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Top 16 Best Affiliate Programs in Singapore for Bloggers of 2024

Affiliate marketing in Singapore has undoubtedly been on the rise recently. More and more people are looking for new ways to boost their income, especially those 21 to 30-year-olds running a side hustle (OCBC Bank). Given ...

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Affiliate marketing in Singapore has undoubtedly been on the rise recently. More and more people are looking for new ways to boost their income, especially those 21 to 30-year-olds running a side hustle (OCBC Bank).

Given the motivation to make money online, how can you choose a suitable one among numerous affiliate programs in Singapore? Not to mention the wide variety of affiliate niches available.

In this article, you will find everything you need about affiliate marketing in Singapore. Who knows, you might be interested in more than one program. Generating a side gig has never been easier in the Singapore market.

16 Best Affiliate Programs in Singapore in 2024

Affiliate marketing is taking off in Singapore, with top brands (Amazon, Lazada, Sephora, etc,.) running successful programs. Your store also has a chance, even if you’re just starting out. 

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Amazon Associates

#1 Best Affiliate Programs in Singapore

When mentioning top eCommerce websites, it is common sense to think of Amazon firsthand. Guess what? This platform is not the biggest name in Singapore. But it still manages to be on the high-class ranking with 6.7 million monthly visits in this country.

In one of Amazon’s own research, more than half of Singaporeans want more local brand items sold in eCommerce shops. So, it offers a wide range of goods from local favorites (PRISM+, Hush Candles, etc.) via the Singapore website.

The famous Amazon’s affiliate program – Amazon Associates, is regularly updated. But depending on the product category, its commission rates often vary from 1% to 20% per sale.

You can also grab exciting opportunities with some of its short-term “bounty events.” They pay a fixed commission when affiliates drive specific actions, like getting free trial signups for Amazon Prime.

As long as you have a qualifying website, Amazon Associates welcome all kinds of affiliate marketer. If your social media accounts have a large following, try Amazon’s separate influencer program.

  • URL: Amazon Associates affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 1-20% per sale
  • Cookie window: 24 hours
  • Products/services: Literally everything
  • Payment methods: Check, bank transfer, Amazon gift certificate


Lazada Affiliate Programs

Lazada is a considerable competitor to Amazon in the eCommerce and shopping category, especially in Singapore. Solely in this region, this marketplace has 130+ million annual active shoppers and 920,000 sellers.

Does that sound like a true Singaporean household name to you? Participating in its affiliate program allows you to promote and sell Lazada’s products easily.

A minus point about its program is the lack of details regarding terms and conditions. But the good news is Lazada enables a 30-day cookie duration and up to 40% commission for sale. Both of these stats are immensely higher than Amazon Associates.

  • URL: Lazada Singapore affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: Up to 40% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Products/services: Health and beauty, home decor, clothing, electronics, and more
  • Payment methods: Bank transfer

Sephora Singapore

Sephora Singapore Affiliate Programs

Beauty and personal care is among the largest markets in Singapore. According to a Her World Singapore Magazine survey in 2023, local women spend most of their monthly salaries on beauty products and services just after F&B.

Not only is Sephora a renowned beauty retailer worldwide, but this company also dominates the industry in Singapore. You can tell as the sephora.sg website ranks #2 in this respective category.

Since many Singaporeans come to Sephora stores to buy skincare and makeup, you will find it easier to close the deal. After all, pretty much everyone in the country knows about its business.

The Sephora affiliate program offers diverse affiliate commissions for different customers. New customer sales will get you a 7% commission, and 2.5% for returning buyers. Its 30-day cookie duration is considered generous for most well-established Singapore affiliate programs.

  • URL: Sephora affiliate program
  • Operated by: Impact
  • Commission rate: 2.5-7% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Products/services: Skincare, makeup, bath & body products, fragrances
  • Payment methods: PayPal, direct deposit, check, wire/ACH transfer

Shopee Singapore

Shopee Affiliate Programs

Rarely ever has any eCommerce business claimed to be bigger than Amazon. But at least in the Singapore market, Shopee can confidently say so with solid proof:

Like Amazon and Lazada, Shopee is a giant in eCommerce and online shopping. This platform is available in many Asian countries, and Singapore is also a thriving marketplace with millions of consumers ready to spend.

Not so surprisingly, it has played a crucial role in most Singaporean customer journeys. More than 75% of users in this country search, compare, and then purchase products on Shopee. This can be your chance to work with them and promote goods that are already selling so well.

According to InvolveAsia, the Shopee affiliate program pays its partners 4.2% to 9.1% commissions per sale. There are a few criteria to qualify for this program:

  • Having a local +65 Singapore phone number
  • Having a local SG Bank account

You can still become an affiliate while running a Shopee store. You are eligible as long as you also work as a blogger, influencer, or TikTok.

  • URL: Shopee Singapore affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: 2.5% to 58%
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Products/services: Health and beauty, home decor, clothing, electronics, and more
  • Payment methods: PayPal or bank transfer

Commission Factory

Commission Factory Affiliate Programs

Since major networks mostly provide US-based affiliate programs, affiliate marketers outside this region struggle to find local programs. For example, out of 3,200+ programs on CJ Affiliate, you can only join 12% in Singapore.

So you should opt for more regional networks like Commission Factory. It explicitly serves the Asia-Pacific area with more than 600 brand partnerships, including Samsung and Airbnb.

It is a good thing that this platform provides a series of useful affiliate marketing tools and resources. All the banners, coupon codes, and clickless tracking are compatible with your blog, website, or Facebook page.

You know what’s even better? The Commission Factory network pays weekly commissions via various methods. Plus, it provides tracking and reporting features to let you know where your commissions come from.

  • URL: Commission Factory affiliate network
  • Commission rate: Varies by advertisers and product promoted, from 1-20% per sale
  • Cookie window: Varies by advertisers
  • Payment methods: PayPal, check, bank transfer, prepaid Mastercard
  • Brands: WantitAll, Future Light


Castlery Affiliate Programs

According to Statista, Singaporeans spend a great amount on interior design, with nearly S$630 per person on average. This rate is as much as combining the rest of Southeast Asia. Would you be interested in promoting home decor products to Singaporean shoppers?

One of the most famous furniture brands in the country is Castlery. It focuses on selling modern furniture at affordable, competitive prices. Customers can even select their local estate (Yi Shun Glen, Dunearn 386, etc.) to receive promo codes.

Having all that brand awareness will surely aid you in becoming its affiliate. The Castlery affiliate program offers a performance-based commission structure, adjusted monthly up to 20%.

However, joining this home decor affiliate program via the Impact network will get you only a 5% commission for each sale. It is not a bad thing to start with, though, because you can begin at the base level to potentially earn more if you generate tons of sales.

  • URL: Castlery Singapore affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house and Impact
  • Commission rate: Up to 20% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Products/services: Furniture, accessories, bed and bath products
  • Payment methods: PayPal, direct deposit, check, wire/ACH transfer


Cuelinks Affiliate Programs

Have you been wasting time manually using an affiliate link generator? This is a common problem for many affiliate marketers. But you needn’t go through your content using this tool to monetize product recommendations anymore.

Cuelinks is your ultimate solution as one of the most effective affiliate marketing service providers. It allows you to copy and paste a snippet of JavaScript code into your website footer. So, all your links will be monetized, and you can write the content whenever possible.

There is no need to worry about updating your links as well. Advertisers can freely change their affiliate programs, and Cuelinks still works with your original URLs. Additionally, the platform has partnered with many Singapore affiliate programs and networks for affiliates, granting access to 1,000+ campaigns.

Keep in mind that this program has a downside of a Net 60 payment basis. You may need to wait a few months to receive your commission.

  • URL: Cuelinks affiliate network
  • Commission rate: 25% for 3 months
  • Cookie window: 60 days
  • Payment methods: Bank transfer
  • Brands: Pomelo Fashion


AirAsia Affiliate Programs

In August 2023 alone, nearly 29,000 flights occurred at Singapore’s Changi Airport. This statistic is solid proof for travel affiliate marketers to target audiences in Singapore.

So, which airline should you promote? AirAsia is a reputable airline in Southeast Asia, regarded as the world’s leading budget airline for 10 years in a row at the World Travel Awards.

Undoubtedly, this company has one of the top airline affiliate programs for Singapore affiliates in this niche. The AirAsia affiliate program provides helpful tools, including best deal banners and deep links to support affiliates.

Although it does not publish much detail about the program, you can earn up to 9% commission for each sale on various products and services. If you have researched most other airline affiliate programs, you will know that Etihad, for example, only pays a low 1.6% commission.

  • URL: AirAsia affiliate program
  • Operated by: Partnertize
  • Commission rate: Up to 9% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Products/services: Flight tickets
  • Payment methods: X


Zalora Affiliate Programs

Despite the increasing number of online shoppers every year, many Singaporeans are actually dissatisfied with online shopping sites. This is due to steep product prices, high shipping fees, and slow delivery.

Indeed, Singaporean customer satisfaction in retail decreased in July 2022, but Zalora still received a major thumbs up from consumers. Also, this company site is ranked 4th in the Singapore fashion and apparel category, just after global giants like SHEIN and Nike.

How can it be better for affiliate marketers? An eCommerce website that already has high traffic and many satisfied customers. In the Zalora affiliate program, you will earn a 6% commission for new customer sales and 4% for returning ones. You may make more as a top performer or during campaign seasons.

Zalora also operates another influencer program. It will be best fit if you already have a large following on social media. This program pays up to 10% commissions in cash and 15% in Zalora vouchers.

Only a slight problem to consider about Zalora. According to InvolveAsia, a major affiliate network, Zalora’s conversion rate is only above 1%. Global fashion converts around 1.35-2.24% in different months, so Zalora can do better.

  • URL: Zalora Singapore affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house and InvolveAsia
  • Commission rate: 4-6% per sale
  • Cookie window: 7 days
  • Products/services: Apparel and accessories
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, wire transfer, (international) direct deposit


SHEIN Affiliate Programs

If you wonder which fast fashion company is able to compete with Zara or H&M, it can only be the Chinese-owned SHEIN. In 2025, the brand has ambitious goals to hit $58.5 billion in annual revenues.

With all the regular promotions, competitive pricing, and a 2+ million product catalog, it seems like SHEIN is already doing fine on its own. But affiliate marketing is still one of its significant strategies on the way to success.

The SHEIN affiliate program offers many attractive terms. Its 30-day cookie duration is 3x longer than Charles & Keith, with mind-blowing commission rates of up to 20% for a wide range of products. You may even receive monthly cash bonuses on specific promotions.

Joining this fashion affiliate program is an amazing opportunity for affiliates to leverage their side income. However, there is proof of global customers slowly turning away from fast fashion. So, you should get on board quickly to make money from this niche.

  • URL: SHEIN affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house, CJ Affiliate, Awin, ShareASale
  • Commission rate: 10-20% per sale
  • Cookie window: 30 days
  • Products/services: Fashion, beauty products, accessories, shoes
  • Payment methods: Payoneer, check, wire transfer, (international) direct deposit

JD Sports Singapore

JD Sports Singapore Affiliate Programs

Based on all the statistics and information above, you would have known by now that Singaporeans love shopping. Of course, trainers cannot be out of context.

Do you know that the footwear revenue in Singapore is predicted to exceed US$1 billion in 2023? And the average shopper will purchase about 5 pairs of shoes throughout the year.

JD Sports Singapore dominates this market. Its parent company is based in the UK and is among the biggest names. Since 2018, this brand has become a fixture in Singapore since its first local store opening at Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

So you can consider this one among renowned, high-traffic Singapore affiliate programs about fashion. The JD Sports Singapore program is managed by Rakuten, with a flat 4% commission and 14 days of cookie duration. Since Singaporeans are crazy about footwear, this is your golden opportunity to gain repeat affiliate commissions.

  • URL: JD Sports affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house and Rakuten
  • Commission rate: 4% per sale
  • Cookie window: 14 days
  • Products/services: Shoes
  • Payment methods: PayPal, direct deposit, check

Involve Asia

Involve Asia Affiliate Programs

That was a lot of affiliate program introductions; how about the top affiliate network in Singapore?

InvolveAsia, by its name, focuses on affiliate marketing in Asian markets. Its partners are all around ASEAN countries with over 500 brands, including huge names like Reebonz and Love Bonito.

The wealth of tools available in this network will help you a lot. Affiliates can easily drive sales and track their conversions. And the data feed allows you to promote products from various retailers.

Furthermore, there is this exclusive Express Withdrawal feature. You can withdraw your commission within 15 days of a sale despite different terms and conditions.

Besides working with the “traditional” affiliates, InvolveAsia welcomes a variety of social media influencers and content creators. It does not matter whether your audience is on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

  • URL: InvolveAsia affiliate network
  • Commission rate: Varies by advertisers, from 1-10% per sale
  • Cookie window: Varies by advertisers
  • Payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer
  • Brands: Reebonz, Love Bonito


CHARLES & KEITH Affiliate Programs

By 2027, the Singapore fashion industry is forecasted to reach US$3.2 billion. This means the average consumer will spend roughly $915 on fashion products.

Needless to say, this country is a true gold mine for fashion affiliate marketers. One worldwide famous brand originally from Singapore, Charles & Keith, is ready for this wave.

Everything a fashion-forward Singaporean wants, the company can provide. From fab bags to accessories and chic shoes, you can generate tons of sales from these luxurious goods.

Charles & Keith surely does not miss out on affiliate marketing to boost its revenue. It is one of the most popular fashion Singapore affiliate programs, offering a 6% commission for new customer sales and 3% for existing ones.

This program is not much different from Zalora’s, though, except for a bit longer cookie window. Also, the brand has an ambassador program for content creators. You should join that instead if you have an established following.

  • URL: CHARLES & KEITH Singapore affiliate program
  • Operated by: Impact
  • Commission rate: 3-6% per sale
  • Cookie window: 10 days
  • Products/services: Women’s bags, shoes, sunglasses, accessories
  • Payment methods: PayPal, wire/ACH transfer, direct deposit, check


Secretlab Affiliate Programs

Besides online shopping, Singaporeans really like gaming. Reports show that 41% spend over 15 hours weekly playing video games, and 9 out of 10 people would spend money on games each month. One-third of them pay a minimum of $100/month on PC, console, or mobile games.

This means gaming-related programs would be significant for affiliate marketers in Singapore. Secretlab, a famous gaming chair business in the US, cannot miss out on this potential Asian market. Its chairs come with a 5-year warranty and are loved by big eSports names like Valorant Champions.

Anyone who is obsessed with gaming will definitely recognize these brands. They are also willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a quality gaming chair.

There are few reputable gaming chair affiliate programs in Singapore, so joining Secretlab’s partners’ team can make a great difference. This gaming affiliate program provides 7 days for cookies and up to 12% commissions per successful sale.

  • URL: Secretlab Singapore affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: Up to 12% per sale
  • Cookie window: 7 days
  • Products/services: Gaming chairs and desks
  • Payment methods: PayPal


Indoleads Affiliate Programs

From the beginning, the Indoleads affiliate network only focused on the Southeast Asia area. Now, it has expanded globally with partners in more than 180 countries.

You may find its average CPA paying respectable at $9.7, with $50M in annual revenue. But what if you drive other types of traffic? Whether it is cost per lead or sale, this affiliate program can still pay you easily.

Its diverse tools and resources are accessible to program members. The coupon feeds feature allows you to display discounted products and services without inserting tracking links.

Moreover, Indoleads also provides a deep affiliate link builder. The tool helps redirect your audience to any page on a merchant’s website. With this optimization, you can streamline the customer journey and enhance conversion rates.

  • URL: Indoleads affiliate network
  • Payment methods: PayPal, wire transfer
  • Brands: Nike, Pomelo Fashion, Foreo


eBay Affiliate Programs

The truth is eBay has not been a major success in Singapore as it does in Europe and North America. If you compare its website with other eCommerce & shopping competitors, ebay.com.sg only ranks in the 6th place on the list.

This company still holds a brighter future for affiliate marketing, though. On YouGov in 2021, the marketplace was named one of Singapore’s big brand movers. The ranking list included brands with a statistically significant rise in consumer perception.

So, what are eBay Singapore’s most attractive selling points? The website has a decent rate of product quality, customer satisfaction, and overall reputation. Guess that is basically what every affiliate needs to promote a business.

In the program, affiliates can earn up to 4% commissions with varying rates across product categories. The highest rewards go to fashion and motor sales, while real estate sales only lead to a 1% commission. But honestly, who on Earth would buy a house on eBay?

Many Singapore affiliate programs enable a generous cookie duration. However, eBay Singapore only permits 24 hours for a successful sale, the same as Amazon.

  • URL: eBay Singapore affiliate program
  • Operated by: In-house
  • Commission rate: Up to 4% per sale
  • Cookie window: 24 hours
  • Products/services: Health and beauty, electronics, fashion, DIY and garden products, etc.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer

What Are the Steps to Begin Affiliate Marketing in Singapore?

More and more people are making money from affiliate marketing. It allows you to have a steady income just by promoting products/services on your website.

Of course, Singapore is a fertile ground to kick off this career. Having the right approach is everything. Here is how you can start affiliate marketing in Singapore:

Choose a niche and relevant affiliate programs

The first step is to identify a lucrative affiliate marketing niche you want to promote. Look for niches currently leading the affiliate marketing industry in Singapore, for example, electronics, health and beauty, or online shopping.

Next is choosing relevant Singapore affiliate programs to partner with. These programs should come from reputable companies selling high-quality and desirable products.

Create promotional content

Your website content needs to focus on promoting the affiliate products. It can include tutorials, product reviews, or general information about the brand and its goods.

Make sure your content is engaging and informative to interest readers. If they are compelled enough, these visitors can become potential buyers.

Promote your affiliate links

After producing the content, it is time to promote your affiliate links. The best ways to do it? Social media, email marketing, and paid advertisement. Apply SEO practices for relevant keywords so the right target audience will visit your site for the products.

Track and analyze results

Tracking down your outcome is crucial in evaluating your affiliate marketing efforts. Fortunately, most Singapore affiliate programs provide detailed reports on sales and important metrics. You just need to adjust your strategies accordingly.

Obviously, it seems pretty simple on paper. However, starting your affiliate marketer career requires patience and hard work. Stick to these instructions to optimize your path and lessen the hassle.

Best Ways to Find a Proper Singapore Affiliate Program

Do you just cluelessly hop on the Internet or ask a friend if they know any quality Singapore affiliate programs?

Try these methods to find the best programs available in Singapore.

Online research

Using an online search engine is the easiest way, but you need to know what you are looking for. Do a quick Google search with “[your niche] + affiliate programs.”

Pay attention to where a program operates. Many high-paying ones are unavailable in all markets, so find those good to go in Singapore.

Another practical approach is joining major affiliate networks, such as CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, and Impact. Most of them have search filters to find programs for customers in Singapore.

Do not worry that you will not be accepted into these networks. A lot of them welcome various types of affiliate marketers, including social media affiliates, bloggers, and website owners.

Find referral links from other affiliates

It never hurts to check on your direct competitors and whom they promote. Other affiliate sites and bloggers can lead you to proper programs via their referral links. You can find support from competitor analysis tools or similar content to yours.

As you study your competitors’ affiliate links, notice the unique ID or referral tag. Clicking these links will direct you to a product landing page to find information about affiliate programs.

Look for similar brands or products

More Singapore affiliate programs can be found by searching for similar products or your merchants’ competitors. Do not rely on only one platform; other brands may offer similar programs.

You might be concerned about how to promote competing products or brands. It is not difficult. For instance, create a comparative review of 2 competing goods. Other than giving your readers thorough product insights, it can improve their trust and overall conversion rate.


Is affiliate marketing permissible in Singapore?

Does the Singapore law find affiliate marketing legal? Yes, it is.

The Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore has specific requirements for affiliate marketers, similar to other forms of social media marketing. You must make sure your content is “clearly distinguishable from personal opinions and editorial content.”

Simply put, you must disclose your affiliate activities to avoid legal violations.

How is an affiliate defined according to Singapore law?

A Singapore affiliate is considered a financial institution organized under the Singapore laws that is affiliated with a Lender.

How does the Shopee affiliate program work in Singapore?

The Shopee Affiliate Marketing Solution (AMS) program works with many affiliate partners to drive traffic and create conversions for sellers. Sellers will offer commissions to attract affiliates and set up marketing campaigns.

Shopee’s role is to communicate the campaign and provide details to affiliates. Then, these partners will take in the campaign and create content to gain traffic and sales for the sellers’ Shopee store. Affiliates get paid for each successful and validated transaction.

They will also produce organic content from the campaign mechanics. It makes the content more authentic and drives more transactions.

Note that AMS operates based on the last-click model. The commission goes to the last affiliate link the customer clicked before placing an order. Their purchase must also be within 7 days to be counted as a successful sale.


So, can you make money with affiliate marketing in Singapore? The answer is totally yes.

Given the number of Singapore affiliate programs and networks available, you can easily find one in your niche. Whether you promote fashion, furniture, or gaming items, this list comprises enough options.

Most affiliate programs in this article are high-ranked, with a steady stream of traffic and revenues. So, all you need is to prepare well in market research and content production, ensuring the best results from your affiliate efforts. Good luck!

Joan, a creative mind and author behind UpPromote blog. Writing has always been my sanctuary, a place where I can explore my imagination and share my unique perspective on the world of eCommerce. Through my words, I strive to explain the complexities of the digital world and showcase its potential for innovation, growth, and limitless opportunities.