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Top 13 Best Wine Affiliate Programs to Join in 2024

Have you imagined worldwide wine consumption? It’s estimated to reach 232 million hectoliters in 2022. Are you wine connoisseurs or wine lovers contributing to such a huge number? Let us tell you that you can both ...

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Have you imagined worldwide wine consumption? It’s estimated to reach 232 million hectoliters in 2022.

Are you wine connoisseurs or wine lovers contributing to such a huge number? Let us tell you that you can both enjoy your drinks and monetize your passion.

With the wine affiliate programs, you can build a solid side income by introducing your favorable tastes to others. In this article, we’ll provide you with reviews of the top programs that can help you do this.

Let’s see which program is the most suitable for you!

13 High-paying Wine Affiliate Programs for 2024


Wine Affiliate Programs 1

If you are a fan of wine, you might have heard of Vivino, right? It’s one of the world’s largest online wine markets, with millions of wine lovers scanning and rating over 500,000 wines daily using the Vivino app.

The brand has up to 46 million users, which facilitates your marketing efforts. When you join the program, you can enjoy a competitive 6% commission rate, which can be a great addition to your earnings.

Vinino’s 30-day cookie duration gives you a whole month for potential customers to make a purchase after clicking your link. This helps to ensure you still get credit for your referrals. 

Regarding payment, the brand makes it via PayPal and wire transfer, with a reasonable $100 payment threshold.

If you want to promote Vivino, you can join via AffJumbo. It will provide banners, deep linking capabilities, and even Vivino coupons to support you in marketing.

  • Commission rate: 6%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, Wire Transfer
  • Payment threshold: $100

Wine Express 

Wine Affiliate Programs 2

WineExpress is the trusted partner of The Wine Enthusiast catalog and website, which is a nice destination for wine enthusiasts. The brand stocks a treasure trove of wine varieties, including exclusive reserves you can only find at Wine Express.

Its commission rates are quite appealing, with a 6% cut for regular purchases and a solid $10 commission for every Wine Club subscription you bring in. That seems great, right?

Wine Express enhances the flexibility with a 30-day cookie term. With such a time, you have a whole month for your referrals to make a purchase, and you’ll still earn your commission. 

It also gets your back on the marketing front. Wine Express equips you with banners, text links, and product links to suit your promotional style. Plus, you can keep a close eye on your performance with 24/7 progress reports that are accurate and up to date.

They offer multiple payment methods, from Direct Transfer to BACS and PayPal, ensuring you get paid your way. You can join the program via Impact.com and enjoy these nice privileges!

  • Commission rate: 6% for regular purchases and $10 for all Wine Clubs
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Direct Transfer, BACS, PayPal
  • Payout threshold: $10

Cellar Wine Club 

Wine Affiliate Programs 3

Have you thought of joining the Cellar Wine Club affiliate program? It’s a nice option from a brand with a rich history spanning 26 years and the tasting of thousands of wines under its belt.

The program offers a generous 10% commission rate. With an average order value of $192, that means you’re looking at a great $19.2 commission for every order you bring in.

And the best part? It has a stellar 4.73% conversion rate, which is more than double the wine industry average.

Cellars Wine Club also offers a 90-day cookie duration, which makes it easier to close a sale. It provides high-quality images and shareable information to assist your promotions, and its staff is available to help tailor individualized campaign strategies.

The program provides multiple payment methods, including check, direct deposit, wire, and Payoneer, with a low $50 payment threshold. It pays commissions daily, ensuring you don’t have to wait to receive your money.

  • Commission rate: 10% commission
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50

California Wine Club

Wine Affiliate Programs 3

If you are seeking programs with the finest selections and attractive commissions, the California Wine Club affiliate program is your choice. This program offers many hand-selected, award-winning wines, perfect for satisfying all palates.

What’s more, it has a wide range of wine of the month clubs, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every budget. As one of its affiliate marketers, you can earn a generous 15% commission on each sale. It also has a $2 two-tiered bonus, which means you can earn even more by referring other affiliates.

The California Wine Club goes the extra mile to make sure you enjoy your earnings. It offers a 90-day cookie duration – a lengthy term for you to collect commissions.

It also provides various payment methods (check, direct deposit, wire, Payoneer) and a low $50 payment threshold. Don’t forget about the enticing bonuses, VIP commissions, and easy enrichment options for your site.

When it comes to marketing support, it gets you covered with a diverse selection of banners, text links, and product images. Monthly affiliate promotions keep things fresh, and their daily updated data feed ensures you’re always in the loop.

  • Commission rate: 15% commission on each sale and $2 two-tiered bonus
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50

Wine On Sale

Wine Affiliate Programs 4

Let’s come to the next option in the list of wine affiliate marketing programs – Wine On Sale. It’s an online wine marketplace where you can find a wide range of wines, from affordable options starting at $7.95 to premium bottles exceeding $200.

When you participate in the Wine One Sale affiliate program, you can earn a 6% competitive commission on all sales. With its 30-day cookie duration, you have a comfortable window of time for potential customers to make a purchase after clicking your link. 

The cherry on top is the average order size of $185, which means you’re looking at some healthy commissions. They also provide a variety of creative assets to support your promotional efforts, and you can request more if needed.

The program is available on the ShareASale network. It offers flexible payment methods, including check, direct deposit, wire, and Payoneer, with a reasonable $50 payment threshold.

  • Commission rate: a 6% commission on all sales
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50

Wine Month Club

Wine Affiliate Programs 5

The Wine Month Club affiliate program is a great opportunity for those who appreciate high-quality wines and nice commissions. This program is part of MonthlyClubs.com, which traces its roots back to 1994.

When becoming its affiliate, you can have a generous $12 commission for every membership you refer. With a lengthy 90-day cookie duration, you have ample time for your referrals to turn into sales. 

Wine Month Club provides compelling creatives that are designed to convert clicks into sales. All you need to do is post these links on your site, and you’re set to earn.

Its affiliate program is accessible via the CJ network. After joining, you will be paid monthly via check, direct deposit, and Payoneer, which is very convenient.

  • Commission rate: $12 commission for every membership
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Payoneer

Plonk Wine Club

Wine Affiliate Programs 6

If you prefer to recommend popular wine clubs, another name you should also consider is the Plonk Wine Club affiliate program. This brand delivers a wide selection of organic, biodynamic, and limited-production wines.

When you become an affiliate of the program, you will enjoy a competitive commission structure. It will pay you 15% for prepaid wine club subscriptions and 10% for non-subscription orders. These numbers will help you elevate your earnings.

The cookie term is 30 days, which is long enough for you to convert clicks to paying customers. In addition, the brand has personalized customer service that can help to increase the conversion rates.

If you are interested in the program, you can access it via ShareASale. After getting commissions, it will pay you through Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, or Payoneer with a low threshold of $50.

  • Commission rate: 15% commission on prepaid wine club subscriptions, 10% commission for non-subscription orders
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50

Bright Cellars

Wine Affiliate Programs 7

Would you like to try wine personalized for your own taste? It’s an interesting experience, right?

If you want to introduce your audience to such exclusive wines, let’s move to the Bright Cellars affiliate program. The brand allows users to take a quiz and then make their own unique taste profile.

The commissions of the program will vary. It can be 6.4-8% on gift card sales or $16-$20 on other purchases. Its cookie length also differs based on the network. If you joined via Pepperjam (now Ascend Partners), the number is 30 days, but for FlexOffers, it’s 14 days.

Anyway, both the networks are good, with a nice tracking system and visualized reports. The payment methods are also various on both. You can get payments via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Check when being a member of Pepperjam and can access more options if you join FlexOffers.

Does it sound good? Check the network and create your account now!

  • Commission rate: Varies, 6.4-8% on gift card sales or $16-$20 on other purchases
  • Cookie duration: 30 days on Pepperjam (now Ascend Partners), 14 days on FlexOffers
  • Payment method: PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check (Pepperjam); ACH, Wire Transfer, eCheck, Paper Check, PayPal, and Prepaid Debit Cards (FlexOffers)


Wine Affiliate Programs 8

Vinebox is a brand with monthly collections, each launching on the 1st day of the month and available for just one month. It’s like a wine adventure that may inspire your audience.

When promoting the brand’s products, you will enjoy a nice commission rate of $15 per sale. It also gives you a 30-day cookie duration for driving sales and earning commissions.

One of the best parts of the program that helps affiliates to make conversions is the affiliate-only promotions. Moreover, Vinebox also provides a dedicated affiliate management team to assist you along the way, making sure that you can reach your earnings.

The program is available on the ShareASale network with flexible payment options. You can receive your money through Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, and Payoneer. The payment threshold is quite reasonable, with $50 only.

The only thing that you should remember is that Vinebox ships within the US only. So, your audience should be US-based.

  • Commission rate: $15+ commission per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50

Organic Wine Company

Wine Affiliate Programs 9

The Organic Wine Company affiliate program is a nice option in the wine affiliate programs. Can you imagine how the program was created?

Over the years, the brand realized that a large number of its audiences prefer to share good food, wine, and good news. So, it established the affiliate program as a win-win deal for expanding customers and for the audiences to earn extra income.

When you refer successful deals, you will earn a 5% commission on such orders. Commissions are paid out monthly or whenever you’ve earned a minimum of $50, which ensures you see your earnings in a timely manner. 

How to join the program? Yes, it’s very easy! You just need to access its website, fill out the form with some basic information, and the brand will reach out to you.

Vinebox goes the extra mile to support its affiliates. If you need images of Organic Wine Company products or content tailored to your unique audience, its affiliate managers are willing to help. Just ask, and they’ll help you pick the images and content that will resonate best with your followers.

  • Commission rate: 5% commission on all purchases
  • Cookie duration: Revealed once registered
  • Payment method: Revealed once registered
  • Payment threshold: $50


The WSJWine affiliate program is the next choice we want to recommend. The brand’s experts taste an impressive 40,000 wines each year to bring the customers the greatest ones at guaranteed best prices.

When you promote the brand, you can earn a generous $20 commission for each club product and a nice 5% commission for non-club ones. The program allows you a 7-day cookie term for transferring from clicks to sales.

It provides a huge selection of creative tools, including multiple text links and eye-catching banners to support you in the promotion. It also has seasonal and exclusive promotional opportunities, making it easier to attract your audience.

The program is accessible via the Rakuten Linkshare network. After joining and earning, you can get paid via multiple options, including PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Check. The payment threshold of 50 AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/USD ensures you receive your earnings with ease.

  • Commission rate: $20 club commission and 5% non-club commission
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Payment method: PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check
  • Payment threshold: 50 AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/USD
https://www.wsjwine.com/affiliate-program#” background=”#1d85e8″ size=”6″ center=”yes” radius=”5″]Join Affiliate Now[/su_button]

Wired for Wine

Wine Affiliate Programs 10

Are you looking at Wired for Wine? Or even if you haven’t got any idea of this program, we’ll provide you with its details right below.

Wired for Wine provides premium wines and sakes with free shipping offers. The brand has a loyal customer base consisting of wine connoisseurs who usually make frequent purchases. This will support you a lot in promoting.

With a competitive 7% commission rate, it will get your earnings covered while you share your love for wine. And guess what? Its average order size is over $200, promising substantial amounts when you promote the brand.

Another ideal point is its 30-day cookie duration, ensuring you continue to earn commissions even after your referral clicks on your affiliate link. As a program hosted on ShareASale, it offers flexible payment methods, including Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, and Payoneer, with a small $50 payment threshold.

Wired for Wine also provides you with all the banners and logos you need for your site, making it convenient to promote their products. Moreover, it has responsive customer service that helps to convert sales.

Sounds good? Join the program today! It’s easy and straightforward via ShareASale!

  • Commission rate: 7%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: Check, Direct Deposit, Wire, Payoneer
  • Payment threshold: $50

Organic Wine Exchange 

Wine Affiliate Programs 11

Organic Wine Exchange is also an outstanding name in the wine niche, and its affiliate program is, too. The brand focuses on wines made with organic grapes. It commits the production of wines without using inorganic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides.

Its affiliate commission structure is also enticing. You will enjoy a 10% commission rate on all products and get a 3x recurring commission for wine club referrals. That will help you to make significant improvements in your earnings.

Moreover, its average order size is $146, providing you with a solid basis for your commissions. Organic Wine Exchange also allows self-referrals, so you can get the benefits while enjoying the brand’s wines.

With a 30-day cookie duration, you have a comfortable window for potential customers to make a purchase. It offers payments through PayPal with a reasonable $100 payment threshold.

To assist you in your promotional efforts, it provides creative tools and materials, along with daily updated product feeds. You can also receive newsletters featuring the latest promotions and happenings every month, making it easier to engage your audience.

  • Commission rate: 10% commission rate on all products, 3x recurring commission on all wine clubs
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Payment threshold: $100

Why Promote Wine Affiliate Programs?

So, among the popular niches, why should you join and promote the programs in this wine field? Let’s see some main reasons below.

High demand

Wines are one of the most loved drinks around the world. This fact is clearly shown via the statistics in this field.

In 2022, the worldwide wine consumption reached 232 million hectoliters. In the United States, the number is 34 million hectoliters in 2022, and it’s 25.3 million in France.

Due to the high demand for this type of beverage, wine has become a lucrative industry. And wine affiliate programs are, too.

A wide range of products

The programs in the field usually offer various products, allowing you to introduce and cater to different tastes and preferences. 

Based on region, the products can be California wines, France wines, Chile wines, etc. Based on the varietal, they can be red wines, white wines, rose wines, etc. The delivery of products can be wine boxes, wine clubs, gift cards, and similar things.

When joining the affiliate programs, you’ll definitely have diverse options to choose from!

Passionate audience

Wine lovers are usually passionate about their favorite ones. They also want to discover new tastes and enjoy the feeling of owning wine collections. These characteristics can help you to improve conversions and have repeat sales.

How to Choose the Best Wine Affiliate Program for You?

When selecting wine affiliate programs, several key criteria should guide your decision-making. Let’s delve into these important considerations:

Brand Reputation

The brand’s reputation matters a lot when you are promoting their products. As a wine connoisseur, you also want to get the best drinks from a well-known brand, right? The same goes for your audience. So, you should remember to introduce products from great brands to gain your customers’ trust.


What are the exact wines the brand sells? They are wine boxes, wine clubs, personalized wines, or anything else. What are the wines’ origins, or when were they created?

You should do your own research on the products to introduce the most suitable options to your followers. Of course, consider your audience’s favorable tastes and the quality of the brand’s products.


The commission is a crucial factor. It greatly impacts how much you earn and determines your income. Higher commissions are better, and you should also consider the average order value, as it affects your overall earnings.


It’s essential to understand the payment terms of the affiliate programs you’re looking at. Find out how often they pay, whether it’s monthly or weekly, or do they have daily-paid commissions? Also, check the commission payout methods they use and if there’s a minimum amount you must earn before getting paid.


Q: How can I become a wine affiliate?

It’s a simple process. You can choose a wine affiliate program and register. After the brand hosting the program approves, you are a wine affiliate. At that time, you should promote the products to your audience and earn commission on referrals.

Q: Which wine products should affiliates choose to promote?

It depends on your understanding and your audience’s preferences, so there’s not an exact answer. But you should choose the ones that you have knowledge of to deliver the trustable recommendation to your followers.

Q: Is promoting wine on social media platforms effective?

Yes, leveraging social media is a great way to promote wines. It allows you to showcase the products, tell your story, and keep a connection with potential customers. However, you should have a solid strategy to get the best performance on social media.

Q: What’s the average commission rate for a wine affiliate?

The rates will vary depending on the programs affiliates choose and their performance. However, it’s promising as there are many high-paying programs in this field. For instance, WSJWine pays $20 for each club referral, so if you join the program and bring ten customers in a month, you can get $200 respectively.

Final words

Now, you should have the fundamental knowledge of the best wine affiliate programs and how to choose the most suitable ones. This will be a solid base for you to participate in the field and make your side income.

Do wine affiliate programs sound great to you? Let’s onboard on the journey today!

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