Improve your income with the best fashion affiliate programs

If you have a passion for fashion and usually update trends in the field, you can consider boosting your income with your hobby. Fashion affiliate programs will help you do so.

This article will uncover the definition of affiliate programs in the fashion field and some guides on choosing niches and programs to follow. We will also provide you with a list of the best affiliate programs for fashion to maximize your earnings. Let’s check it out!

What is a Fashion Affiliate Program?

Fashion companies or brands establish a fashion affiliate program to promote and advertise their products. They can hold it themselves or via a third-party affiliate marketing network and attract publishers to join to boost the promotion.

Fashion affiliate programs will provide publishers unique links to insert into blog posts or video descriptions. The links are trackable, and publishers will earn a commission when a user buys a dress or a shirt via such links.

According to a statistic, the fashion e-commerce industry will reach 821 billion US dollars in 2023 and 1.2 trillion US dollars in 2027. So, the potential of fashion affiliate marketing is also very good. 

There are a wide variety of programs in this field. Each of them has different terms and conditions on cookies and payout. Thus, choosing niches and programs is not an easy part here. Do you want to know how it works? Keep reading to find out.

 A screenshot of statistics from
Fashion e-commerce market value from 2023 to 2027

How to Find Your Fashion Affiliate Program Niche?

As fashion is a large field of various styles, deciding on a niche before starting your affiliate career is essential. So, how to find your niche? Here’s the way:

You should depend on what you are fond of or passionate about. For instance, if you like children or you are raising a small boy or girl, you can focus on clothing for the same age as them.

Narrow things down first!

If you choose children’s clothing as your niche, you should divide it into smaller pieces. Do you want to promote clothes ranging from 1-5 years old or 7-10 years old? Do you prefer boy’s clothing or girl’s clothing? Do you know more about summer sets or adaptive clothes? Such dividings will help you decrease the competition and have a good base to start.

Next, do preliminary research by searching for keyword volume

This action will help you evaluate the potential of the niche. How many people search for its products each month? What is its expected market room? Are the numbers large enough for you to start investing your effort?

You decide to go for niche clothing for kids from babies to five years old. You love winter sets and want to focus on winter clothes for girls.

Here is how it works: Research keywords, such as “winter clothes for girls”, “girls winter clothing”, etc., on Keyword Finder. You can see that these keywords have a good volume, e.i. winter clothes for girls with 24,700 monthly searches. So, it is a remarkable niche to start.

A screenshot of Keyword Finder’s result
Result for the keyword “winter clothes for girls”

Besides, you can also browse some competitors’ websites to see how they are doing with the niche. It’s very good to find some angles that the competitors are not saying about the niche’s products.

How to Choose the Best Fashion Affiliate Program

After deciding on your niche, considering which programs to participate in is the next matter. To choose the best fashion affiliate programs, you should take the following factors into account.


Looking through the programs and seeing what products they include first. Are the products suitable for your content? Will your audience like them? You should focus on clothing compatible with your chosen niche so that it can be easier to reach your audience.

A picture containing clothes in a store
Do the fashion affiliate programs have suitable products?


Good affiliate fashion programs will include a competitive commission structure. Commission in the fashion field varies depending on the brands. It can be affected by product cost, the number of referrals, etc.

Cookie duration

Cookie length is also important as it has a significant effect on the monetization of publishers. The longer it serves, the higher the earning potential is. In the fashion niche, a cookie period of around 14-15 days or more is appreciated, but it is better to find fashion affiliate programs with a 30-45 day cookie duration.


Payout concerns affiliates, as it influences how the money will come to their account. Payment methods are variable, depending on the programs and the networks. The more flexible, the greater. For the minimum payment threshold, lower is better. If you join a program with too high a threshold, you must put in much effort before seeing your first cash.


The reputation of brands also affects the ability to attract clicks and purchases. Thus, you should pay attention to the brands included in the fashion affiliate programs. Choosing schemes with good-selling brands will help improve your revenues. For example, if you promote athletic shoes, Nike or Adidas are nice brands to pick.

Best Fashion Affiliate Programs in 2023 

Big-brand fashion


Harrods is a famous brand in the UK that serves the wealthiest customers in the country. Harrods affiliate program has a wide range of luxurious products from many brands. They can be clothing from Dolce & Gabbana, accessories and bags from Gucci, or watches from Rolex.

You can apply for the program via Rakuten Advertising. It pays monthly via PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Check if your account reaches at least 50 AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/USD/BRL. The brand also provides up-to-date content, banners, and newsletters to support publishers in improving performance.

A screenshot of Harrods’ website
Harrods’ website
Cookie duration30 days
Payment methodsPayPal, Direct Deposit, Check
Payment threshold50 AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/USD/BRL
ProductsClothing, shoes, accessories, bags, jewelry, watches
BrandsVarious (Gucci, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, etc.)


  • Various types of products to promote
  • Many famous brands in the program
  • Different payment methods
  • A good cookie window provided


  • Do not public commission information


Boohoo affiliate program is one the best clothing affiliate programs from a British brand. It offers a commission rate of 7% for most purchases and a cookie life of 30 days. Both the numbers are great for publishers. 

The program consists of clothing, shoes, and accessories from Nasty Gal, Oasis, Misspap, etc. Its products are famous for being fashionable and affordable, so you can easily sell them when joining.

Awin, CJ, and Rakuten Advertising hold the program. You can join via CJ if you are from the US or Canada, via Rakuten Advertising if you are from Australia and New Zealand, and via Awin if you are from the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland.

The program’s payment methods and thresholds are various depending on the network. For CJ, you can self-set the minimum payment amount, and it will pay you via Direct Deposit, Check, or Payoneer on the 20th for all currencies and the 28th for USD, EUR, and GBP.

Awin’s payment schedule is monthly or twice a month via Check, International Wire, or Direct Deposit, provided your account balance is $50. Rakuten Advertising will pay you monthly via PayPal, Direct Deposit, and Check when your account reaches 50 AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/USD/BRL.

A screenshot of Boohoo’s website
Boohoo’s website
Commission7% for most sales
Cookie duration30 days
Payment methodsAwin: Check, International Wire, Direct DepositCJ: Direct Deposit, Check, PayoneerRakuten Advertising: PayPal, Direct Deposit, Check
Payment thresholdAwin: 20 USDCJ: Self-settingRakuten Advertising: 50 AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/USD/BRL
ProductsClothing, shoes, accessories
BrandsMisspap, Nasty Gal, Boohoo,, Karen Millen, Coast, Oasis


  • A nice commission rate
  • Long cookie tracking duration
  • Fashionable and affordable products
  • Various payment methods, regardless of networks


  • Must pay attention to join the right network

General fashion

Old Navy

The Old Navy affiliate program, hosted by, is only open to US people. The program’s products are trendy and low-price, making them easy to sell. They include clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, boys, girls, toddlers, babies, and even maternity.

The program offers a 2% commission, which is not as high as others in the fashion niche. Its cookie window, which is only one day, also seems short. The good news here is no payment threshold is applied, and it pays via many methods, including Direct Transfer, BACS, and PayPal.

A screenshot of Old Navy’s website
Old Navy’s website
Cookie duration1 day
Payment methodsDirect Transfer, BACS, PayPal
Payment thresholdNone
ProductsClothing, shoes, accessories
BrandsOld Navy


  • Easy to sell products
  • Its products are plentiful for different subjects
  • No minimum payment threshold
  • Various payment methods to choose


  • It offers a low commission rate.
  • A short cookie window


Zaful affiliate program allows publishers to earn up to 30% commission, higher than many programs in the fashion field. It also has a long cookie period of 30 days, letting affiliates maximize the potential of earnings. In addition, Zaful products are at good prices, so it is not too hard to persuade consumers to buy.

The program is set up on First Grabber – a platform allowing you to withdraw your money anytime, provided the minimum payout is qualified. It pays via PayPal, WebMoney, and bank transfer. The threshold for the first former is $100, and the latter’s is $300. The platform also provides banners, text links, API, and so on for supporting publishers.

A screenshot of Zaful’s website
Zaful’s website
Commissionup to 30%
Cookie duration30 days
Payment methodsPayPal, WebMoney, and Bank Transfer
Payment threshold$100 for PayPal and WebMoney$300 for Bank Transfer
ProductsClothing, shoes, accessories


  • Higher commission rate than many other programs
  • A long cookie period
  • Different payment methods to pick
  • Many supporting materials from the platform
  • Products are at good prices to sell


  • A little bit high minimum threshold for the bank transfer method

Women’s clothing


The ModCloth affiliate program allows publishers to promote plentiful products from various independent designers. As their products are in a vintage and unique style, they have a dedicated community that usually purchases their clothing, shoes, and accessories. You should keep in mind this style when promoting the products.

ShareASale establishes the program with a 30-day cookie window and 2% commission for coupon and deal sites and 5% for loyalty and content sites. The platform offers Direct Deposit, Check, and ACH as payment methods. You will get the revenue on the 20th of every month if your account reaches $50.

A screenshot of ModCloth’s website
ModCloth’s website
CommissionCoupon & Deal: 2%Loyalty & Content: 5%
Cookie duration30 days
Payment methodsCheck, Direct Deposit, and ACH
Payment threshold$50
ProductsClothing, shoes, and accessories for women
BrandsBariano, Chi Chi London, Circus, etc.


  • Unique style with a dedicated community
  • Many payment methods
  • Low minimum payment threshold
  • Various brands available


  • The commission rate is a little bit low.
  • The payment methods do not include PayPal.


SheIn affiliate program includes lots of products, especially for outdoor activities. The program is available on many affiliate networks, including ShareASale, CJ, Awin, Admitad, and Pepperjam. It offers a 10-20% commission rate for each sale. Its cookie life is also very good, with 30 days for tracking.

Depending on your chosen network, you will enjoy various payment methods when participating in the program. The threshold also relies on the network but is generally low. Besides the third-party platforms, you can also join the program on their website, but the official program seems to lack information on payment methods and thresholds.

A screenshot of SheIn’s website
SheIn’s website
Cookie duration30 days
Payment methodsShareASale: Check, Direct Deposit, and ACHCJ: Direct Deposit, Check, PayoneerAwin: Check, International Wire, Direct DepositAdmitad: Bank Transfer, PayPal, WebMoney, Payoneer, Crypto Wallet, Bank Card (for Ukrainian and Russian that are registered as self-employed with the Federal Tax Service)Pepperjam: PayPal, Check, Direct DepositSheIn website: Unknown
Payment thresholdShareASale: $50CJ: Self-setAwin: $20Admitad: Depending on the currency ($20, €20, etc.)Pepperjam: $25SheIn website: Unknown
ProductsClothing, items for sports and outdoors for women


  • The program is available on many networks
  • A wide variety of products to promote
  • Great cookie duration and commission rate
  • Various payment methods with low thresholds


  • The program held on SheIn’s website lack information

Men’s clothing

Mainline Menswear

Mainline Menswear affiliate program is one of the best fashion affiliate programs specializing in men’s clothing. Here you can find a wide range of clothes and footwear for men to promote. These products are from nice brands worldwide.

It is one of the fashion affiliate programs hosted by Rakuten Advertising, offering up to a 10% commission rate. It pays only via Direct Deposit, provided your account meets the minimum payment threshold. Such a threshold can be customized, but the default is only £1.

 A screenshot of Mainline Menswear’s website
Mainline Menswear’s website
Commissionup to 10%
Cookie durationUnknown
Payment methodsDirect Deposit (EUR, GBP)
Payment threshold£1 as default, can customize
ProductsClothing and footwear for men
BrandsAdidas, Armor Lux, Calvin Klein, Tommy Jeans, etc.


  • High commission rate to enjoy
  • A wide range of clothing and footwear
  • Products from many brands worldwide
  • Customized minimum payment threshold


  • No information on the cookie period
  • Only pay via Direct Deposit


MR PORTER affiliate program allows publishers to promote many luxurious products for men. The program includes various goods from famous brands, including clothing, shoes, accessories, watches, and grooming.

Partnerize hosts this program and offers bank transfers as the payment method. You will earn a commission if a consumer buys products via your affiliate link within a 14-day cookie window. The minimum payout here is £20/$30/€30.

A screenshot of Mr Porter’s website
Mr Porter’s website
Cookie duration14 days
Payment methodsBank transfer
Payment threshold£20/$30/€30
ProductsClothing, shoes, accessories, watches, and grooming items for men
BrandsKingsman, Gucci, Givenchy, etc.


  • The program includes various products
  • Its goods are from famous brands
  • A good cookie window included
  • Low minimum payout required


  • It does not provide a specific commission rate.

Children’s clothing

Tea Collection

The Tea Collection affiliate program has clear information and nice support for affiliates. Its average earnings-per-click is $70, and its average conversion rate is 8-10%, which are pretty good numbers. The program also offers regular promotions so that you can promote its products more easily.

You can participate in the Tea Collection affiliate program via ShareASale and enjoy an 8% commission rate and 30-day cookie life. It pays you via Check, Direct Deposit, and ACH with a minimum payment threshold of $50.

A screenshot of Tea Collection’s website
Tea Collection’s website
Cookie duration30 days
Payment methodsCheck, Direct Deposit, and ACH
Payment threshold$50
ProductsClothing for children


  • Nice support from a dedicated team
  • Good commission rate and cookie life
  • Clear information for who wants to join
  • Different payment methods with a low minimum payout
  • Regular promotions and offers for consumers


  • PayPal is not available for payment.

Holly and Beau

Holly and Beau affiliate program is a special program focusing on color-changing products for children. Its raincoats and umbrellas change color when contacting water, making children like them a lot and remarkable among clothing affiliate programs.

You can find the program on the ShareASale network. It allows you to get a 10% commission for each sale within a 30-day cookie period. Holly and Beau will pay you via Check, Direct Deposit, and ACH if your account balance is at least $50. It also provides creative banners, text links, and monthly newsletters on new offers for your updates.

A screenshot of Holly and Beau’s website
Holly and Beau’s website
Cookie duration30 days
Payment methodsCheck, Direct Deposit, and ACH
Payment threshold$50
ProductsJacket raincoats, umbrellas
BrandsHolly and Beau


  • Great and special products for children
  • Nice commission rate and cookie period
  • Supporting materials for affiliates
  • Many payment methods and a small threshold


  • Its payment methods do not include PayPal.



Clarks have two affiliate programs, including the Clarks USA affiliate program and the Clarks UK affiliate program. Both include footwear and accessories produced by the brand Clarks; however, their commission rates are different. You will get 7% when promoting Clarks USA, while the number for Clarks UK is up to 10%.

Pepperjam hosts the Clarks USA affiliate program, so its payment methods are PayPal, Check, and Direct Deposit, and the threshold is $25. For Clarks UK, the hosting network is Awin. It will pay publishers via Check, International Wire, and Direct Deposit when their accounts reach $20.

A screenshot of Clarks USA’s website
Clarks USA’s website
CommissionClarks USA: 7%Clarks UK: up to 10%
Cookie durationClarks USA: UnknownClarks UK: Unknown
Payment methodsClarks USA: PayPal, Check, Direct DepositClarks UK: Check, International Wire, Direct Deposit
Payment thresholdClarks USA: $25Clarks UK: $20
ProductsFootwear and accessories


  • Two programs with good commission rates
  • Various payment methods to pick
  • Both programs have low thresholds.
  • Promotional assets are available for affiliates.


  • They do not disclose cookie duration.


The Shoeaholics affiliate program brings a world of shoes, bags, and accessories for publishers to advertise. It provides a long cookie duration of 30 days, but its commission rate is a little bit low, only 5%.

Like some other fashion affiliate programs, it is hosted by Rakuten Advertising. Thus, you will get monthly payments via PayPal, Direct Deposit, or Check. You should earn at least 50 AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/USD/BRL, as the number is its minimum payout. The brand will also send you weekly newsletters reminding you of exclusive promotions and new products.

A screenshot of Shoeaholics’ website
Shoeaholics’ website
Cookie duration30 days
Payment methodsPayPal, Direct Deposit, Check
Payment threshold50 AUD/CAD/EUR/GBP/USD/BRL
ProductsShoes, bags, accessories
BrandsCarvela, Miss KG, KG Kurt Geiger, etc.


  • Have a long cookie duration
  • Provide many payment methods
  • Low minimum payment threshold
  • Update publishers of promotions and new styles


  • Its commission rate is quite low.

Outdoor clothing


The Backcountry affiliate program is where publishers can promote plentiful products for biking, traveling, hiking, camping, and so on. They have products from lots of brands, including three unique brands: Backcountry, Stoic, and Whitespace.

The program is available on both and AvantLink. For, you can get payment by Direct Transfer, BACS, or PayPal with no minimum amount required. For AvantLink, the payment methods are PayPal, ACH, and Direct Deposit, and the threshold is $25.

A screenshot of Backcountry’s website
Backcountry’s website
Cookie duration30 days
Payment Direct Transfer, BACS, PayPalAvantLink: PayPal, ACH, Direct Deposit
Payment NoneAvantLink: $25
ProductsClothing and items for outdoor activities
BrandsBackcountry, Salomon, Shimano, etc.


  • Plentiful products for many types of activities
  • It owns a long cookie window
  • Many payment methods are available.
  • Low and no minimum payment threshold
  • Support publishers with materials


  • Some cases may have a low commission (4%).


Cabela’s affiliate program is where you can find many products for different activities such as hunting, shooting, boating, fishing, and camping. When joining the program, you will enjoy a 5% commission and 14-day cookie life. The brand also provides affiliates high-quality creatives and pre-written content for better performance. establishes Cabela’s affiliate program. It pays you by Direct Deposit, BACS, and PayPal. No minimum threshold is applied, so you do not need to worry about accumulating earnings to get paid.

A screenshot of Cabela’s website
Cabela’s website
Cookie duration14 days
Payment methodsDirect Transfer, BACS, PayPal
Payment thresholdNone
ProductsClothing and items for outdoor activities
BrandsCabela’s, She Outdoor, Minn Kota, etc.


  • Available products for different activities
  • Many payment methods for publishers
  • Do not require a minimum amount to get paid
  • Nice creatives and pre-written content


  • Low commission rate

Plus size clothing

Big Boy Bamboo 

Big Boy Bamboo affiliate program includes men’s clothing in big sizes. It offers a 5-10% commission for each sale from its website. The cookie window is 30 days. You will also find many supporting policies here, including free US shipping for orders valued at $75+ or free returns and exchanges. The policies make customers happy and love the brand.

GoAffPro hosts the program. The network provides various payment options, from PayPal to Bitcoin. Besides, it also allows some specific payment methods for several countries, e.i. M-Pesa for Africa. Unfortunately, no information on the minimum threshold is publicly provided.

A screenshot of Big Boy Bamboo’s website
Big Boy Bamboo’s website
Cookie duration30 days
Payment methodsPayPal, Bank Transfer, Cheque, Debit Card, Cash, Bitcoin, and some special options for several countries.
Payment thresholdUnknown


  • A great commission rate
  • A nice cookie window
  • Good policies for customer-caring
  • A wide range of payment methods
  • Specific payment options for some countries


  • Not provide information on the minimum threshold.


Kiyonna affiliate program focuses on the niche of women size 10+, so it is a remarkable plan if you follow the plus size clothing content. It offers a good commission of 8% and an impressive cookie window of 60 days. It is one of the fashion affiliate programs helping affiliates with creative banners and up-to-date data feeds.

Kiyonna partners with ShareASale to hold this program. They provide Direct Deposit, Check, and ACH as payment methods. The minimum payment is quite low, only $50 for each month.

A screenshot of Kiyonna’s website
Kiyonna’s website
Cookie duration60 days
Payment methodsCheck, Direct Deposit, and ACH
Payment threshold$50
ProductsClothing and accessories


  • Allow a good commission rate
  • An impressive cookie period
  • Many payment ways to choose
  • Banners and data feed provided for affiliates
  • Quite a low level for a minimum payment


  • Not include the popular payment method (PayPal)

Accessories affiliate program brings a ton of men’s accessories to promote, ranging from neckties to socks. Its products are wallet-friendly and high-quality, helping persuade consumers to make purchases. The brand also has many nice policies like free shipping or a money-back guarantee, which satisfy customers and increase the sales volume.

The program offers a high commission rate of 12-15% and a long cookie period of 45 days, making it a good choice for affiliate fashion programs. You can find it on the Pepperjam network. It has PayPal, Check, and Direct Deposit as payment options and $25 as the minimum payout.

A screenshot of’s website’s website
Cookie duration45 days
Payment methodsPayPal, Check, Direct Deposit
Payment threshold$25
ProductsMen’s accessories
BrandsAlynn, American Necktie Co., Brent Morgan, Peter Hayer,, WildTies


  • Various accessories of many types
  • A very long cookie duration
  • The high commission rate for affiliates
  • High-quality and affordable products
  • Customer-attracted policies
  • Many payment options with a low threshold


  • It does not provide a data feed.

Woven Pear

The Woven Pear affiliate program is a candidate for the best fashion affiliate programs specializing in the sock sub-niche. Affiliates will find here a lot of beautiful and fashionable socks to promote. The products are designed in many types with different patterns.

Woven Pear connects with ShareASale to set up this program. It allows affiliates to enjoy a generous commission rate of 20% and a very long cookie period of 90 days. You will obtain your payments via Check, Direct Deposit, or ACH when your account balance is at least $50.

A screenshot of Woven Pear’s website
Woven Pear’s website
Cookie duration90 days
Payment methodsCheck, Direct Deposit, and ACH
Payment threshold$50
BrandsWoven Pear


  • Its socks are pretty and type-diversified.
  • Provide a generous commission rate
  • The cookie length is very good.
  • Different payment options with a low threshold


  • Not include PayPal in payment options
  • Only one type of product to promote (socks)


  • How to be a SheIn affiliate?
  • How do you promote a fashion brand?
  • Is the fashion niche profitable?


We have provided you with basic aspects of fashion affiliate programs and some reviews on the best options in the niche. Now, it is your turn to determine how your start will be.

Remember to start by choosing a suitable niche to follow. Also, remember the criteria to pick the best fashion affiliate programs: products, commission, cookie duration, payout, and brand. So, why not start affiliating in fashion today?

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