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11 Best Affiliate Programs in Kenya Worth Trying in 2024

Kenyans can earn up to 450,000 Shillings monthly with the best affiliate programs in Kenya.  Yes, that’s right! It might not be as large a sum as the national wage (about 827,400 KES), but it sure ...

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Best Affiliate Programs in Kenya

Kenyans can earn up to 450,000 Shillings monthly with the best affiliate programs in Kenya. 

Yes, that’s right! It might not be as large a sum as the national wage (about 827,400 KES), but it sure can provide Kenyans and their families enough reason to look forward to more pleasant days.

And we’ll show you 11 of the best affiliate marketing programs you could join. Don’t worry about shelling out cash or inadequate knowledge of digital marketing. These platforms have the resources to assist you.

Let’s begin, shall we?

The 11 Best Affiliate Programs in Kenya to Boost Your Earnings

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affiliate programs in kenya 1

Jumia is a Lagos, Nigeria-based publicly-traded company at the New York Stock Exchange. This brand has a strong presence in e-commerce, logistics, retail, payment, marketplace, and internet industries.

This Pan-African giant owns the continent’s largest online shopping facility, Jumia Mall. It’s like having hundreds of popular shopping sites under one roof (or, more aptly, in one website).

Its impressive portfolio gives Jumia a wide range of products and services for Kenyans and Africans to promote and earn extra cash.

Jumia calls its affiliate marketing program “Key Opinion Leader” (KOL), underscoring the brand’s efforts to improve its referral program.

The affiliate marketing program encourages affiliates to be truthful in their applications. You can access tens of affiliate resources once you’re in, including coupons, email marketing, special deals, cashbacks, and loyalty programs.

Promoting Jumia’s offerings is also effortless because the channels are unlimited. It encourages social media use (i.e., Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, and Telegram).

  • URL: Jumia KOL Program
  • Commission: 1% to 8%, plus extra 2% for referrals beyond 50
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Payment threshold: €10 for local transfers and €50 for international transfers



affiliate programs in kenya 2

Here’s a favorite online shopping destination for Kenyans who want the best digital products for personal or business needs. You can liken it to ClickBank, except WarriorPlus focuses more on digital products.

It’s a digital warrior’s haven for the latest technologies. And since we’re in the internet age, WarriorPlus makes for an excellent site for affiliate marketers to earn cash on the side.

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, WarriorPlus doesn’t have a vetting process, nor does it require its vendors to approve your application. And boy! This platform has over 1.6 million digital partners to choose products to promote and market.

Earning money is easy, and you can request WarriorPlus to send you the commission daily (provided you meet its threshold, of course).

Here’s the real kicker! WarriorPlus can pay you in your favorite digital currency. Otherwise, it’s PayPal for you.

WarriorPlus deserves your consideration if you’re into promoting multiple digital technology niches.

  • URL: WarriorPlus Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Varies depending on partners, may range from 30% to 50%
  • Cookie duration: Partner-dependent (i.e., JenApp offers a 90-day cookie duration)
  • Payment threshold: $15



affiliate programs in kenya 3

Businesses know the most challenging aspect of ensuring success is converting leads into sales, preferably repeat sales. And although well-established companies have proprietary sales funnels, others don’t.

And that’s why ClickFunnels is a joy to promote. This sales funnel builder offers small and medium-sized enterprises website solutions guaranteed to perform splendidly on search engines, generate leads, and guarantee sales.

No business would dare miss that! It makes ClickFunnels one of the best affiliate programs in Kenya to try.

ClickFunnels’ affiliates have received over $143 million since its inception. And you can join this platform, too.

One of ClickFunnels’ most exciting features is its recurring commission affiliate program. Unlike other platforms with a single-tier scheme, every successful referral earns you a commission as long as the customer stays with ClickFunnels.

Unfortunately, joining is not as straightforward as other affiliate marketing programs. It’s free to attend a “bootcamp,” but if you kiss it, that’s an extra $100 for you to participate in the program’s One Funnel Away Challenge.

Nevertheless, it’s smooth sailing once you’re in.

  • URL: ClickFunnels Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 30% lifetime recurring
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: $100



affiliate programs in kenya 4

You’ll love Fiverr if you’re a freelancer or a member of the gig economy. It’s the world’s 4th best freelance marketplace, featuring over 200 product categories for affiliates to market.

Fiverr’s unique affiliate commission structure is noteworthy. Unlike most platforms offering a single commission scheme, Fiverr has two.

The first is the traditional Cost Per Action model, allowing you to earn at least $15 per valid transaction. You’ll also receive 10% from affiliates you refer to the program.

But here’s the real kicker! Fiverr’s Hybrid commission program lets you share in the platform’s revenues. On top of that is a $100 reward for every successful “action.”

Imagine if you could produce ten successful referrals monthly, promoting Fiverr’s Learn from Fiverr, Business, Pro, and standard solutions.

Worrying about money is history. You could leverage your social media account to spread Fiverr’s offerings. Emails and podcasts are welcome, too.

Its massive community of freelancers and affiliate marketing support are impressive. Great news, indeed!

  • URL: The Fiverr Affiliates Program
  • Commission: 2 commission models, starting at 10% or $15 with revenue-sharing opportunities
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: $100



affiliate programs in kenya 5

Who would’ve thought you could monetize online courses and other digital learning resources? Teachable lets you do just that!

It’s easy to make money from this platform. After all, the world has over 200 million students looking for easier to understand materials to augment their learnings. And then there are adults who want to boost their knowledge or beef up their skills.

So, your target would be teachers, instructors, trainers, and tutors who want to share their expertise worldwide. Any learning content creator can use Teachable. Training courses, coaching services, and digital downloads are welcome on this platform.

And that’s great news for you as an aspiring affiliate!

This online learning domain can help you earn over $1,000 monthly if you don’t slack in your efforts.

Becoming a Teachable affiliate is also easy, although your website’s focus should align with Teachable’s affiliate marketing resources abound. So, fretting about how to reach your audience shouldn’t be a concern.

Monetize your passion for continuous learning with Teachable.

  • URL: Teachable Affiliate Partner Program
  • Commission: Up to 30% recurring for 12 months
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: $100


DomainRacer Web Hosting

affiliate programs in kenya 6

Although Indian-based, DomainRacer makes headway into the African market with its lightning-quick web-hosting solutions at shockingly low prices.

And since everyone wants a website that loads and refreshes super-fast, DomainRacer is an excellent platform to join as an affiliate in Kenya.

The program’s biggest draw is its unsurpassed 70% commission for every successful transaction. Some affiliate marketing programs cap their commission rates at 50%, with most maxing at 30%.

If that isn’t tempting, how about a $200 bonus for referring at least 50 leads? Awesome!

Promoting DomainRacer is as easy as writing engaging blogs, creating meaningful YouTube videos, and spreading the word on social media. You can place a unique referral link or DomainRacer’s promo banners in these channels.

Don’t you think you should consider DomainRacer, too?

  • URL: DomainRacer Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 30% to 70% per sale with bonuses
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment threshold: $100



affiliate programs in kenya 7

Most web hosting platforms doubling as an affiliate marketing business offer fast and reliable website management solutions. While Bluehost also guarantees such services, its bread and butter is web security.

Unsurprisingly, many small businesses love Bluehost. It’s uber-secure, and its customer service is impeccable.

And since the world has over 400 million SMEs, you’ll never run out of potential clients to encourage availing Bluehost’s web hosting services. It’s perfect for WordPress and WooCommerce sites, although other platforms are welcome.

Don’t worry about your unique affiliate link because Bluehost will generate it automatically upon acceptance.

Note Bluehost requires a traffic-rich website and an Impact Radius account. You might have to wait a week to learn if you’re in or out.

Once in, you can rely on Bluehost’s team of affiliate gurus, ready to assist you in the affiliate marketing journey. Banners, codes, and other creative materials are at your disposal.

Bluehost doesn’t only care about a website’s security. It’s also passionate about its affiliates earning good money.

  • URL: BlueHost Web Hosting Affiliate Program
  • Commission: $65 to $125
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment threshold: $100

iPay Africa

affiliate programs in kenya 8The African continent’s most trusted payment processing merchant also happens to be one of Kenya’s leading affiliate marketing programs.

It’s a secure platform for companies to pay bills and perform other financial transactions seamlessly, allowing them to grow their business without a glitch.

Becoming an iPay Africa affiliate marketer requires promoting the platform’s services to businesses and merchants needing a reliable and secure payment processing solution.

Now that’s a mouthful!

Considering every business revolves around financial transactions, promoting iPay is a piece of cake. You only need to be creative and “magnetic” enough to entice customers to avail iPay’s services.

Getting the approval is a 24- to 48-hour wait. The good news is monetizing your efforts is a walk in the park once you’re good to go.

Tracking your referrals and commissions is also a cinch. No wonder many Kenyans pick iPay as an affiliate marketing platform.

  • URL: iPay Africa Affiliates
  • Commission: 5% to 10% lifetime recurring
  • Cookie duration: No information, although the norm is 30 days
  • Payment threshold: Undisclosed



affiliate programs in kenya 9

Some businesses worry about their landing pages not generating enough leads to grow the company. And while some affiliate programs in Kenya promise conversion-worthy pages, Leadpages lives and breathes it!

With over 40,000 startups and small enterprises in its fold, Leadpages makes landing page-creation seem like child’s play. It helps new companies create websites that generate leads and produce sales.

Business owners will never worry about their landing page’s graphic design because Leadpages takes care of that.

This attribute makes Leadpages easy to promote to your social media followers and website audience.

We’re ecstatic about Leadpages’ affiliate commissions. It’s a three-tier system that allows you to earn more money the higher you progress through the levels (i.e., Bronze, Silver, and Gold).

Another plus for Leadpages is its affiliate requirements. It welcomes newbie affiliates with open arms, even inexperienced ones. You’ll never fret about not getting the support because Leadpages is all-out in its affiliate assistance.

  • URL: Leadpages Partner Program
  • Commission: Three-tier recurring commission scheme ranging from 10% to 50%
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: $50


Green Geeks

affiliate programs in kenya 10

Do you worry that your digital adventures are impacting the planet? We know computers consume substantial electrical energy and produce significant heat.

Thankfully, Green Geeks understands the need to contribute to the Green Movement. This web hosting platform reduces its fossil fuel-dependence by focusing more on renewable energy sources to run its facilities and offerings.

It pays to know that many companies now look for eco-friendly solutions. And if you can communicate with GreenGeeks’ environmentally-friendly services, earning a passive income is a sure bet.

GreenGeeks is available in over 150 countries, including Kenya. It’s the perfect hosting platform for WordPress owners, although it can accommodate other content management systems (CMS).

If you can commit to promoting GreenGeeks to your audiences and followers, a $3,000 monthly income is never far-fetched.

The platform has engaging content, promo banners, and creative tools to make your affiliate marketing journey more productive.

Please note GreenGeeks only pays through PayPal. So, now’s the time to open and validate a PayPal account.

  • URL: GreenGeeks Hosting Affiliate Program
  • Commission: $50 to $100 per sale
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment threshold: $50



affiliate programs in kenya 11

Digital technologies are a creative talent’s most invaluable resource. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Kenya, the US, or Timbuktu. Technological advances make being a creator so convenient.

The issue is how to share your creations!

Unlike other affiliates programs worth trying in 2024, ConvertKit is specific for creators – musicians, bloggers, authors, podcasters, coaches, instructors, and virtually anyone who creates meaningful digital content.

And that’s the key!

With over 200 million (and counting!) people wanting to get their creations out into the world, they need a reliable platform to transform these “masterpieces” into income-generating streams.

That’s why ConvertKit is such an excellent program for affiliates to join.

The market is huge, and the product is spot-on for modern creators.

It has the revolutionary Pat Flynn training course, graphics & video assets, and Evergreen webinars to make affiliate marketing more successful.

ConvertKit’s email marketing automation tool is top notch. Hence, the platform expects aspiring affiliates to be knowledgeable of email marketing.

  • URL: ConvertKit Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 30% up to 2 years
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment threshold: None


How to Start as an Affiliate Marketer in Kenya?

Becoming an affiliate in Kenya follows the same process as anybody anywhere worldwide. Please don’t fret about the steps because they are easy to execute. You can motivate yourself by considering the potential income you could generate over time.

Choose a niche 

All successful affiliates start with a “niche” they are passionate about. After all, you’ll be promoting products you genuinely love. Otherwise, potential customers might see “through” you.

So, pick a “niche” or area you’re especially good at. For example, if you have a knack for digital technologies, promoting digital products should be easy.

Pick a “profitable” product

It doesn’t matter if you have a “good” niche. The real issue is whether niche-related products can lead to successful sales. 

You might want to research products people look for. How many use such a product? Is it a trend or a stable offering?

Consider the commission scheme

Affiliate marketing programs vary in commission scheme. Some pay you for every lead you bring to the platform (Cost Per Lead), while others compensate you for each “click” of a link (Cost Per Click). Others will offer you a commission for an action (Cost per Action) or sale (Cost Per Sale).

These commission schemes vary in triggers. So, we recommend considering your preferred method and comparing it to the compensation. Some companies offer 5%, while others can be more generous, giving you up to 50% commission.

Some platforms have revenue-sharing programs, while others have a flat rate in USD or Kenyan Shillings.

Study the program’s terms and conditions

Please take the time to read the affiliate program’s terms and conditions to avoid making wrong assumptions and setting unfounded expectations.

You want to generate extra income. And the only way to assure that is by complying with the affiliate platform’s guidelines.

affiliate programs in kenya 12


Is affiliate marketing effective in Kenya?

Affiliate marketing is effective ANYWHERE, including Kenya. Seasoned marketers in Kenya can bring home hundreds of dollars daily. However, dedication and commitment are necessary to bring home a sizable “bounty.”

Please remember that effort defines income potential. The more you put into affiliate marketing (i.e., time, activities, and relationships), the higher the chances of earning more.

How can I receive my earning as an affiliate marketer in Kenya?

Regional and global affiliate marketing programs have requirements for earning a commission and withdrawing the funds. You might want to check the platform’s terms and conditions to learn how to receive your earnings.

For example, some platforms pay via PayPal, while others can only accommodate bank transfers. A few affiliate platforms offer digital currency payments and checks.

Most affiliate marketing platforms have a “lock” period (i.e., 30 or 60 days) from purchase to payout. This action is necessary to account for potential refunds or issues with the referral’s transaction. You’ll receive your earnings after the “lock” if there are no customer concerns.

How can I enroll in the Kilimall Affiliate Program?

Joining Kiilmall Affiliate Program isn’t different from other platforms. You can log into Kilimall.co.ke and smash the “Become an Affiliate Member” button at the web page’s bottom screen.

Fill in the details, read the TaCs (terms and conditions), and click “submit.” From here, it’s a waiting game for email confirmation. You can access Kilimall’s affiliate resources once you’re in.


The best affiliate programs in Kenya offer locals and other Africans an opportunity to monetize their blogging, social media, podcasting, and emailing adventures. It’s a performance-based income-generating activity, motivating Kenyans to do more to earn more.

Joining an affiliate marketing platform is easy. And if you can commit to driving at least one lead to the program daily, you’ll never worry about not having cash to finance your dreams ever again.

So, grab this opportunity today and pick the affiliate marketing platform that suits your needs.

Joan, a creative mind and author behind UpPromote blog. Writing has always been my sanctuary, a place where I can explore my imagination and share my unique perspective on the world of eCommerce. Through my words, I strive to explain the complexities of the digital world and showcase its potential for innovation, growth, and limitless opportunities.