Sonos is a favorite name in terms of wireless speakers. It brings you nice products that offer great sound for enjoyment. Tech audiences love their products a lot.

You can participate in its program via the CJ network. It’s not difficult, but you will need your own website to apply. When registering as an affiliate, you can have up to 10% commission for each sale referred.

The brand provides publishers with creative banners, text links, and product feeds for promotion. Affiliates can also enjoy nice support from Sonos’s dedicated affiliate managers.

Commission rate 10% for content sites

5% for loyalty shopping sites

1% for coupon sites

Cookie duration Not disclosed
Payment method Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
Payment threshold Not disclosed
  • Good commission rates for affiliates
  • Nice products for tech lovers
  • Many promotional assets are provided
  • The affiliate management team is supportive
  • No details on cookie terms or payment threshold

Home Chef – Food & Drink

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - Home Chef

The Home Chef affiliate program is a bright candidate if you want to pick an option of food affiliate programs. The program includes lots of meal kits for you to promote via your Pinterest account. You can make an affiliate marketing post there with nice images from Home Chef.

When participating in the program, you can enjoy a commission of $35 for each sale. It pays you via Direct Deposit, Check, or Payoneer. The recipes of Home Chef are very diverse and can fit many types of demands, so it’s easy to sell their food boxes.

One of the most common affiliate networks, CJ, hosts this food affiliate program. You’ll need a website to join it. However, you can even promote its products with your email address after joining—sending emails to your friends or audiences.

Commission rate $35 per sale
Cookie duration Not disclosed
Payment method Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
Payment threshold Not disclosed
  • Diverse meal kits for different demands
  • A high commission payout
  • Many payment methods are available
  • Not have information on cookie period and payment threshold
  • Need a website to participate in the program

Garden Tower Project – Gardening

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - Garden Tower Project

The Garden Tower Project affiliate program is another choice in our list of the best affiliate marketing programs for Pinterest. Its vertical gardening products will appeal to anyone who prefers gardening. There are gardening affiliate offers such as garden tower products, bundles, and accessories.

The brand allows you to enjoy a 15% commission and an additional commission from your referred affiliate’s earnings. Their average order value is high, up to $359, making the commission seem attractive.

You can join the program via ShareASale. The network may request a website link during the application, but the brand emphasizes that you can use a link from social media platforms to register! So, it’s great to move on with its program.

Commission rate 15% and additional 2nd tier commissions
Cookie duration Not disclosed
Payment method Check, Direct Deposit, and ACH
Payment threshold $50
  • Creative and appealing products
  • Great commission rate and commission structure
  • A high average order value
  • Can use a social media link for registration
  • Low minimum payment threshold
  • There is no cookie information.

Embark – Pets

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - Embark

If you are interested in the pet niche, we highly recommend you try the Embark affiliate program. It’s a nice choice for pet affiliate programs. The affiliate products here are special and useful—test kits for dogs. They will help people raise pets to take care of them, prevent diseases, and give them a healthier life.

The program gives you a 10% commission. Its cookie life lasts 30 days, a good number to track your audiences’ orders. You should have a website first, then join the program via the ShareASale network. You can get your payment via Check, Direct Deposit, and ACH when your account has at least $50.

Commission rate Up to 10%
Cookie duration 30 days
Payment method Check, Direct Deposit, and ACH
Payment threshold $50
  • A nice commission rate
  • Provide a long cookie life
  • Offer creative assets for affiliates
  • Require a low minimum payout
  • You’ll need a website to enroll.

Elizabeth Arden – Hair & Beauty

Affiliate Programs For Pinterest - Elizabeth Arden

If you are considering beauty programs or hair programs, the Elizabeth affiliate program should be your choice. It’s an affiliate program from a popular brand in the beauty field, which has high conversion rates.

You can leverage the free traffic from Pinterest to promote the brand’s products. Lots of skincare items, makeup, or fragrance products are available. You are free to choose which to introduce to your audience.

The program offers you a commission rate of 8% within a 30 tracking day period. Joining it will require an active website as a condition of CJ.

Commission rate 8%
Cookie duration 30 days
Payment method Direct Deposit, Check, Payoneer
Payment threshold Not disclosed
  • Enjoy a high commission level
  • It can have a long cookie duration
  • Various beauty products to choose
  • A popular brand in the beauty niche
  • Do not provide a payment threshold

How Do Affiliate Marketers Earn Money with Pinterest?

Do you know how much an affiliate marketer can make with Pinterest affiliate marketing? 29% of them can earn between $50,000 and $74,999, and 40% earn more than $75,000 annually. The numbers are so good, right?

Are you wondering how to earn as much as they do?

First, you should choose a suitable niche for this platform. If you want to promote education affiliate offers, it might not be a place for you. But, if you focus on an affiliate offer with visual-heavy products like arts, crafts, home decor, food, or travel, Pinterest is a great choice.

Next, you can follow our steps below.

Create a Pinterest Business account

A business account will give you access to analytics and ad tools so you can have a detailed view of audience insights and performance. You can also create your ads with such an account.

Visit the Pinterest business website, click on Create account, and fill in the required information to make an account there.

Create several boards and pins

Pinterest doesn’t limit your pins, so create several appealing pins for each post. Remember to make them relevant to your niche and audience. You should also build proper boards for your pins. For consistency, a board needs to be a collection of relevant pins. It should also be associated with your niche to draw in your target audience.

Grow your following

There are many ways you can follow to achieve growth. You can share popular content, follow other profiles, join group boards, etc. Just keep in mind that all actions are taken according to your chosen niches.

Optimize your content for SEO

Like a search engine, adopting some SEO techniques is useful on Pinterest. You can follow some tips, such as keeping your pins and board organized, looking for relevant keywords, inserting keywords in your posts, etc.

Analyze your pins’ performance

Tracking performance and analyzing data are necessary for any type of affiliate marketing. You should be aware of what is performing well and what isn’t. Try to improve the latter ones with insights from observance and analytics.


Q: What makes Pinterest an effective platform for affiliate marketing?

Pinterest has a large user base and helpful search functionality, making it a great platform for affiliate marketing. If you specialize in the niches with beautiful pictures, it’s a nice place for you to promote goods.

Q: What are the steps to become an affiliate marketer on Pinterest?

To become an affiliate marketer on Pinterest, you should start with creating a Pinterest account first. Next, you can find suitable affiliate programs and join. Get the affiliate links, then create and share pins associated with these. The final action is growing your traffic and income on this platform.

Q: Do I need a certain number of followers on Pinterest to do affiliate marketing?

Depending on each program, it may require the number of followers or not. Anyway, you should have some followers first so that your affiliate links can be viewed or clicked.

Q: How can I avoid spamming while doing affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

Spamming is one of the top things you should avoid upon leveraging Pinterest for affiliate marketing. To do so, you should adopt some tips like following Pinterest’s guidelines strictly, stopping sharing many pins with the same links, limiting hashtags, and so on.

Final thoughts

To conclude, we have covered the best affiliate programs for Pinterest and some guides on how affiliate marketers earn money with Pinterest. Hope you can get the most out of the above content.

Here, it’s your turn to start your Pinterest affiliate marketing. Creating an account or finding a proper program? Whatever it is, take your first step now!

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