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Top 13 Best Restaurant Affiliate Programs To Monetize Your Blog for 2024

Are blogs about restaurants and cuisine in general still a trend? Even so, we assume that they do not generate much traffic or revenue anymore. Now, the more profitable sub-niche of this industry is the supply ...

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Are blogs about restaurants and cuisine in general still a trend? Even so, we assume that they do not generate much traffic or revenue anymore.

Now, the more profitable sub-niche of this industry is the supply aspect, with an annual worth of $44 billion. Rather than speaking for specific restaurants, this article has a versatile list of restaurant services (e.g., equipment provider, reservation) that require your affiliate promotion.

So, we will take a look at 13 restaurant affiliate programs specializing in supplying and supporting restaurants. Let’s see how you can convert your traffic into quality sales with these brands.

13 Best Restaurant Affiliate Programs With High-paid Offers for 2024

If you want to attract more customers to your restaurant, you can consider partnering with content creators, bloggers, and social media influencers with an audience interested in dining. They promote your restaurant through their channels, and you only pay a commission when a customer makes a reservation or order. 

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Restaurant Affiliate Programs 1

The first name we want to introduce in top restaurant affiliate programs specializing in restaurant booking is OpenTable. Based in the United States since 1998, the company has expanded to the UK, India, Mexico, and Australia to connect restaurants and diners worldwide.

OpenTable claims to have 500,000 global restaurants in its network and seat more than 1 billion diners annually. Insane, right?

With this website, you can easily find a table for any occasion, depending on your location and taste. Will it be a Korean or Mexican restaurant for a family gathering tonight? Or a nearby rooftop bar for your birthday next week? Your choice.

Regarding affiliation, the brand provides API Integrations to help users book directly via your app or website. This means they can click on your unique affiliate links and be redirected to that restaurant’s reservation page on opentable.com. Less hassle, more satisfaction!

The OpenTable affiliate program approves new partners on a case-by-case basis, so the brand might take a while to respond. It is widely known to support customers and diners to a great extent, so affiliates shall receive that much help within your partnership.

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: Revealed upon registration
  • Cookie window: Revealed upon registration
  • Payment methods: ACH, direct deposit, credit card


Restaurant Affiliate Programs 2

What if you want to dine out on a humble budget? Try restaurant.com and purchase your meal in advance with a gift certificate for your favorite restaurant.

Is that all in it for you? Customers buying gift certificates via this website can save up to 60% on the actual price, meaning many $100 restaurant certificates are sold for just around $40.

Imagine enjoying an entire night out at a restaurant that only costs a bit more than a pizza and sodas. Over 4.5 million verified diner reviews have proven the value that restaurant.com brings to their convenience (and wallet, of course!).

And what do the restaurants get in exchange? They collaborate with providers like this to increase the chance of having full occupancy, even on slow nights. It ensures that restaurants can maintain a steady revenue for an extended period of time.

One crucial reminder: All standard sales generated by your customers are worth a 15% commission. However, its ‘Specials’ only result in 3%. Sad to hear, huh?

But besides that, the restaurant.com affiliate program offers a wide range of support. From dedicated affiliate account management to frequent saving deals and other marketing resources – you can have them all.

  • Operated by: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission rate: 15% for standard sales, 3% for Specials
  • Cookie window: 45 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, check, direct deposit


Restaurant Affiliate Programs 3

Since 2000, many restaurants and food service providers have trusted LollicupStore to supply them with beverages, serveware, appliances, and other accessories. This brand is famous in the food service industry as the top supplier of disposable items.

Obviously, other restaurant supply companies can hardly beat LollicupStore regarding product variety. But its selling strength lies in beverages and sauces.

Furthermore, it provides wholesale deals for food containers and compostable utensils, which not many companies do. And if your customers want custom printing for cup jackets and branded cups? They have come to the right place.

Honestly, a 3-7% commission per sale is not exactly what affiliates expect in most affiliate program commission rates. But, the 45-day cookie duration can grant you more time to convert traffic into sales.

In general, this one is among the restaurant affiliate programs you must experiment with to see if it works with your audience. The results will let you know what you need.

  • Operated by: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission rate: 3-7% per sale
  • Cookie window: 45 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, check, direct deposit


Restaurant Affiliate Programs 4

What comes first to your mind when considering restaurant affiliate programs? Pretty sure it is something more profitable or intriguing than tableware and tablecloth.

But you might reconsider the importance of these supplies with Napkins.com. Most high-profile restaurants have crystal glasses and linen tablecloths, while the rest do not. That is why disposable plates, cups, napkins, straws, bowls, and balloons become necessary.

Napkins.com is the perfect provider for all these, with an average order value of $100+ and no minimum order requirements. So, apart from the restaurant niche, those running a website about birthdays, parties, and other events should promote this company as well.

It is even better if your customers purchase products in a bundle. How? Bulk quantities lead to higher-than-average shopping cart rates, meaning higher profits for you! Its online store comprises over 7,000 items for affiliates to sell on their behalf.

Napkins.com pays differently for these 2 cases: if you run a content-based website, you will receive a 13% commission per sale (averagely $11). And for affiliates with a coupon site, the commission rate is 2%.

  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 13% for content-based websites, 2% for coupon websites
  • Cookie window: 60 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, (international) direct deposit, wire transfer

Olma Caviar

Restaurant Affiliate Programs 5

Caviar has always been a delicious dish in many restaurants, and Olma is where US restaurants and other food service providers come to get first-class caviar.

Olma’s products come from various sources worldwide – Alaska, South Korea, Italy, Russia, and Israel, but they all meet US standards and regulations. The business also sells an entire range of beverages, seafood products, truffles, and so on.

Note that it only ships within the continental United States, so you cannot rely on international sales. Still, you should definitely promote this affiliate program within the mentioned territories.

So, how much does Olma Caviar pay its affiliates? A flat 3% commission per order definitely sounds a little discouraging at first.

But wait. The program also enables an extra $5 per sale within your first 30 days of joining and for each $500+ sale. And one more thing: Olma has a considerable 22% conversion rate; thus, affiliates can earn quite well when sending a high volume of traffic to its website.

  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 3% per sale; Receive extra $5 for each sale within 30 days of joining; Receive extra $5 for each sale above $500
  • Cookie window: 15 days
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, (international) direct deposit, wire transfer

Revo Coolers

Restaurant Affiliate Programs 6

Some affiliate marketers looking for restaurant affiliate programs may skip Revo Coolers, thinking this is just another regular drinks cooler. But how many times have you had to bury your arm in freezing ice to get that beverage?

Instead of tossing drinks into a bucket of ice, Revo solves that problem by manufacturing a single tier to hold them upright. No more frozen elbows!

Moreover, it was also built with an entertainment purpose in mind. Thus, restaurant guests can enjoy up to 20 bottles or 40 beers in this cooler. Feel free to insert a snack/condiment tray to keep your snacks cool, too.

Each Revo Cooler is manufactured in the US and backed by a 5-year warranty. Tip: Make use of this information as useful pre-sells if you have a majority of North American traffic. Restaurant owners in this region would love to equip such a cooler for their places.

The Revo Cooler affiliate program offers 10% per sale as commissions. Since a cooler’s retail price is around $150, you can expect to earn $15 per item.

  • Operated by: Refersion
  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie window: 15 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Trolley


Restaurant Affiliate Programs 7

The first Zwilling store was opened in Germany in 1818, but its trademark was registered way back in 1731. You can believe your own eyes – this company has been in business for almost 300 years, probably older than some existing countries.

Back to our main topic: Zwilling is famous for its series of knives, priced up to $500 each. These are mainly for professional chefs, so regular consumers can buy more affordable options costing an average of $99.

Aside from knives, Zwilling produces a variety of high-quality cookware, such as pans, skillets, crock pots, woks, and ceramic dishes. They are a brilliant fit for both home use and in a restaurant kitchen.

Of course, these products are worth every cent, but you must advertise them to a specific audience. Because the truth is, not everyone is capable of paying for a $150 pan unless they are either really rich or rabid about cooking.

So, what can affiliates make for sending new buyers to Zwilling? It enables a fixed 4% commission for all referrals and a $140 average order value results in about $5 per sale.

This is not entirely money we are talking about, but the brand reputation guarantees you will easily pre-sell these kitchen products.

  • Operated by: CJ Affiliate
  • Commission rate: 4% per sale
  • Cookie window: 14 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, check, direct deposit

Tundra Restaurant Supply

Restaurant Affiliate Programs 8

How can a restaurant succeed without the necessary equipment and supplies? By that, we mean paying attention to the slightest details, such as having the proper counter dispensers, gas parts, or food carriers.

If you are looking for an all-rounder provider for these tools, meet Tundra Restaurant Supply, the most reliable restaurant supply company on the market. Customers who purchase from this brand can enjoy a massive inventory of restaurant equipment, parts, supplies, and smallwares – all at wholesale prices.

Thanks to the vast 60,000+ product stocking, Tundra is confident in faster delivery and better customer service than a lot of competitors. Much or less, it can be considered one of the top restaurant affiliate programs with that many restaurant-related goods on sale.

Tundra claims to have a consistent average order size of $180 and more, which is not too impressive. However, since its range of products is versatile and affordable, buyers are more likely to spend more to buy them in bulk.

Trust that this company has established a high level of customer loyalty. Consequently, people are less hesitant to purchase as soon as they know you promote Tundra.

  • Operated by: Rakuten Affiliate Network
  • Commission rate: 5% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, check, direct deposit

360 Training

Restaurant Affiliate Programs 9

So far, we have gone through different aspects of the restaurant industry, except for training. Trust us that this factor is highly essential and available for affiliate promotion.

Welcome to 360 Training – a leading provider of job certifications and workforce training. The company has helped over 3 million people worldwide achieve their compliance requirements and career goals, including restaurants.

So, when it comes to restaurant affiliate programs, 360 Training is a trusted provider of retail store training, food handling, and certification in food safety management. The food industry now requires personnel to hold multiple certifications, so it is necessary to learn and be verified.

Since all the courses are online (but fully ANSI accredited, woohoo!), you can receive all the training you need in the comfort of your office or home. Be prepared  – the job market in food services will only become more competitive over time.

ShareASale is responsible for operating the 360 Training affiliate program. It is one of the most famous programs on the platform, with a 213 ‘Power Rank’ score.

Let’s do some quick math: the average order value of each sale is $67, so you should expect to earn $11 with its 15% cut. Understand that some courses can cost thousands of dollars, so a 15% commission at that point is much more intriguing.

  • Operated by: ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 15% per sale
  • Cookie window: 60 days
  • Payment methods:  Payoneer, check, (international) direct deposit, wire transfer

Restaurant Engine

Restaurant Affiliate Programs 9

Statistics showed that almost 90% of diners check the menu online before they visit a restaurant, which means? Having an attractive website design is one determining selling point, ensuring customers are fascinated enough to try that restaurant.

Restaurant Engine is a website design company offering a wide array of high-quality services for a restaurant site. Here, you can find everything to operate a smooth website, from pre-made templates and reliable hosting to hassle-free management.

Not only does the menu need to look captivating, but the entire website should also capture visitors’ attention at first glance and load fast without delay. Tip: You should target restaurant owners, consultants for restaurants, or bloggers for this type of service, considering that it can be one of those job affiliate programs.

And for each customer referral, do you know how much Restaurant Engine pays? $100 for every sale! It also does not limit the number of referrals, so if you send 10 new customers, $1000 in commission is all yours!

Keep in mind that this program allows you to earn commissions manually. How? Even when your customer

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: $100 per sale
  • Cookie window: To be confirmed
  • Payment methods: PayPal

Snake River Farms 

Restaurant Affiliate Programs 10

Can you believe that with only 1 daily conversion (equal to $7.5 a day) for Snake River Farms, your monthly earning is already $225? Imagine if you generate 5-10 successful sales per day. And it is not just some sweet dream; its affiliate program makes it totally possible!

This business is a 50-year-old pioneer in providing first-grade American Wagyu beef. Apart from this signature item, it also distributes Double R Ranch and Kurobuta Pork, featured on hundreds of menus worldwide – a fantastic pre-selling point with a remarkable brand reputation.

As you join the Snake River Farms affiliate program, a 10% commission is paid for all sales. The product prices vary significantly, though. For example, the Wagyu Top Sirloin Steak is worth $18, while Delmonico Steak can cost $159. So, it is up to you to sell higher-priced steaks to earn more money.

One thing is for sure: its sales can rocket during summer grilling seasons, year-end holidays, and other occasions throughout the year. Also, you will receive monthly sales incentives and support from experienced affiliate managers in this program.

  • Operated by: Impact Radius
  • Commission rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal, direct deposit, wire/ACH transfer, check


Restaurant Affiliate Programs 12

Do not forget that an optimal payment and management system is an essential part of restaurant equipment. That is why we need a specialized affiliate marketing program in POS and management for restaurants on this list of restaurant affiliate programs – TouchBistro.

Everything you need to run a restaurant is available on one platform. You name it, payments for front of house, staff management for point of sale, gift cards for guest engagement, etc.

Furthermore, this service applies to a variety of restaurant types, from fast casual and clubs to fine dining. So, your target audience will not be limited to one single group.

Even if your clients book a demo before deciding to subscribe, the $100 commission is yours. And this might sound unbelievable, but TouchBistro is willing to pay $1,000 if you successfully refer a sale!

Important note: The TouchBistro affiliate program is unavailable for businesses outside North America. It welcomes accounting services, restaurant consultants, restaurant marketing companies, etc., but not influencers and affiliate marketers.

Think carefully before signing up.

  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: $100 per demo, $1,000 per sale
  • Cookie window: 14 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal

What are Restaurant Affiliate Programs and How Do They Work?

As mentioned above, the restaurant industry is evergreen and one of the best niches in affiliate marketing, making dozens of billions per year. It was once limited to dine-in, but now the industry has expanded to online ordering, cloud kitchen, and much more to offer.

The current most profitable way to make money from this niche is by working with restaurant affiliate programs. The affiliate products can vary – a specific dish, reservation service, or restaurant supplies. You will promote them via unique affiliate links on your blog, website, or social media.

Affiliate marketing is clearly a win-win situation for everyone since the restaurant earns revenue, and the customer gets served (and sometimes exclusive deals), while the affiliate gains commissions.

So, how exactly do these programs work?

After signing up for a restaurant affiliate program, you will receive unique referral links for promotion. When buyers purchase something via your links, the company will pay you a percentage of the sale value.

Here are 3 common commission structures for affiliate programs:

  • Purchase-based: The majority of programs in this article apply this model. Basically, you will get paid if a customer clicks and buys the affiliate products through your assigned links.
  • Traffic-based: The customer does not need to make a purchase to count as a successful sale. They can either visit the brand’s website or perform other actions, and the commission is yours.
  • Customer acquisition: Less popular but still well-known. In this structure, you will earn a commission when your marketing campaigns result in a new customer/sale for the brand.

Why Should You Join a Restaurant Affiliate Program?

Out of various affiliate marketing niches, why should you choose one among these restaurant affiliate programs and make a profit from it?

There are plenty of reasons, but here are what we think will best motivate you to collaborate with an affiliate program in the restaurant industry:

Flexible working schedule: The best part about being an affiliate marketer is the high flexibility in your working hours. Work from anywhere and at any time of your choice, as long as you put in enough effort and maintain a good performance with brands.

Profitable industry: No need to say more about how this industry thrives non-stop each year – the numbers are insane! And it will only get better, so why not take this opportunity to make money from promoting restaurant services RIGHT NOW? The sooner you start, the faster you earn.

Diverse sub-niches: Advertising food is something of the past. Now affiliates have a variety of aspects to choose from: restaurant supplies, reservations, food delivery services, professional regulatory training, etc. Even napkins and tablecloths are available for promotion – what’s the worry?

Diverse audience: Promoting restaurants or their reservations does not mean they are your only audience group. There are various affiliate programs that enable you to target regular diners and other food service providers to diversify your traffic.

Passive income: Undoubtedly, affiliate marketing is the most optimal way to make money from blogs, websites, and social media channels. Choose among top restaurant affiliate programs, sit in one place, and send global traffic to these companies. Then, earn competitive commission rates to build a stable passive income.

Affiliate support: Besides the affiliate commissions, do not forget that many programs offer a wide array of support. The basic type of support involves providing banners, links, and texts, while higher levels often give you an affiliate manager or exclusive offers.

How to Select Suitable Restaurant Affiliate Programs?

Choose a sub-niche

Due to the vast number of categories in this niche, first of all, you should decide which type of restaurant services you want to promote.

As you can see from our review list, restaurant affiliate programs consist of different categories, from different types of food and reservations to kitchen supplies and many more.

Each of these sub-niches has a specific target audience. So, it is more convenient if you have already established an audience base through your website/social media. If you have not, feel free to select a category and attract potential customers according to its products.

Check out the payout terms and other requirements

How much can you earn from affiliate marketing for restaurants and related services? Of course, the commission rate, cookie duration, and payout terms are significant in an affiliate program.

In general, the commission rate should be competitive, and the cookie length should be at least 30 days for you to convert sales. Notice whether the terms and conditions for payment are straightforward, such as a bank transfer at the beginning of every month.

Some programs have specific requirements, too. They can be a regional restriction (e.g., only accepting referrals from 5 particular countries), having relevant blog themes, or minimum traffic/followers per month.

Where to look for these programs?

Easy – use search engines like Google and type ‘restaurant affiliate programs.’ Check all the necessary information to compare multiple options, then decide on a suitable one based on your needs.

A bit time-consuming, right? But you will get a comprehensive overview of all available programs on the market.

Second approach: browse through reputable affiliate networks, such as Commission Junction, Refersion, and ShareASale. Such networks operate a lot of programs introduced in this article so that they can provide you with automatic tracking, reporting, and payment.

How to Start Promoting a Restaurant Affiliate Program?

After successfully registering for one of the available restaurant affiliate programs, you will receive unique referral links to promote it. The more customers click and purchase a product/service via your link, the more commission you get.

With that in mind, we have a few suggestions on how you can begin promoting an affiliate program related to restaurant services:

Embed links in your content

If you are already developing food-centric content on your blog or website, this is good news for you. Almost every affiliate marketer would think of this approach firsthand: inserting affiliate links into their content.

Those who manage to provide the audience with fresh and relevant content will surely attract organic traffic. They can come from various sources, such as your website, YouTube channel, or social media. Once they buy a product/service via your URL, you will receive the commission.

Send regular email marketing

Collecting visitors’ emails (even if they do not purchase) is beneficial in the long run, especially for sending email marketing and regular newsletters. This is a great way to engage with your followers genuinely interested in your work.

Practical topics to include affiliate links for your next email marketing campaign:

  • Promote a specific product
  • Insert the link naturally in an educational email
  • Collection of the best deals

Use paid advertising

What if those free-of-charge options do not seem to have an impact?

A fail-proof method to reach more potential customers is to scale your advertisement. Paid ads can help you target more specific audiences likely to convert into sales. Most affiliate marketers use Google Ads to ensure their content appears on multiple websites on the Internet.

Warning: Do not overspend on capturing leads since it can reduce your margins. Balance your budget to decide when to pay for ads.


With the incredible growth of the restaurant industry each year, how can affiliate marketers resist its potential?

As mentioned above, joining an affiliate program in this niche means you will enjoy a flexible working schedule, diverse categories, and dedicated support. Most importantly – generating a stable passive income.

Believe us – there are still many more for you to discover in the restaurant service niche. Seize the opportunity and start monetizing your website or social media platforms with a vast array of restaurant affiliate programs today!

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