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Top 7 Best Beer Affiliate Programs in 2024

Joining the best beer affiliate programs makes sense for beer-loving digital marketers and casual drinkers who want to earn extra cash. These platforms leverage our fascination for beers and associated beverages. After all, over a third ...

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Joining the best beer affiliate programs makes sense for beer-loving digital marketers and casual drinkers who want to earn extra cash.

These platforms leverage our fascination for beers and associated beverages. After all, over a third (35%) of American alcoholic beverage consumers prefer beer over liquor and wine. It fuels a global market worth $66.664 billion, with experts expecting to grow to $76.548 billion in 2028.

The figures underscore the beer market’s robustness, which affiliates can exploit by joining credible affiliate programs.

But which beer program should you sign up with? We have the nine best here.

Top 9 Beer Affiliate Programs to Earn Passive Income

Craft Beer Club

Beer Affiliate Programs 1

Established in 2010, the Craft Beer Club is one of America’s fastest-growing beer subscription programs delivering exciting microbrews to members like Yellowstone’s Old Faithful.

Its appearances on Good Morning America, Beer Connoisseur Magazine, and Draft Magazine strengthened CBC’s place in history as one of the best microbrews providers in the US.

But what sets CBC apart?

This beer club only partners with credible local breweries. It has tasting experts who evaluate every microbrew’s unique characteristics, including aroma, color, mouthfeel, the initial taste after bottle opening, and the last sip’s attributes.

Because of CBC’s bullish stance on ensuring quality, one can expect its range of craft beers to be the best.

And you can deliver this message to your beer-loving audiences.

You can tell your audience to try the monthly subscription plan. And if your referrals love the microbrews, they can opt for a delivery every two to three months.

Club members can receive a dozen or two carefully selected microbrews featuring four beer styles per package.

Joining the Craft Beer Club affiliate program requires a ShareASale orPepperJam account.

And while CBC’s 5% commission is modest enough, its 7-day cookie duration can be a real bummer.

Still, with a dozen or two golden brews arriving regularly at your referrals’ doorsteps, CBC is worth affiliating with.

  • URL: Craft Beer Club Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 7 days

Beer Drop

Beer Affiliate Programs 2

Here’s another beer subscription program you can promote to your audiences.

Like CBC, Beer Drop prides itself on carefully selecting its microbrew offerings to ensure every member receives only the finest beers touching their mouths and bathing their souls.

It has a wide range of beers for the connoisseur, adding over 1,500 new creations annually.

For example, its Slang du Jour and Utrasphere IPAs will definitely capture a beer-lover’s fancy. Or, they could receive the Multichorus or True Green double New England hazy IPA.

Beer Drop relies on AI to curate its wide selection and pick the best microbrews matching a customer’s beer preferences.

The Beer Drop affiliate program isn’t different from others in this list, except its commission is more “generous” than some.

And here’s the kicker!

Top performing affiliates can receive additional rewards and incentives, boosting their income potential.

Its cookie window is also more forgiving, giving referrals sufficient time to decide whether to subscribe. That gives you more opportunities to encourage audiences to hit the “buy” button.

No pressure.

  • URL: Beer Drop Affiliate Program on ShareASale
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 90 days


Beer Affiliate Programs 3

Drizly’s advantage over other beer companies is its scope. This platform doesn’t only serve high quality beer offerings, but also wines and liquors

It’s the ideal venue for shopping for the best alcoholic beverages to give to someone special.

After all, not everyone loves beer. Some prefer a pink or sparkling wine over a hard seltzer, lager, ale, IPA, or stout.

And if you’re into other liquors, you can promote Drizly’s collection of mezcals, vodkas, tequilas, brandys, whiskeys, liqueurs, rums, gins, and more.

Drizly currently serves over 100 million customers across Canada and the US, with its impressive retailer network across 1,400-plus cities.

This retailer network allows Drizly to guarantee a 60-minutes-or-less delivery time. You shop online, and local retailers deliver the booze in less than an hour.

Now, that’s worth emphasizing to your audiences.

Although you might be disappointed with Drizly’s 3% “drizzle” of a commission, there’s a silver lining in the company’s $75+ average order size. It earns you at least $2.25 per order.

This compensation should still be noteworthy, especially if you cater to wine and liquor lovers.

  • URL: Drizly Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 3%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Beer Affiliate Programs 4
Crafting your beer at home can be a very rewarding experience. That is, if you have the right tools for the job and a recipe to refer to.

Thankfully, BrewDemon offers both, and more.

Unlike other beer affiliate programs delivering pre-made microbrews to your doorsteps, BrewDemon equips you with resources to create a magical golden brew.

Creating the perfect brew is a cinch with BrewDemon’s impressive brewing kit lineup, including craft beer, hard cider, hard seltzer, soda fun, and hard soda..

And if customers are clueless where to begin, the company’s advanced recipe kits should provide the necessary inspiration.

The company also offers fermentation, bottling, testing, and cleaning equipment. And when you are unsure where to source beer ingredients, BrewDemon has them. Buying hops, malts, yeasts, additives, and other ingredients is a breeze with this platform.

Who knows? Your audiences could create a microbrew they can eventually sell.

Interestingly, BrewDemon beats the 10% commission of Micro Matic by two percentage points, making it a better choice for affiliates who want to earn more.

So, encourage your beer-loving audiences today and start earning more.

  • URL: BrewDemon Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 8% to 12%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Beer Affiliate Programs 5

The best way to enjoy any beer is ice cold, with condensation forming outside the glass, mug, bottle, or can. And cousins Matt and Adam’s experiences with warm beer prompted the duo to create a thermal-retaining system for golden beverages.

That’s BottleKeeper in a nutshell.

Today, BottleKeeper continues to wow beer lovers with its innovative thermal-retention products. These offerings hug beer cans, pints, and bottles to keep them refreshingly ice cold.

For example, the 16- and 32-can ChillKeeper is perfect for tailgating and picnicking, while its BottleKeeper and BottleKeeper X are great for maintaining the ideal temperatures of bottled beer.

Because no beer lover should drink the golden brew lukewarm, promoting these products through the BottleKeeper affiliate program makes perfect sense.

And here’s why you should join.

BottleKeeper has a generous commission rate, far better than most on this list.

How generous, you ask?

Suppose you sell the 32-can ChillKeeper. You can earn about $50. Imagine selling a hundred 32-can ChillKeepers, and you’ll bring home $5,000.

Here’s a tip.

Promote these products to anyone (i.e., travelers, backpackers, and picnickers), and you’ll increase your earning potential.

  • URL: BottleKeeper Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Up to 20%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 45 days

Beer of the Month Club

Beer Affiliate Programs 6

Kris Calef lamented drinking “bad” beer (who doesn’t?), prompting him to set up Beer of the Month in 1994.

Over the years, Calef and his team attended beer festivals across the US, rubbing elbows with the industry’s finest brewers and developing friendships with artisan microbrewers.

Their journey culminated in a monthly club delivering only the finest craft beverage beer lovers deserve.

And beer enthusiasts are celebrating!

Beer of the Month Club might have started as a beer subscription service recognized and revered throughout the US.

However, BotMC expanded into other “clubs,” including premium cigars, gourmet cheeses, gourmet chocolates, and fresh-cut flowers.

And affiliate marketers are rejoicing!

Five clubs mean more items to promote and higher chances of earning extra.

Although BotMC’s commission scheme and cookie window are admirable, the chance to earn more yearly through multiple promotions makes affiliates go wild over this program.

And get this.

BotMC allows keyword bidding, ensuring your marketing campaign’s success.

We couldn’t ask more.

  • URL: Beer of the Month Club Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Up to $12
  • Cookie Lifespan: 90 days

Bro Basket

Beer Affiliate Programs 7

Bro Basket makes gifting people with exceptional passion for beer and other alcoholic drinks easy.

Your referrals will get some of the nicest gift baskets they could present to loved ones on weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, retirements, housewarmings, get-well-soons, and more.

But Bro Basket isn’t just for individuals wanting to surprise their special someone.

It’s also perfect for companies for corporate gifting, empowering brands to delight clients. Bro Basket’s competitive prices make it a worthy tool for customer relationship management.

Becoming a Bro Basket affiliate is easy and financially rewarding.

You’ll never fret about product images, text links, promo banners, and creatives to embed in your marketing channel because the brand provides these resources.

And you’ll receive your commission via PayPal without worrying about third-party affiliate network fees.

So, if you sell Bro Basket’s The Ultimate Whiskey Sampler, you’ll earn about $14.28. A hundred of these gifts monthly nets you $1,428!

That’s a great deal!

  • URL: Bro Basket Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 8- 12%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Brooklyn Brew Shop

Beer Affiliate Programs 8

Brooklyn Brew Shop is like BrewDemon, offering beer lovers all the resources necessary to craft a fantastic golden brew in the home.

Founded by Stephen Valand and Erica Shea in 2009, Brooklyn Brew is the perfect platform for beer drinkers tired of the usual servings from local bars, pubs, and other nighttime watering holes.

Its beer-making instructions allow novice brewers to have fun creating simple yet tasty beer from high-quality ingredients.

Brooklyn Brew also has a sourdough bread making kit, adding an extra niche for affiliates to promote. Customers can also make sauerkraut, bagels, pickles, fresh cheese, and other FarmSteady products from scratch.

Unsurprisingly, Brooklyn Brew is a beer-loving DIYer’s haven.

Note that Brooklyn Brew’s competitive commission rates are more attractive than BrewDemon’s.

For example, Brooklyn Brew’s American Pale Ale beer making & bottling kit nets you about $12 in commissions. Sell a hundred, and you can breach the thousand-dollar mark in less than a month.

Consider Brooklyn Brew in your affiliate choices this year.

  • URL: Brooklyn Brew Shop Affiliate Program on ShareASale
  • Commission: 15%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 60 days

The Beer Connoisseur

Beer Affiliate Programs 9

Founded by Lynn Davis in 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, The Beer Connoisseur is the world’s leading beer magazine in print and online formats.

It’s the go-to resource for beer lovers everywhere, offering no-nonsense reviews of the best breweries and artisan beers.

Although it focuses on the golden liquor, The Beer Connoisseur also covers beverage news and trends, cannabis, gambling, spirits, gaming, technology, casinos, and consumer products.

You cannot be a beer niche affiliate without joining The Beer Connoisseur’s program. After all, its articles can lend credence to your blogs and other digital content.

The Beer Connoisseur has over 10,000 expertly reviewed and evaluated beers, ciders, breweries, and other products. We’re confident BC has an interesting thing to say about your favorite ale, stout, or lager.

Although BC caps its commission payouts at 10%, it has the longest cookie window in our list at 365 days.

That should make you feel more confident about a potential sale getting its correct attribution to your marketing efforts.

  • URL: The Beer Connoisseur Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 365 days

Benefits of Joining Beer Affiliate Programs

Joining a beer affiliate program makes sense for beer-loving digital marketers. But even if you’re an occasional drinker, signing up with such a platform can bring the following benefits.

Lets you earn more

The most obvious benefit is a potentially higher income. After all, beer is easy to sell because over a third (37%) of alcoholic beverage drinkers prefer it over wine and liquor.

You don’t need a lot of convincing to get people to click on affiliate links. The more people you drive to beer companies’ websites, the greater your chances of earning commissions.

If you affiliate with a 20% commission-paying brand and sell a hundred units of a $50 product, you’ll receive about $1,000.

Now, imagine doubling your efforts or selling beer items with a higher price tag, and the rewards can go through the roof.

Learn more about beers

It’s not only the commissions that are rewarding for beer-loving affiliates. Learning something new about their favorite beverage can also be fulfilling.

You might discover a new beer with surprisingly better aromas, color, flavors, and mouthfeel than your current brew. Or, you might learn of a rare artisanal beer and get the chance to taste it first-hand.

Some affiliate brands give their partners a sample of their latest offerings (sometimes even those still in the works) or offer them at huge discounts. Now’s your chance to try beers you’ve never tasted before.

Help beer-lovers discover “better” drinks or create new ones

Just as you discover “new” beers, you’re sharing this information to your audiences. That should make for a more engaging interaction in your blog or social media account.

Moreover, introducing audiences to companies with beer kits can motivate them to craft their homemade brews. Who knows, they could create the “next big thing” in the beer-loving world?

Best Beer Affiliate Programs

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Beer Affiliate Program

Picking the best beer affiliate program is necessary if you want to enjoy the benefits we described above. Luckily, the checklist shouldn’t be extensive and could include only the following factors to consider.

Beer company reputation

The Brewers Association says over 9,500 craft breweries are in the US, including 3,838 taprooms, 3,418 brewpubs, 2,053 microbreweries, and 261 regional crafters.

With so many beer brands across the US, determining the company’s reputation can be challenging. Some brands have affiliate programs, while others are offerings of a third-party platform like the ones we featured in this article.

Your job is to determine the beer brand’s reputation and the affiliate program’s trustworthiness. Ascertaining the former is easy, but the latter can be tricky.

Unbiased consumer reviews, awards, recognitions, media features, and celebrity endorsements can be signs of a trustworthy beer company to affiliate with.

Beer product quality

Even a trustworthy brand can create surprisingly underwhelming products, including beer companies.

Ideally, you will want to sample the beer items and other offerings before joining. You’ll want to stay truthful to your audiences, providing only high-quality beer and related products for their enjoyment.

Commission structure

We know 3% is not a generous commission, but a 20% rate is. However, you might also want to examine the brand’s average order sales before deciding.

For example, suppose a company with a 20% commission has an average order size of $30. You will earn about $6 per order. Meanwhile, a brand with a 3% commission and $250 average sales will reward you with a $7.50 commission.

Moreover, you’ll want to examine what action the beer company deems “commissionable.” Is driving “leads” enough to earn a commission? Or must your referrals buy a product before getting compensation?


What’s the potential earnings from a beer affiliate program?

The programs on our list have commissions ranging from 3% to 20%, with most offering a decent 10%.

Suppose a beer product costs $50, and you sell a hundred units monthly. Your potential earnings will be $150 to $1,500. Imagine your compensation if you focus on a $100+ item and commit to producing at least a hundred buyers.

Which beer affiliate programs are available in USA?

The nine beer affiliate programs we featured have their headquarters in the US, making them readily available for American beer lovers.

Four are in California (Craft Beer Club in Santa Barbara, BottleKeeper in El Segundo, Beer of the Month Vlub in Lake Forest, and Bro Basket in Camarillo), and one each in Colorado (Beer Drop in Dever), Massachusetts (Drizly in Boston), Arizona (BrewDemon in Casa Grande), New York (Brooklyn Brew Shop in Brooklyn), and Georgia (The Beer Connoisseur in Atlanta).

Alt-text: Image of a group of friends having a beer drinking session by Fred Moon on Unsplash.


Signing up with a beer affiliate program doesn’t automatically translate to a financially-rewarding future. Unlike conventional company-employed marketing professionals, affiliates are freelancers. Their compensation relies heavily on their outputs.

You’ll get the rewards you seek if you remain steadfast in your marketing campaigns. If you dilly-dally, you might receive zero commissions at the end of the month.

So, learn the basics of affiliate marketing, improve your target audience relationships, and expand your base. Moreover, beer affiliate marketing programs have the resources to help you succeed. So, ask for guidance and support.

Let’s toast when done!

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