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Top 7 Best Christmas Affiliate Programs You Should Join

As nearly a third of the world’s population prepare for the festive Holidays, your chance to monetize the year’s happiest and grandest celebration is here with the best Christmas affiliate programs. With programs offering as much ...

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Chirstmas affiliate programs

As nearly a third of the world’s population prepare for the festive Holidays, your chance to monetize the year’s happiest and grandest celebration is here with the best Christmas affiliate programs.

With programs offering as much as 17% share of Christmas-related orders, earning extra for the Holidays and the incoming New Year is more realistic than ever. Christmas is special. Families and individuals are in the mood to splurge on things that convey love and appreciation to others.

And nobody will accuse you of exploiting such behaviors.

So, relax and check out the top seven Christmas affiliate platforms to join.

Top 7 Best Christmas Affiliate Programs: Which One to Join?

Handmade X-mas

Christmas Affiliate Programs 1

A thoughtfully created, uniquely designed handmade item is the perfect gift this Christmas. Nothing beats that!

Although mass-produced Christmas gifts remain popular, the joy of receiving a handcrafted present is something not even the most expensive machine-made product can match.

For example, Handmade X-mas’s red gold or rose silver Christmas ornaments might look like any bunting you hang in the Christmas tree. However, these items are the product of an artisan’s meticulous spirit – German craftspeople, to be precise.

Unsurprisingly, Handmade X-mas is a favorite of Etsy sellers. And everyone knows what Etsy stands for – high-quality, handmade products!

That speaks volumes about Handmade X-mas!

And that’s why joining the Handmade X-mas affiliate program makes sense.

The platform guarantees a surprisingly short 24-hour vetting, giving you links, creative banners, and other affiliate resources to cash in on every shopping cart. And if your referral purchases special deals, you’ll get an extra 4%.

And because one in three people worldwide celebrate Christmas, you’re looking at about 2.3 billion potential customers to promote Handmade X-mas to.

So, get your details ready and sign up with Handmade X-mas today.

  • Commission: 11% of total sales + 4% specials
  • Cookie Lifespan: 60 days


Christmas Affiliate Programs 2

Unlike Handmade X-mas, Ornament Shop is an online store with a huge selection of anything and everything “ornamental.”

It has decorations for families, kids, holidays & special occasions, pets, hobbies, and sports. Ornament Shop even has offerings for jobs-, food-, travel-, and characters-related products.

Going to the beach? No problem! Ornament Shop has exciting gifts for beachgoers. How about cruising, mountaineering, and boating? The shop covers these, too.

Christmas or not, this shop is your run-to for fascinating gift ideas.

And that sets this business as a favorable affiliate partner.

Most programs have an affiliate network partner to manage their affiliate activities. For Ornament Shop, that partner is Commission Junction. Although CJ manages affiliate-related tasks, Ornament Shop handles order management.

Surprisingly, Ornament Shop’s commission tops at 5%. However, it promises affiliates high conversion rates by boosting its customer relationship building and nurturing activities and unbeatable pricing.

Ornament Shop is an honest-to-goodness platform to affiliate with.


Your partnership doesn’t only last Decembers, but all-year round. You will also have more potential customers to drive to Ornament Shop.

And that means more money for you.

  • Commission: 5%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 45 days

Uncommon Goods 

Christmas Affiliate Programs 3

Although Uncommon Goods’ commission rate is slightly lower than Handmade X-mas’ base offering, it still beats the German brand because of its product lineup.

Uncommon Goods is similar to OrnamentShop, although its offerings are more “gift-centric.” Thoughtful items are available for home improvement projects, corporate giveaways, and kids’ stuff.

The platform even has fashionable jewelry to up one’s style.

And since we’re talking about gifts for the Holiday Season, Uncommon Goods’ gift suggestions and Christmas-related items are spot-on. And if you have a Jewish following, you could also drive them to this program’s Hanukkah section.

Earning extra cash with Uncommon Goods is a sound idea.


Like OrnamentShop, you’re not limited to promoting products in a few months only. The platform’s offerings are relevant all year round. Try marketing Handmade X-mas’ items in the Summer. Would readers give in to your convincing?

And although this online store’s cookie window only lasts half as Handmade X-mas, it’s still within industry standards.

So, how about you give Uncommon Goods a shot today?

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Ollny Affiliate Program

Christmas Affiliate Programs 4

Here’s an affiliate program perfect for bloggers, YouTubers, TikTokers, and digital content creators fascinated with anything and everything “lights.”

Yup! Ollny is all about lighting fixtures. But not just ANY light. This brand specializes in decorative fixtures from Christmas lights to event and patio illumination systems.

It even carries parts and accessories for these items, ensuring the products keep shining.

And if you’re blogging about inexpensive yet elegant holiday decor, you could convince followers and readers to buy Ollny’s light-up Christmas trees. These trees already feature LED lights that can transform your Christmas living room into a starry environment.

But here’s the real reason we want you to sign up with Ollny.

If your referral’s purchases exceed $200 at checkout, you’ll bring home 10% of the sale. That’s at least $20 in the bag. If the sales volume is lower than $200 but higher than $100, we still consider an 8% commission generous.

But what if your referral only buys less than $100? Don’t worry because Ollny still appreciates your effort in driving the customer to the website. Hence, that’s 6% for you.

Attractive affiliate commissions aside, the sweetest part about Ollny is its half-year-long cookie window.

Now, that’s impressive!

  • Commission: 6% to 10%, three-tiered
  • Cookie Lifespan: 180 days

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Christmas Affiliate Programs 5

Despite its name, nothing’s “ugly” with Ugly Christmas Sweater. On the contrary, its offerings are some of the coolest and loveliest body-warmers you can wear.

Like other Christmas affiliate programs, Ugly Christmas Sweater focuses on crafting and producing the best products for the season. After all, nobody should feel “cold” and “unstylish” when everyone else is celebrating the holidays.

Interestingly, this e-store doesn’t only offer sweaters. It also has a wide selection of other clothing, like lounge pants, jumpsuits, leggings, and pajamas. These items make perfect companions to a whimsical yet comfortable sweater.

You might be surprised to learn Ugly Christmas Sweater prefers social media influencers, like Facebookers, YouTubers, Xers (those on the former Twitter), and Instagrammers, over bloggers.

The good news?

Setting up a social media account is easier than a blog site. It’s free, too!

That should get you up and running towards UGS’s 15% commission. And you can use UGS’s special discount codes to boost customer enticement activities.

So, who’s ready to wear the un-ugly Ugly Christmas Sweater?

  • Commission: Up to 15%
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once accepted

The Gift Experience

Christmas Affiliate Programs 6

The Gift Experience is a top-of-mind destination for those looking for an online seller who’s as phenomenal during the Holidays as it is in the hot shopping season (i.e., Black Friday and Fourth of July).

This husband-and-wife-established brand started as an idea to spread the couple’s passion for personalized gifts. And although the company is now two decades old, its emphasis on adding a personal touch to gifts remains strong.

Like other gifts-related businesses, The Gift Experience offers a wide range of items customers can personalize to gift to families, loved ones, and everyone else.

It has gifts for “special experiences,” anniversaries, birthdays, and other occasions.

As for Christmas, get ready with your content about holiday gifts because TGE’s impressive collection of over 1,800 Christmas and Christmas-related products will blow you and your audiences away.

TGE’s “gift experiences” have the most commission at 17%, but the company slashes the rate to 10% if your referrals use a discount voucher.

Other offerings generate a 10% commission, far better than other platforms. Of course, a promo code with the sale drops the share to 5%.

It’s still an impressive deal.

  • Commission: 5% to 17%, depending on product and voucher use
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days

Clickmas Trees

Christmas Affiliate Programs 7

Besides Santa Claus, twinkling lights, colorful stockings, and red-white-green candy canes, no Christmas celebrations are complete without the Christmas tree.

Every home has one, even artificial trees for those who want an affordable and reusable Holiday fixture.

And for families who want the best Nordman Fir trees in their Christmas living rooms, Clickmas Trees is the go-to shop.

Its fresh trees can brighten a room, fuel festivities, and keep the spirit of the Seasons alive. Clickmas also offers tree stands, lights, and decorations to give each Christmas tree a unique personality.

Santa Claus will be pleased.

Unfortunately, Clickmas Trees only deliver to clients in the UK, which is sad, given the company’s lovely Christmas trees.

Still, that doesn’t mean only UK affiliate marketers can join. You could be an affiliate in the US, Japan, or South Africa and still promote these lovely Christmas trees. After all, Impact (Clickmas Trees’ affiliate partner) has a global reach.

Clickmas Trees’ fresh tree offerings range from £45 to £155 (about $56 to $192), guaranteeing affiliates $5.60 minimum share per tree.

So, start creating fascinating stories about Christmas trees.

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once accepted

How to Choose the Right Christmas Affiliate Program to Promote

Alt-text: Image of a family decorating a Christmas tree by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash.

Joining a Christmas affiliate platform is perfect for the Holiday season, when everyone is in a festive mood and aren’t afraid to “splurge” on “Christmasy” deals. But which program is right? Consider these tips.

Establish the brand’s trustworthiness

Affiliates have many visitors, readers, followers, listeners, viewers, and other audiences. These individuals love affiliates’ content because it’s informative, entertaining, relatable, and adds value to their lives.

People connect with affiliates because they’re trustworthy. Naturally, you will also want to affiliate with a reputable Christmas brand.

So, how can you determine a company’s trustworthiness? You can look for the brand’s TrustPilot rating or a grading system from another reputable brand trustworthiness platform.

Alternatively, no-nonsense and object company (or brand) reviews by authoritative platforms should give you a head’s up on a Christmas platform’s trustworthiness.

Assess product quality 

Will you be happy if a retailer sold you a defective or mediocre-quality product? No? That’s how audiences and referrals would feel if you direct them to a shady business offering shabby items.

Ideally, you’ll want to evaluate the product yourself – run a few tests or subject it to meticulous assessment. Thankfully, some brands have free samples, although others offer them at a discounted price.

If product sampling and testing aren’t possible, professional and unbiased reviews can give you insights into the product’s quality.

Evaluate the commission structure

Admit it. You’re an affiliate because you want to monetize your content. There’s no shame in that. And since monetary rewards are a prime affiliate motivators, you might as well pick the most generous offer.

Our featured programs range in commissions from 5% to 17%, mostly with a single-tier (per sale) model. However, some brands offer a sales volume-based leveling system, rewarding affiliates with higher payouts for more sales.

Consider the commissionable action (the brand’s required action from referrals prompting a commission), too.

Best Practices to Promote Christmas Affiliate Programs

Promoting Christmas affiliate programs is easier than other niches because nearly half of the world’s population joins such celebrations (although only a third considers it a religious activity). But how can you improve your income-generating chances? Try these best practices.

Build a credible and reputable digital presence

Customers have a brand’s back if the latter earns the former’s trust (look at Apple and other big-name brands). Likewise, audiences will always support a reputable affiliate.

Promoting ANY product would be easy if audiences believe and trust your recommendations or insights.

Focus on your audience

Some newbie affiliates focus on the potential earnings of joining a program but miss the point of the marketing strategy. Brands partner with affiliates to reach out to target customers, with affiliates being the organization’s “face” or “ambassador.”

Focus on your “potential customers,” and rewards follow. Write credible product reviews. Share relatable stories. Speak TO your followers, not “at” them. Learn their angsts and pain points, and offer measures (i.e., a suitable Christmas product) to make their holidays more meaningful.

Utilize multiple marketing channels

Blogging remains a favorite channel for affiliates to promote Christmas-related  products. However, it’s not the only activity you can embed affiliate links for audiences to activate.

For example, Ugly Christmas Sweater prefers social media influencers, specifically YouTubers, Instagrammers, and Facebookers. This company recognizes social media platforms’ massive reach. It’s also easier to set up than a blog.

Consider SMS and email marketing, too. Other channels worth employing in your promotions include podcasts, video sharing platforms, and webinars.

Here’s a tip. The more diverse your traffic sources, the higher the likelihood of producing more sales.


The Christmas niche is one of the easiest market segments to promote because people are in a “very giving mood.” They don’t mind spending money on gifts, Christmas decorations, and other Holidays-related stuff. After all, it’s only once a year you get to celebrate this occasion.

Although easy, it doesn’t mean you should slacken your affiliate marketing activities. Remember that your earnings still hinge on how much sales you generate. And because of that, Christmas is the perfect time to “exploit” people’s “generosity.”

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