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Boost Earnings with 10 Best Chatbot Affiliate Programs!

In today’s digital age, affiliate marketing is a lucrative industry constantly expanding. Many people are becoming affiliate marketers, from bloggers and influencers to IT experts and professors. They use all the tools they can to succeed, ...

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chatbot affiliate programs

In today’s digital age, affiliate marketing is a lucrative industry constantly expanding. Many people are becoming affiliate marketers, from bloggers and influencers to IT experts and professors. They use all the tools they can to succeed, and chatbots are an excellent tool for automating ecommerce campaigns.

In this article, Uppromote have compiled a list of the best chatbot affiliate programs that assist you in earning passive income swiftly.

Let’s go straightforwardly together!

10 Chatbot Affiliate Programs to Join in 2024


LiveChat affiliate program

LiveChat provides its clients with tools to enhance their customer support experience. It’s essentially a piece of software with live chat, support desk, and analytics features. Customers have been using it since 2002.

LiveChat is a crucial tool for online companies to enhance the performance for chatbot affiliates, customer service, and boost revenue. The LiveChat concept is to entertain consumers while increasing revenue. This software can be linked to hundreds of daily programs consumers use.

The LiveChat affiliate program pays its affiliates a recurring commission of up to 22% for each new client they bring in. You will be paid 20% of your affiliate earning when your referral uses this software.

LiveChat provides its affiliates with a cookie length of 120 days. Furthermore, the organization offers its marketing partners 24-hour help to resolve problems promptly.

  • Commission rate: Up to 22% on all sales
  • Cookie duration: 120 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, eCheck
  • Products/services: Customer service live chat platform, chatbot, knowledge base
  • Network: In-house

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Tidio affiliate program

Tidio is a live chat platform that allows small and medium-sized enterprises to communicate with their consumers in real-time. It provides live chats powered by autonomous bots that may address frequent questions in your absence.

Tidio lets you develop personalized forms that ask the most appropriate queries and gives thorough data to assess client interactions. Additionally, you can engage with visitors through email, messengers, and live chat, all from inside the Tidio chat app.

The Tidio app is the most effective approach to give customer service and boost sales in your shop. You can use Tidio to track website traffic, and visitor activities, and chat with visitors in real time. You can also use Tidio to assist clients as they buy on your site.

  • Commission rate: 30% for every sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, Check
  • Products/services: Customer service chatbot platform, live chat, knowledge base
  • Network: ShareASale

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SendPulse Affiliate Program

SendPulse is a complete marketing platform with email, SMS, and online push notification capabilities. A drag-and-drop email editor, automated procedures, A/B testing, and email tracking are all included. The website also offers a free subscription that allows users to send up to 15,100 emails to up to 500 subscribers monthly.

In addition, the platform provides comprehensive data and analytics and connectors with key CRM and eCommerce systems, making it an all-inclusive solution for all of your marketing requirements.

The SendPulse Affiliate Program helps partners promote and sell SendPulse services. It sets clear terms for how partners can earn commissions, such as how much they earn, how they track sales, and how they get paid.

  • Commission rate: 25% of the User’s purchased plan’s cost and 10% of the User’s Balance Replenishment amount
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, Payoneer
  • Products/services: Marketing automation tools, including email marketing, SMS marketing, landing pages, chatbots, etc.
  • Network: ShareASale

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Freshchat affiliate program

Freshchat is a cutting-edge messaging platform that enables companies to communicate with consumers across numerous platforms. This integrated messaging platform helps businesses respond quickly and effectively to customer inquiries, reducing customer frustration caused by outdated communication methods.

Freshchat affiliate program is a top B2B affiliate program that will allow you to make affiliate income by marketing one of the world’s fastest-growing businesses. When a lead converts to a paying client, you will get $5 and 15% of the transaction value for each lead you bring in.

After signing up for this program, you will be able to monitor your commissions and referrals via your partner dashboard. All the tools and materials that you need to spread the word are available on the dashboard.

  • Commission rate: $5 per qualified lead and 15% – 20% recurring per sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Stripe
  • Products/services: Helpdesk software, IT service desk software, live chat software, marketing automation software, and more.
  • Network: PartnerStack

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Virtual Spirits

Virtual Spirits affiliate program

Virtual Spirits is a corporation that offers free technological consulting services. They are always eager to offer their technological expertise to assist individuals in succeeding in their Internet businesses. Furthermore, they aim to start this firm to provide our clients with the finest experiences and advice.

Virtual Spirits also established a chatbot builder that provides a simple affiliate program. It covers all the essentials, such as automatic answers, templates, and processes. However, it fails to impress with its user interface. As they provide a dynamic price structure, you can simply sign up for the chatbot reseller program for any niche of consumers or clients.

  • Commission rate: $5 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH
  • Products/services: Chatbot for all websites, WhatsApp, Messenger
  • Network: Impact Radius

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LiveAgent affiliate program

LiveAgent is a help desk application that runs in the cloud and provides a comprehensive solution to improve client experience. Many aspects of the program obviate the need for extra integrations. It also provides one-of-a-kind social network integration, customization possibilities, and a free trial edition.

To serve customers from various sectors, LiveAgent provides a huge selection of integrations. The integrations range from VoIP partners to CRM, eCommerce, and project management systems. As a consequence, you develop a totally centralized system based on the preferences of your business. More significantly, such connections are free of charge with LiveAgent.

Furthermore, it offers exceptional 24/7 customer care to assist you in resolving technical difficulties without any obligations. The fee is reasonable, and the program provides a free trial to demonstrate its capabilities. LiveAgent provides a SaaS affiliate program with recurring commissions of up to 20% on Direct. Its base plan is $15 per month per agent.

  • Commission rate: 20% of the initial payment plus a 20% commission on any recurring purchases and $5 as an on-sign bonus
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH
  • Products/services: Helpdesk software, call center, live chat, customer portal
  • Network: Post Affiliate Pro

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Hellotars affiliate program

Hellotars is one of the most successful chatbot production companies, offering the most advantage to its affiliates. Anyone, at no cost, may join their affiliate program. Furthermore, they provide a separate dashboard allowing affiliates to track traffic routed to Tars via their affiliate links.

Perhaps you can benefit most from Tars, even after receiving 30% of overall billing, because its chatbot is one of the most expensive in the business. As a result, joining Tars offers far more potential rewards than doing so with other organizations. If you have a high volume of premium consumers who can spend much in their marketing, you should join Tars rather than any other affiliate program.

  • Commission rate: 30% recurring commission per plan
  • Cookie duration: 60 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, PayPal, and Wire Transfer
  • Products/services: Assists companies in deploying and developing chatbots for their websites and social media
  • Network: Post Affiliate Pro

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Collect.chat affiliate program

Collect.chat makes it simple for websites to develop engaging conversation bots. Chatbots may help organizations boost conversion rates, offer 24/7 customer care, delight consumers, and save money. When new users submit a message, Collect.chat can send email alerts and interact with other services. It’s easy to get started because of the company’s extensive library of chatbot templates.

Collect.chat, like Tars, provides a 30% commission through its affiliate program. Collect.chat additionally offers its affiliates a $50 incentive for every tenth client they close. So, if you have traffic, referral link, or leads from start-ups or small companies willing to spend in marketing, being an affiliate of Collect.chat can be a suitable fit.

  • Commission rate: 30% recurring commission, plus a $50 bonus every time you close 10 customers.
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, PayPal, and Stripe
  • Products/services: Pre-built chatbot templates, drag-and-drop chatbot builder, analytics and reporting tools
  • Network: Post Affiliate Pro

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Landbot affiliate program

Landbot is a simple no-code chatbot creator. It allows you to build a chatbot that can carry on a discussion with users and hold their interest throughout a conversation. The Landbot web bot may be customized using the platform’s capabilities and functionalities.

The Landbot chatbot platform can help you automate your conversational techniques and increase lead creation and qualification. It may also be used for other purposes, such as product suggestions and price calculators.

You can construct customized smart chatbots with the Landbot chatbot software by employing various approaches such as conditional logic, formulas, dynamic data, hidden fields, webhooks, or the capacity to move to another bot.

Furthermore, intelligent chatbots provide a conversational experience with personalized error messages, custom typing emulation, a permanent menu, and the option to upload files.

  • Commission rate: 20% recurring commission
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Check
  • Products/services: conversational chatbots, conversational landing pages and websites, lead generation bots, and more
  • Network: Direct

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Engati affiliate program

Engati offers a complete chatbot solution across different channels to enterprises. Businesses may use Engati’s AI-powered chatbot capabilities to automate client interactions and increase response times. Engati includes many additional capabilities to improve customer service (multi-language, proactive chat choices).

This technology can also be an essential part of your SaaS marketing strategy. It provides the opportunity for affiliate marketers to give proactive customer service and communicate with potential consumers even when they are absent. It also relieves pressure on the customer service crew during business hours.

Engati is a code-free development platform that allows you to create bots from the ground up without any programming skills. By enrolling in their affiliate network, you can sell their chatbot using your brand name by making a one-time, flexible licensing payment. And after the transaction is complete, you just need to pay the firm the initial cost of their chatbot.

  • Commission rate: 20% recurring commission
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Wire Transfer, and Check
  • Products/services: WhatsApp chatbot, Shopify chatbot, AI chatbot, Instagram chatbot, live chat, and more
  • Network: FlexOffers

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What Is a Chatbot Affiliate Program?

A chatbot is a software progressively being utilized by businesses that operate online or provide customer assistance and service over the phone. It is driven by AI (artificial intelligence) and employs NLP (natural language processing) and ML (machine learning) to mimic and expedite client interactions.

Chatbots can be used on various platforms, including your company’s website or mobile app, messaging applications, social networking platforms, and phone numbers. They may be employed for various purposes, such as coaching clients through the sales procedure or gathering data to refer them to the best sales or support team.

Chatbot affiliate program

Chatbots are classified into two types: open and closed.

  • Open chatbots process and learn from discussions and interactions, and their efficiency grows with time. They must, however, be correctly programmed and “trained”, or they will provide a terrible client experience.
  • A closed chatbot operates according to a predetermined script with minimal AI involvement.

Why Is Affiliate Marketing for Chatbots a Good Idea?

Will chatbots have an impact on your affiliate marketing program? The answer is absolutely yes. One of the most challenging problems for a new or expanding affiliate marketer is attracting new consumers. Here are the benefits that chatbot usage provides:

Enhance SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

By automating some of the laborious duties your team would typically do, you may use chatbots for SEO. Your website’s search engine rankings will rise due to more individuals discovering it often, increasing the number of people who find it.

Improve customer service

Bots may not have all the answers, but they can direct users to other sources that do. For example, suppose a buyer purchases from a website but is not given any tracking information. Your bots can guide the consumer to an appropriate webpage or link that displays the order’s current status.

They can also handle many basic client inquiries using the information in your knowledge base. Moreover, they can send the inquiry to a human agent, whether live through chat or phone or out of hours by email or a callback.

Reduce bounce rate

The bounce rate of your page determines whether it is high or low. High bounce rates are okay for blogs, but you don’t want them for e-commerce sites for obvious reasons. An ecommerce website’s average bounce rate is roughly 47%.

Chatbots are an excellent method to capture their attention and start a dialogue that will engage the consumer and, hopefully, lead to a transaction, lowering your total bounce rate.

Chatbot affiliate programs 1

More time on your website

Visitors to your website are more likely to make purchases if they stay on your site for a longer period of time. Chatbots are a fantastic tool for interacting with clients and enticing them to stay on your site longer and, ideally, spend more money.


Q: What is the commission rate for chatbot affiliate programs?

A: Chatbot affiliate program commission rates vary but commonly range from 20% to 50%. Occasionally, recurring commissions are available if the consumer keeps their subscription.

Q: How do I promote chatbot affiliate programs?

A: Chatbot affiliate programs can be promoted by creating blog pieces describing the advantages of using chatbots, sending email marketing campaigns to your subscribers promoting the chatbot platform, or writing social media posts showcasing the platform’s capabilities and benefits. You can also collaborate with other companies that utilize chatbots to promote one another’s goods or services.

Q: What are the best ways to generate leads for chatbot affiliate programs?

A: To generate leads for chatbot affiliate programs, you should determine the bot’s use cases, create a content strategy, include a brand-specific tone of speech, or make an eye-catching welcome message.


In summary, we have reviewed top chatbot affiliate programs, ranging from AI-powered chatbots to personalized solutions, all of which provide large commissions, outstanding features, and good support.

You can help companies improve customer service while earning commissions with these programs. We hope that you can find the chatbot affiliate program that is most effective for you by exploring our list.

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