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Top 8 Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic 2024

Leverage your Facebook audience to earn! Explore the best affiliate programs designed to convert your Facebook traffic into profits.

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best affiliate programs for Facebook traffic

With nearly two of five individuals making Facebook an integral part of their 21st-century lives, it makes sense to sign up with the best affiliate programs for Facebook traffic and monetize humankind’s insatiable appetite for social connectivity.

Facebook is also a favorite of brands and consumers, creating a dynamic interface we can only see in robust e-commerce platforms. For example, over a million Facebook users shop on over 250 million digital stores on Facebook.

Affiliating with programs that encourage Facebook promotions makes perfect sense. And we have eight of the best platforms to try this year.

Top 8 Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic You Should Give a Try

Amazon Associates

Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic 1

It makes sense that the world’s leading e-commerce marketplace partners with the planet’s largest social media channel. Although these organizations are distinct, they share one thing – an impressive reach!

Amazon’s rise is nothing short of phenomenal. And if its 2022 revenues are any indication, this e-commerce giant will only grow as we march towards the third decade of the 21st century.

Amazon has almost everything modern consumers need, from physical products to digital offerings across hundreds of countries, burning language barriers and transcending cultural limitations.

Its cross-cultural nature makes Amazon an excellent fit to the Facebook model, allowing affiliates to generate wealth from over 350 million products to promote.

Here’s the thing.

You have two options to monetize Amazon.

Amazon recommends joining the “Influencer” Program if you have a considerable following. It’s similar to the “Associates” Program but more fine-tuned for social media, like Facebook.

But what is the “considerable” following?

Amazon’s social media follower requirement is minimal – only 500. You can start promoting Amazon’s products with only this many Facebook followers. Of course, the wider your FB audience, the more chances you get of earning more.

You can join the Amazon Associates if you prefer making blog posts than interacting with FB followers.

Don’t worry. The commission, affiliate resources, support system, and cookie window are identical whether you’re an Associate or an Influencer.

  • Commission: 1% to 20%, depending on product
  • Cookie Lifespan: 24 hours


Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic 2

Although ClickBank isn’t the world’s largest digital marketplace, it’s one of the best platforms to find credible affiliate brands.

This affiliate marketing network is identical to Amazon Associates, except for a few distinctions.

But first, some details.

Eileen and Tim Barber founded ClickBank in 1998, two years after Amazon launched its Associates Program.

And although it cannot match Amazon’s 350 million-plus offerings (ClickBank only has about 4,000 products) and 9.7 million sellers, ClickBank blasts the Jeff Bezos outfit with its more attractive commission rates.


Although commissions are merchant-dependent, ClickBank’s partner sellers can be “more understanding” toward affiliates, sharing as much as 75% of every sale.

And that’s why ClickBank’s affiliate remuneration is now $5.7 billion (and still growing), with super-affiliates earning seven-figure incomes in less than a year.

Its cookie window is also more “reasonable” than Amazon, allowing your social media followers to buy within two months of clicking the link on your Facebook post.

And since it’s like Amazon Associates, you’ll get stellar affiliate support and resources to guarantee a fatter paycheck.

  • Commission: 1% to 75%, depending on merchant
  • Cookie Lifespan: 60 days (average)


Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic 3

Small business owners deserve to see their modest enterprises lift off and generate enough revenues to stay motivated. Unfortunately, not having the correct landing pages can dampen any hope of competing with the big boys.

LeadPages changes that!

Unlike other niche-related brands, LeadPages makes building websites and creating landing pages look like kindergarten play. Forget programming languages and codes because LeadPages has elements and modules business owners can drag and drop into a webpage.

And if your Facebook followers are unsure about their page’s design, LeadPages has over 250 templates to kickstart everything, including mobile-optimized versions.

But why should you promote LeadPages on Facebook?

What if we told you your affiliate earnings are co-terminus with every referral’s subscription?

We’re not talking about a one-time deal, where you send a customer to LeadPages, get the commission, and you’re done. No!

This platform’s compensation scheme is lifetime recurring! You’ll receive 10% to 50% (depending on sales volume) of your referral’s subscription payments until they let go of LeadPages.

Moreover, LeadPages’ 90-day cookie window is one of the most “generous,” giving you sufficient leverage to ensure a sale.

  • Commission: 10% to 50%, three-tiered, lifetime monthly recurring
  • Cookie Lifespan: 90 days


Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic 4

Some of the best affiliate programs for Facebook traffic offer multiple products to improve a marketer’s earning chances. Others focus on a niche, limiting their offerings but facilitating customer specificity. One such program is StudioPress.

This company is like LeadPages, except it focuses on elements that create stunning WordPress websites.

Its themes are impressively well-curated across 13 categories, and StudioPress’ Genesis Pro can give LeadPages a run for its money.

StudioPress also offers predesigned and custom blocks to boost landing pages and website content. Like LeadPages, your Facebook followers will never worry about coding deficiencies.

Now, that’s worth conveying in your Facebook affiliate campaigns.

It might not surpass LeadPages’ commission, but 35% is more generous than Amazon.

And since this program has ShareASale calling the shots in affiliate management, you can expect unparalleled access to the network’s user-friendly affiliate dashboard and real-time monitoring and reporting.

That’s enough to consider StudioPress in your Facebook affiliate marketing shortlist.

  • Commission: 35% (StudioPress theme sales) and $200 minimum (WP Engine sales)
  • Cookie Lifespan: 60 days

eBay Partner Network

Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic 5

It’s a tug-of-war between eBay and Amazon, two of the planet’s largest e-commerce platforms. And although Amazon has its distinct advantages over Pierre Omidyar-founded eBay, the latter remains an excellent choice for Facebookers to monetize.

And get this!

eBay has over 18 million sellers (almost twice Amazon’s) and 1.9 billion-plus product listings (against Amazon’s 350+ million). Despite these advantages over the Bezos-led giant, eBay only netted about $10 billion in 2022 (vs. Amazon’s $514 billion).

Still, never underestimate this affiliate network because it’s a favorite of sellers. And they are your partners in promoting auctioned and buy-now products on Facebook.

And although eBay is popular for its auction system, nine out of ten product listings fall under the Buy Now category. Moreover, four of five merchandise are fresh off the production line, not old stocks.

eBay’s commission and cookie policies mimic Amazon’s, including product categorization. It makes eBay a worthy Amazon alternative, especially if you cater to sellers who love customizing their listings.

  • Commission: 1% to 4%, depending on product category
  • Cookie Lifespan: 24 hours


Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic 6

Fiverr is unlike other Facebook-promotable programs because you don’t market products. Instead, you’re selling a platform for freelancers to showcase their talents, structure their prices, and lead a robust gig career.

It’s a marketplace, not for merchandise, but for God-given talents. Freelancers list their services on Fiverr, and businesses hire those that meet their requirements (including budgets).

Unlike other affiliate programs for Facebook, Fiverr offers two money-making schemes for marketers.

You can opt for a fixed-price compensation ranging from $15 to $150, depending on the product or service you sell.

Alternatively, Fiverr offers a higher-paying scheme, earning you a hefty 10% share of the company’s revenues for 12 months. You’ll get $10 per action on top of the revshare, too!

Interestingly, Fiverr also has a program for social media influencers, offering a CPA from $30 to $50. And if you become its Ambassador, you can earn $100 to $1,000 for every video you share with Facebook audiences.

Note you must have at least 5,000 Facebook followers to become a Fiverr Influencer.

  • Commission: $15 to $150 cost-per-action or 10% revenue-sharing + $10 CPA (monthly recurring for 12 months)
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic 7

Last year, ShareASale spent about $915 million for their partners’ vigorous and productive affiliate marketing efforts. This year, you could join the 250-plus affiliates signing up with this platform daily and get handsome earnings by next year.

But, what’s ShareASale?

This platform is like ClickBank, an affiliate program aggregator where companies and entrepreneurs sell their products through Facebook influencers, vloggers, bloggers, and other digital marketers.

Over 25,000 merchants are on the platform, including recognizable brands like Etsy, Reebok, AllBirds, and Nectar.

And here’s the kicker!

ShareASale launches at least 260 new affiliate platforms monthly, expanding its marketable listings and boosting your earning capacity.

So, sign up with ShareASale, pick a partner, get the links, and promote them on your Facebook page. If you choose wisely, you can enjoy 50% of the sale.

And although ShareASale’s cookie window isn’t as extensive as ClickBank and LeadPages, it’s still ahead of Amazon Associates and eBay Partner Network.

  • Commission: 4% to 50%, depending on product
  • Cookie Lifespan: 30 days


Best Affiliate Programs for Facebook Traffic 8

A recipient of multiple awards (i.e., Business Insider, Inc., and Pacific Coast Business Times), Impact.com rounds up our list of the affiliate platforms worth driving traffic from Facebook.

Some of the world’s recognizable brands are partners with this affiliate platform, including AllState, Levi’s, HSBC, Adidas, L’Oreal, and Lenovo. Their presence bolsters Impact.com’s standing in the competitive affiliate market.

Like many networks, an Impact affiliate can earn varying commissions, depending on the program they sign up with. Some brands might offer a meager 4%, while others are more generous in sharing 50% of each sale.

The beauty of Impact.com is its seamless monetization of digital content. You could be blogging now, posting on Facebook later, or producing YouTube videos tomorrow.

The platform lets marketers connect with their favorite brands, bridging them with followers and audiences.

Receiving your payouts is also not as problematic as other programs using only a single channel. Impact.com can process your affiliate payments and transfers them to your bank, PayPal account, or BACS.

  • Commission: Revealed once accepted, depending on program
  • Cookie Lifespan: Revealed once accepted

Why Should You Promote Affiliate Programs on Facebook?

Alt-text: Image of the Facebook app opened on an iPhone by Timothy Hales Bennett on Unsplash.

With nearly two-thirds of the world’s population making social media an integral part of daily life, affiliating with social media networks makes perfect sense. But why Facebook? Why not YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or other players?

You leverage Facebook’s global reach

This social media platform is the world’s largest! That speaks volumes about Facebook’s phenomenal reach.

Nearly two out of five (37.2%) people worldwide use Facebook to communicate, connect, do business, find entertainment, engage, and do other stuff people of the social media age do.

And that’s a staggering 2.989 billion potential customers!

Even if you can only corner a fraction (say 0.5%) of Facebook users, your audience will still be an impressive 15 million.

Facebook has affiliate-friendly features

Did you know Facebook allows paid ads on the platform? The best part is it doesn’t have a minimum budget for ads. You dictate the budget, and Facebook adjusts how much traffic it pushes your way.

For example, if you can only scrounge $10 for paid ads weekly, Facebook produces a proportionate result. Now, imagine if you could earmark $500 weekly for paid ads.

However, some ads demand a minimum budget. On the bright side, Facebook notifies you of such during ad creation.

And get this.

Facebook ads reach over two billion people globally. That’s an excellent reason affiliate marketers love posting ads on this platform.

And that’s only for its paid ads feature. Facebook also has Messenger, “Click-to-Messenger ads,” “Pages to Watch,” and “Invites” to interact with your engaged audiences. Facebook Insights is also available to track your marketing effectiveness.

It facilitates targeted marketing

Facebook’s reach is phenomenal. But you don’t need all that market. You need to specify your target audience to be successful in Facebook marketing. This platform helps you accomplish that with its intuitive algorithm.

Tips to Find Suitable Affiliates Programs on Facebook

Alt-text: Image of a laptop displaying the Facebook Ads feature by Will Francis on Unsplash.

Leveraging Facebook’s features and reach to find suitable affiliate platforms to join and monetize can be challenging for beginners. If you’re one of them, consider the following tips.

Start with an FB Business Page or Group

Although some brands would work with affiliates with a personal Facebook account, a more “proper” way would be to create a Business Page or at least an FB Group.

This tactic also sets up Facebook to recognize you as a “legitimate” affiliate business willing to conduct “business” with similar entities. The platform also tailor-fits the ads it shows in your page, allowing you to receive niche-related posts and ads.

And when you see a “suitable” ad or post, click on it and learn if it has an affiliate program.

Get “chatty” and grow your audience

Brands only partner with affiliates with a sizable audience (i.e., 1,000 or 10,000), depending on the company’s requirements). Hence, you must expand your audience base if you want FB to drive more niche-related traffic to your page.

So, be chatty. Talk about your niche or favorite brand. Become a follower and an active commenter on the company’s official FB page. Tag them in your posts. This action will get the company’s attention.

Who knows, you don’t have to look for an affiliate program because it will come to you?

Be creative with your FB content

Companies love affiliate partners who share stunning stop motions, impeccable cinemagraphs, spotless flatlays, and other ingenious, thoughtfully created digital content.

Brands recognize the effort you put into these resources, and they’ll want to partner with you as an affiliate.

They’ll be looking for you, not the other way around.

Use FB’s search function

Never underestimate Facebook’s integrated search function to find an affiliate program to join. Of course, you must still assess each company before signing up.

How to Get Traffic for Affiliate Programs on Facebook

Looking for an affiliate marketing business on Facebook to join and earn money is easy. However, your efforts will be for naught if you cannot drive traffic to your account. Here are three ways to get traffic for your affiliate platform on Facebook.

Organic traffic

Although Facebook organic traffic is declining, marketers still use this approach to reach as many potential targets as possible. Experts say Facebook’s organic reach is now at 5%, but digital nomads are not worried.

It’s still sizable, but only IF you have a substantial following.

For example, 5% of 10,000 followers is 500. You can still expect this number of followers to read your affiliate marketing posts.

So, you might want to increase your follower base to optimize the 5% by nurturing leads and creating more meaningful posts. It’s worth pointing out that Facebook prioritizes buzz- or engagement-initiating posts.


Relying on Facebook’s organic reach is effective but inefficient, especially if you don’t have a significant following (i.e., a Facebook newbie).

A more efficient system is to “piggyback” (ride along) on other highly-engaged Facebook pages (many likes, shares, interactions, or comments) within the same niche or sub-market.

For example, if you’re promoting a children’s fashion affiliate product, you could use Facebook’s Page Search function to look for highly engaged pages within the same niche.

Post high-quality comments, memes, hashtags (#), helpful advice, thought-provoking questions, trending posts, or “controversial” thoughts to “stir” emotions. The goal is to make the other post’s viewers visit your Facebook page.

Paid Ads

The platform’s paid ads are cost-effective, allowing you to work within your budget. The results are “faster,” too.

You can add links and banners to FB posts and send traffic to your affiliate landing page.

What to Consider When Promoting Affiliate Links on Facebook

Although Facebook allows affiliate marketing, it expects marketers to adhere to rules. So, please consider the following when promoting affiliate links on Facebook.

Product or service credibility and quality

No organization wants to tarnish its reputation. And although posting affiliate products or services with “questionable” quality might not mean anything to you, it does to Facebook.

Low-quality products and offerings with unsubstantiated claims can undermine FB’s credibility, making people who receive these ads stop using Facebook or delete it entirely.

So, ensure the products you promote are good quality. And if you make a claim, be ready to support it with science-backed evidence.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires marketers and influencers to disclose their marketing affiliations. Facebook is no different. Break this rule, and the platform might impose penalties on your page.

So, craft your FB posts with affiliate marketing links to include a disclosure statement, giving your followers and audiences a head’s up about the content’s nature.


Marketing and selling requires at least three things: a seller, a buyer, and a product. You already have two (the seller and the product). But if you don’t build an audience on Facebook, you won’t have a “buyer.”

Hence, build and expand your audience before posting links and other resources to produce an affiliate sale. Nurture them. Interact with them frequently, and deliver as much value to every post you create.

Link-posting activities

Posting on a personal Facebook page is spontaneous, but not when monetizing the page. Every post must undergo careful scrutiny, ensuring it complies with FB’s affiliate marketing guidelines.

Avoid embedding links in every FB post to evade appearing “spammy” or “salesy.” Don’t flood your posts with links, too.

Although some do it, avoid integrating links in the comments section. However, you can always share relevant and value-adding links.


Choosing the best affiliate programs for Facebook traffic can be daunting for first-timers. Even with our review and guide, we recommend newbies to learn more about this non-traditional type of marketing to leverage its unique attributes and boost income-generation chances.

And when you’ve learned enough, focus on building and strengthening relationships with Facebook followers, likers, commenters, and viewers. The more extensive your Facebook following, the better the odds of earning more.

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