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12+ Subscription Box Affiliate Programs to Earn Extra Money 2024

Making money from the best subscription box affiliate programs is easy if you know which products to promote and who you should “court” to buy these offerings. We recognize and understand your concerns. And that’s why we put ...

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Making money from the best subscription box affiliate programs is easy if you know which products to promote and who you should “court” to buy these offerings.

We recognize and understand your concerns. And that’s why we put up this article to help you determine the affiliate programs to join and help customers receive their favorite products regularly and safely.

After reading this post, you’ll be more confident choosing some or all 13 subscription box programs we researched and evaluated.

Raring to go? Let’s start.

13 High-Paying Subscription Box Affiliate Programs in 2024

Amazon Associates

Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 1

Were you surprised Amazon is on this list and at the top?

With over 350 million products across multiple niches offered by nearly 10 million merchants or sellers, Amazon remains the undisputed king of internet commerce!

And did you know Amazon sold $514 billion worth of products in 2022?

And with more people growing more confident about Amazon’s e-commerce practices, you can expect more opportunities as an affiliate.

You might want to focus on subscription services if this is your niche.

And you can find these with gift cards, alcoholic beverages, Amazon Appstore, Amazon Pay Places, Prime Now, and restaurant-prepared and –delivered food.

Amazon offers two options: Amazon Associates and Amazon Influencers. The latter is perfect for social media influencers with a substantial following, while the former is better suited for bloggers and website owners.

Either way, you can start earning by applying as an affiliate or influencer partner.

Alas! Amazon’s cookie duration only lasts 24 hours, requiring affiliates to think of unique ways to encourage audiences to buy immediately after clicking the link.

Still, with an industry giant like Amazon supporting your affiliate marketing campaigns, we don’t see any reason you won’t make it big this year.

  • Commission: 3%
  • Cookie lifespan: 24 hours



Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 2

Most subscription affiliate marketing programs are product-specific. For instance, you can get wines, beers, candles, crafts, keto diet plans & meals, and other item in separate boxes.

Not Cratejoy!

This subscription service is a magical box, ready to delight recipients with the most exciting surprises every time they open a package.

Founded in 2014 by Amir Elaguizy and Alex Morse, Cratejoy is like a marketplace for other subscription service providers. It has a dedicated team of ingenious creators and resourceful curators to bring together the best possible subscription box for any customer.

It’s individualized!

So, one customer might receive a subscription box totally different from another, even though they belong to the same category.

Joining this affiliate platform makes perfect sense, especially if you love delightful surprises!

ShareASale is Cratejoy’s affiliate retailer, so you can create an account with them and wait about two days to receive a confirmation (or rejection) email.

You can promote Cratejoy on different platforms, including Instagram, X, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, emails, directories, and newsletters.

With so many affiliate marketing channels to use, earning more is never an issue with Cratejoy.

  • Commission: 10% on select subscription boxes, multi-tiered
  • Cookie lifespan: 60 days



Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 3

The secret to successful affiliate marketing is leveraging your interests and passions. And if you’re a dog-lover, you can ditch other subscription box affiliate programs for BarkBox.

Carly Strife, Henrik Werdelin, and Matt Meeker established BarkBox in 2011 in NYC, New York.

The company’s website says BarkBox is instrumental in the happiness of over six million canines. And do you know how many dogs there are worldwide?

How does nearly half a billion sound, especially from the EU, the US, and China?

That’s how big this market is! And that’s your opportunity.

BarkBox offers four products for affiliates to promote: BarkBox subscription, Super Chewer, Bright Dental, and BARK Food. Its subscription box program lets you earn $18 for every customer who signs up.

And if your audiences subscribe, they’ll have a steady monthly supply of delicious treats, engaging toys, dental-friendly chews, and other dog-centric items with distinct monthly themes (we can’t wait for Halloween!).

Sadly, a 7-day cookie lifespan is short, although still better than Amazon’s 24 hours.

Regardless, we think this affiliate program is worth joining!

  • Commission: $18 to $20 on some products, 10% on food
  • Cookie lifespan: 7 days


Beer Drop

Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 4

Did you know beer is America’s favorite alcoholic beverage, with 35% of the population avid fans of the golden drink?

And if you add beer-guzzlers from the world’s Top 5 beer-drinking countries (China, US, Brazil, Russia, and Mexico), you have an immense market for Beer Drop.

But why should you promote Beer Drop to your audience when they can use other platforms?


Customization! Unlike other beer subscription services, Beer Drop uses advanced algorithm and artificial intelligence to curate the best-tasting customer-specific beers.

No random beers!

No beers customers won’t drink!

We cannot think of a beer lover who wouldn’t want that?

And that’s why Beer Drop is worth joining via Share A Sale. You’ll enjoy 10% commission for every sale. And if you get 100 1-month subscription box sales monthly, you’ll earn about $390.

Imagine how much more you can earn with higher subscription plans.

And if you excel in this program, Beer Drop is ready to give you performance incentives and other bonuses.

How’s that for an affiliate program for beer lovers?

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 90 days



Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 5

Candles are more than illumination tools. These “ancient” lights can also provide many health benefits, especially if infused with aromatherapy oils.

And you know what this translates to?

More opportunities!

After all, everyone is so stressed out in their daily grinds that coming home to the relaxing scent of candlelight is enough to melt worries, anxieties, and stresses away.

And that’s why Wickbox is the perfect company to work for as an affiliate. This luxury candle subscription box curates the finest customer-specific scented candles. Everyone receives a monthly package of their favorite scented waxy lightsticks.

And get this!

You can tell your audiences never to throw the elegantly crafted containers because they can repurpose them.

Like other subscription programs, Wickbox partners with Share A Sale. You will also enjoy a 2-month cookie lifespan and a generous $10 commission.

So, if you’re into lifestyle, interior design, beauty, home, self-care, and travel blogging, Wickbox can monetize your interests.

  • Commission: $10 on subscription plans, 10% on other products
  • Cookie lifespan: 60 days


Monthly Clubs 

Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 6

Promoting beer subscription with Beer Drop is great.

But marketing Monthly Clubs’ offerings is better!

This subscription service offers not only thoughtfully curated beer packages. It also delivers cheeses, cigars, wines, flowers, and chocolates! Each has a club, and subscribers can pick their “club.”

And get this!

Monthly Clubs has been around for nearly three decades, and that counts a lot. It shows the company’s resilience amid economic upheavals, underscoring its strong follower base.

Moreover, adding five product niches to its offerings (besides beer) translates to higher conversion rates and more income opportunities.

Monthly Clubs partners with CJ Affiliate, one of the industry’s pioneers. That means a lot, too!

You can join Commission Junction, look for Monthly Clubs.com, and wait for the approval. Driving traffic to Monthly Clubs is as easy as posting the affiliate link in your website.

Here’s the kicker!

Monthly Clubs encourages keyword bidding and supports your campaign with long-tail keyword recommendations.

Earning more with Monthly Clubs is so much easier with this support.

  • Commission: $12 per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 90 days


Succulents Box

Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 7

Succulents Box is perfect for green thumbs and aspiring gardeners who want to add unique textures and colors to their landscape.

Established in 2017, SucculentsBox offers over 300 succulent varieties, including cactus, Aeonium, Senecio, Sedum, Echeveria, Cotyledon, Kalanchoe, and Crassula species. It also has tools (i.e., pots, spray bottles, and trowels) to make backyard gardening worthwhile.

Grown and protected in greenhouses under the vibrant California sun, these succulents make perfect gifts for everyone, including corporate events and weddings.

And you can talk more about it in your blog, video, social media, or podcast.

You can also tell audiences they can customize the subscription package.

Signing up with the platform is easy, and mounting an effective affiliate marketing campaign is hassle-free because of the resources available.

But how big is the market?

According to the company, SucculentsBox realized the gardening dreams of over 210,000 succulents-lovers with over 1.5 million plants. And that’s only within five years!

Hence, opportunity and reward await!

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days



Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 8

Did you know the US outdoor recreation community is growing? More than half of Americans (55% or 168 million) at least six years old enjoy outdoor activities.

And that’s only the US! Imagine how many more outdoor adventurers and enthusiasts globally. That’s why BattlBox is an excellent subscription platform to join as an affiliate marketer.

This company offers four subscription plans: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus. These boxes range from about $35 to $170.

Big spenders and seasoned outdoor adventurers will love the Pro Plus, featuring some of the most notable names in hunting, survival, and tactical niches (i.e., TOPS, Bastion, Gerber, Spyderco, and CRKT).

Imagine selling 50 Pro Plus subscriptions monthly. You could see about $595 in your account. Double that, and earning over a thousand dollars every month is real.

BattlBox also has a supportive affiliate management team. So, beginner affiliates won’t grope in the dark. Custom marketing campaigns and promotions are also available to strengthen your affiliate marketing.

If you’re a survivalist, hunter, serviceman, or outdoorsman with an active blog or social media account, BattlBox is your ticket to earning more this year.

  • Commission: 7%
  • Cookie lifespan: 7 days



Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 9

Samuel Gonzalez founded UrbaneBox as a solution for busy individuals to wear stylish clothing perfect for any event without costing a fortune.

His experiences with expensive and limited-offering clothing subscription services prompted Gonzalez to formulate UrbaneBox.

As an online styling service, UrbaneBox hand-selects outfits reflecting the customer’s style preferences. The company ensures timely delivery of subscription boxes and at reasonable prices.

Is there a market for this?

Of course! Imagine students juggling work and school. They don’t have time to shop at stores for the best outfit. And even if they do, the limited selection can translate to a less-than-spectacular style.

You can find UrbaneBox on Share A Sale, Pepperjam, and AvantLink. So, if you’re already a member of any of these affiliate networks, signing up with UrbaneBox should be easy.

Note that UrbaneBox only ships to the US and Canada. Hence, your potential customers must come from these countries, even though you’re an affiliate from Asia, Oceania, or Europe.

  • Commission: $15 per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 45 days



Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 10

American fashion designer Rachel Zoe founded Curateur to simplify the process of expanding women’s wardrobe with carefully selected fashion outfits delivered to subscribers’ doorsteps.

It’s a hassle-free way to strengthen one’s style and boost self-confidence and self-esteem. Strutting thoughtfully curated clothing and outfits is never an issue with Curateur’s timely deliveries.

So, how can you promote Curateur to your target audiences?

How about sharing Curateur’s dedication to deliver five highly personalized style outfits curated by Zoe and her celebrity stylish friends? You could talk about exclusive style tricks and tips and the discounts they can get for every Curateur special offerings.

You can encourage your followers and blog visitors to try Curateur’s Star Membership for less than a hundred dollars quarterly (about $33 monthly). And if they love their subscription boxes, they could upgrade to the Icon Membership for $350 annually (about $29 monthly).

Sadly, Curateur fixes the commission at $15. A percentage would have been more lucrative, especially when selling the Icon Membership.

Still, Curateur remains a worthy platform to join and make money this year.

  • Commission: $15 per new subscription
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


Art of Tea

Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 11

Did you know nearly 160 million Americans drink tea everyday? In 2021 alone, Americans consumed about 85 billion tea servings, accounting for over 3.9 billion gallons.

How about the rest of the world?

Tea-lovers worldwide consumed 6.7 million metric tons (about 7.4 US tons) of tea in 2022. And experts say tea consumption will reach 7.4 million metric tons or 8.16 US tons by 2025.

Can you see the affiliate marketing opportunity?

If you do, Art of Tea is worth joining.

But how can you differentiate Art of Tea from others?

Simple! You share a valuable message that Art of Tea sources its offerings only from the Top 2 percent of all teas, botanicals, and herbs. They test these ingredients for quality and freshness, too. And if that doesn’t sell, you can tell audiences Art of Tea complies with strict HACCP and GMP protocols.

Do this, and Art of Tea will reward you, as it has with hundreds of affiliate partners.

A user-friendly platform, outstanding affiliate team support, and well-crafted creatives will boost your affiliate marketing campaign.

  • Commission: 10% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 90 days


Pooch Perks

Subscription Box Affiliate Programs 12

Dogs are some of the animal kingdom’s most sociable and intelligent creatures. They provide unquestionable loyalty, unparalleled companionship, and, in some cases, unrivaled family and property protection.

Unsurprisingly, many pet owners pamper their dogs, giving them delicious treats, fun toys, and other items to make furry pals happy.

Like many subscription box affiliate programs, Pooch Perks is heaven-sent. It gives dog lovers access to high-quality, well-curated doggie treats and perks without leaving their homes. Every month, Pooch Perks delivers the goods right in subscribers’ doorsteps!

Fido will never feel bored with these toys, treats, chews, and other monthly-themed goodies.

And you can tell audiences that!

Pooch Perks is available in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions. They have thematic, birthday, puppy, and customizable boxes, too!

And get this!

Pooch Perks comes in five box sizes, allowing customers to choose the best one for their budget.

That should be a cinch to promote. The best part? You’ll enjoy 10% commission per sale. So, aim for the high-priced items and start earning more today.

  • Commission: 10%
  • Cookie lifespan: 30 days


Keto Box

Maintaining a low-carb diet and focusing more on healthy proteins and fats is at the core of the ketogenic lifestyle. It’s perfect for weight-watchers, athletes, and individuals who want to boost their health.

Did you know over 23 million Americans are on keto diets? And considering this number was only 10 million in 2018, we can assume the keto movement is picking up speed.

That’s opportunity!

And that’s why the Keto Box affiliate program is worth joining.

This subscription service delivers thoughtfully-curated keto food items, including meats, nuts, sweets, bars, and cookies, with total carbohydrates not exceeding five grams.

Keto-friendly barbecue sauces, catsups, condiments, sodas, and flavored water are also available. These products empower subscribers to lead healthier lives without sacrificing taste and the joys of eating.

Keto Box also includes a four-week meal plan to help keto practitioners whip up low-carb, high-protein, high-fat meals.

Although its commission rate is more attractive than Amazon’s, KetoBox’s 24-hour cookies can be a real bummer.

Still, earning about $12 per transaction is noteworthy. You could breach the thousand-dollar mark in a month if you persevere.

  • Commission: 15% per sale
  • Cookie lifespan: 24 hours


How Much Can You Earn with Subscription Box Affiliate Programs?

subscription box affiliate programs 14

Our list shows you can earn at least 10% (on average) for every subscription box sale you produce. Unfortunately, you could also generate less commissions if you slacken in your affiliate marketing activities.

Beginner subscription box affiliates can expect to earn not more than a thousand dollars monthly. However, some marketers are persistent in their marketing campaigns, allowing them to breach this mark easily.

But why so low?

You’re a newbie. You’re still unfamiliar with how subscription box service programs work. Many beginners are also clueless about industry practices.

As you gain more experience, you can start earning up to $10,000 monthly or $120,000 annually. Put in a few more years, and you could be a millionaire, netting $1.2 million yearly.

Super-affiliates of subscription boxes are the masters of the trade, bringing a monthly paycheck of at least $100, 000 monthly.

Of course, these figures are relative.

For example, affiliating with a brand offering generous commissions can boost earnings.

Imagine a subscription box company rewarding affiliates with a 15% commission for every sale. And if the product sells for $100, you already have $15 in the pocket for every verified sale.

Suppose you ramp up your marketing activities and sell five products daily. That’s $75 daily or $2,250 monthly.

Here’s a tip!

How much you earn is directly proportional to the output, which is, in turn, correlational to your affiliate marketing efforts.

Drive yourself to promote subscription boxes to audiencesand the rewards will follow.

Best Ways to Promote Subscription Box Affiliate Programs

subscription box affiliate programs 15

Some folks find affiliate marketing intimidating because they are clueless about the different ways to promote products, such as subscription boxes. Promoting subscription boxes is easy, and you can do it in several ways.


You can write subscription box reviews, comparison articles, “alternatives to” posts, product recommendations, and product roundup articles to inform and educate readers.

Adding affiliate links is a standard in affiliate blogging. Moreover, you can embed coupon codes, banners, and other affiliate marketing resources in your blog.

And if you want your audiences to click the link, offering them a gift card or another “perk” should get their attention.

Social media 

Not a fan of blogging? No worries!

Some subscription box programs allow and encourage social media marketing. You can “influence” your followers to buy a subscription box or at least try one.

Note that some programs might require a minimum number of social media followers before you can join and promote their subscription boxes.

Video marketing

Did you know you can also embed affiliate links in video descriptions?

It’s like writing a blog, except you’re creating, editing, and publishing videos on leading platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

Email marketing

Sending readers, audiences, and followers newsletters and other promotional materials via email is a sound tactic.

You can personalize your messages and increase the likelihood of converting a lead into a sale.

Webinar and podcast marketing

These affiliate marketing channels are perfect because webinars and podcasts allow direct engagement with niche audiences.

You can embed affiliate links and codes in show notes and chats. Some podcasters advertise their products on the air.

Online forums

Although uncommon, promoting subscription boxes in online community forums is acceptable.

However, you might want to read the forum’s posting guidelines to avoid getting banned.

What are Subscription Box Affiliate Programs for Beginners?

subscription box affiliate programs 16

Subscription box affiliate programs for beginners aren’t different from other niches. After all, they feature three identical elements – a company offering high-quality products, customers who might need such offerings, and you (the affiliate or bridge).

You join a subscription box company, promote its products to your audiences (i.e., social media followers, blog post readers, viewers, podcast listeners, and webinar participants), and receive a commission for every client that buys the promoted product (or performs an action the business requires).

So, what subscription service programs are ideal for beginners?

First, it must be trustworthy!

Here’s a tip!

A decades –old brand is worth considering because it cannot stay long in a competitive industry if customers don’t trust it or its products.

And that’s why Amazon is on our list, having been established in 1994. Other worthy programs at least a decade old include Barkbox (2011) and Art of Tea (2007). The newest subscription program on our list is Succulents Box (2017), which is about half a decade.

Second, the commission should be attractive to motivate beginner affiliates. For instance, Keto Box offers 15%, while others give 10%.

Third, the brand must be a perfect fit to your niche. For example, Barkbox and Pooch Perks are excellent for bloggers and influencers writing about dogs. If you’re into beers, Beer Drop is your bet.

Fourth, signing up should be easy. Most programs have affiliate network partners managing their programs, easing entry.

Lastly, the brand must provide adequate support for beginners. Do they offer marketing resources, guidance, user dashboards, and other tools to make your campaigns more successful?

Thankfully, all 13 programs we reviewed have these qualities.

But if you ask us for our Top 3, we’d pick Beer Drop (we’re fans!), Keto Box (love the commission), and Bark Box (dog lovers here!).


Subscription box affiliate programs won’t make you a millionaire overnight. However, these platforms are excellent stepping stones to financial independence. And with dedication, commitment, and sound knowledge of affiliate marketing fundamentals, you’re on the right track.

It’s okay to feel jittery, especially if you’re a newbie. We must reiterate affiliate marketing mechanics are straightforward. As long as you stay within a program’s rules, you can expect handsome rewards for your efforts.

So, which of these programs do you find interesting? Share us your thoughts so others will also be in the loop.

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