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Top 8 Best Affiliate Programs in Pakistan of 2024

Unearth top-performing programs for Pakistan and take your earnings to the next level.

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Affiliate Programs in Pakistan 9

Affiliate marketing has become an effective way for individuals and businesses in Pakistan to make money with their websites and blogs by advertising goods or services.

Furthermore, collaborating with firms in Pakistan can help build a good relationship and develop a broader range of products and services.

However, it may be difficult for beginners to know where to start with the wide range of affiliate programs accessible.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 8 best affiliate programs in Pakistan that cater to various niches. Let’s explore it now!

Top 8 Best Affiliate Programs in Pakistan

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Amazon Associates

Affiliate Programs in Pakistan 1As a technological company and online retailer, Amazon is the greatest. Everybody knows that it is a global American technology corporation mainly focusing on eCommerce. Amazon sells almost everything, including video and MP3 streaming, DVDs, CDs, VHSs, games, video, food, toys, books, jewelry, e-books, furniture, etc.

Pakistan was not a part of the Amazon sellers’ list for a very long time. This implies you can’t purchase anything from Amazon, yet individuals can still make money via Amazon affiliate marketing. Amazon just included Pakistan on its list of vendors in 2021, and anybody may now make an order on it.

Amazon Associates is one of the greatest and biggest affiliate programs not only in Pakistan but throughout the globe, offering a high affiliate commission rate to its affiliate marketer. Amazon offers a maximum commission of 20% on Amazon Games and the lowest commission of 1% on Grocery, Health, and Personal Care. The cookie duration on Amazon is 24 hours, which implies that your cookie will expire after one day.

  • Commission rate: 1% – 20%, depending on the product category
  • Cookie duration: 24 hours
  • Payment methods: PayPal, bank transfer, credit and debit cards
  • Products/services: Electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, pet supplies, books, sports and outdoors, and more
  • Network: Amazon Associates



Affiliate Programs in Pakistan 2Digistore24 is an online e-commerce website and one of Pakistan’s newest affiliate programs. Affiliates have an extensive choice of digital products to advertise, including online games, publications, courses, software, and services. This is a chance for you to work with Digistore24 and make as much money as you would like.

Digistore24 offers outstanding support, including individual coaching and training tools to assist its affiliates thrive. Furthermore, it supplies real-time tracking of affiliate earnings and commissions, allowing affiliates to assess their performance quickly. Digistore24 also provides automated payments to its affiliates, making it easy to receive income easily.

This program gives significant commission rates of up to 70% or more on every transaction, making it one of highest-paying affiliate programs. Overall, the Digistore24 Affiliate Program is a beautiful option for Pakistani newcomers wanting to begin their affiliate marketing career.

  • Commission rate: Up to 70% and more in commission
  • Cookie duration: 180 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal or Bank Transfer
  • Products/services: Software, shipping products, seminars, e-books, etc
  • Network: Digistore24



Affiliate Programs in Pakistan 3

Founded in 2012 by Muneeb Mayer and Faris Shah (co-founder), Daraz is the biggest e-commerce online marketplace in Pakistan. Bjarke Mikkelsen became the company’s CEO after Daraz was bought by Chinese e-commerce juggernaut Alibaba in 2018. Daraz is generally well-known in Pakistan and South Asia, including Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, India, and Myanmar.

Daraz has recently started an affiliate network in Pakistan, allowing you to make money by advertising items. Daraz offers 13 primary product categories, each with 1200 subcategories, and its total inventory units are roughly 80,000. In terms of monthly traffic on Daraz, more than 11 million individuals visit the site each month. On Daraz, there are a plethora of items that you may promote and make as much money as you wish.

Daraz offers the maximum commission of 17.20% on shoes, garments, watches, and glasses and the lowest fee of 1.70% on desk PCs, VR headsets, and other items. 7 days is the cookie retention time for Daraz’s affiliate program. The Daraz affiliate website offers a straightforward online approach to joining.

  • Commission rate: 1.70% – 17.20% commissions
  • Cookie duration: 7 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal or Bank Transfer
  • Products/services: fashion, beauty, electronics, home appliances, and more
  • Network: Direct


Mehndi Matrimonial

Affiliate Programs in Pakistan 4

Mehndi Matrimonial is an online dating service that caters to Muslim singles and those with South Asian ethnic backgrounds seeking love and marriage. Mehndi is undoubtedly one of the most well-known South Asian dating websites in the world, with more than five million users.  It receives at least 1,500 visitors daily from the United States and many South Asian nations.

The Mehndi Matrimonial Affiliate Program offers affiliates the opportunity to earn money by advertising Mehndi.com’s matching services. The program provides a variety of dating options, such as specialized matchmaking and online profiles. The matching services the program provides have a high conversion rate, meaning that a substantial number of people who click on your referral link will likely decide to join.

You will earn a $0.05 commission for each profile registered on Mehndi.com using your banner advertisement! Furthermore, if a member you recommended purchases a Premium subscription, you will get a 25% income share for that subscription! You may make a lot of money as a commission!

Affiliates can get direct access to the Mehndi team’s assistance, which includes marketing materials, suggestions, and counsel. Moreover, affiliates can monitor their profits in real-time and obtain extensive information to help them improve their marketing efforts.

  • Commission rate: $0.05 commission for every profile registered and 25% on the revenue share of the Premium Membership
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Credit card, money order, PayPal or wire transfer
  • Products/services: Personalized matchmaking, online profiles, and more
  • Network: Direct


IDM Pakistan

Affiliate Programs in Pakistan 5

IDM is one of the most innovative digital marketing training institutions in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s most renowned brand, graduating almost 1521 professionals nationwide in 99 distinct batches. Through the training of digital marketing specialists, IDM hopes to contribute to Pakistan’s digitization.

IDM Pakistan offers the most sophisticated digital marketing training, with simple and highly engaging instructor-led online lessons. IDM goods have a high conversion rate, which means that a considerable number of people who click on your affiliate link are likely to complete a purchase.

The IDM Pakistan affiliate program assists its affiliates, including a committed affiliate manager who can address concerns and provide promotional materials.

  • Commission rate: Rs 4000 commission on 1st sale and Rs 10,000+ on every sale onwards
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: Bank transfer
  • Products/services: Digital marketing courses
  • Network: Direct


InspediumAffiliate Programs in Pakistan 6

Inspedium is a well-known company in Pakistan that provides web hosting and digital marketing services. It’s one of the top online resources for those who want to create affiliate marketing websites or blogs and make money by affiliating with Inspedium. It also motivates others to study marketing approaches and appreciate your content. Joining is completely free.

The Inspedium Affiliate Program is Pakistan’s top-paid web hosting affiliate program. Inspedium charges a fixed commission rate of 30% on all goods and services, allowing novices to make more money from their marketing efforts. Inspedium provides its affiliates with dependable monitoring and reporting solutions. This may assist them in tracking their success and revenues.

Affiliates may advertise their items using a variety of marketing techniques, such as banner ads, text links, and social media postings. Inspedium also provides its affiliates with dependable payment alternatives.

  • Commission rate: 30% commission on every sale
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal or Bank Transfer
  • Products/services: Web hosting, email marketing, domain registration and website builder
  • Network: Direct



Affiliate Programs in Pakistan 7

Alibaba is China’s biggest e-commerce website and enterprise. It was launched in 1999 by China’s wealthiest billionaire, Jack Ma. According to Forbes’ Global 2020 ranking, Alibaba is the world’s 31st biggest public business and the most powerful organization.

Alibaba is a company that focuses on e-commerce, retail, electronic payment services, shopping search engines, the internet, cloud computing services, and technological goods. After Tencent, Alibaba became the second Asian company to surpass the $500 billion milestone in 2018.

You can also generate a passive source of income on Alibaba without making any investments. All affiliate marketers are invited to join Alibaba’s affiliate program, which pays a 7% fee on all transactions.

Your commission rate will probably rise if you provide a significant volume of standard traffic. Only Qualifying Purchases are eligible for commissions from Alibaba. “Qualifying Purchases” are purchases with the status “complete” on Alibaba’s website. Purchases that are returned will not be counted as Qualifying Purchases.

  • Commission rate: 7% of the transaction value
  • Cookie duration: 15 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal or Bank Transfer
  • Products/services: Electronics, fashion, home & appliances, beauty, health & wellness, e-commerce electronic payment service, and more
  • Network: CJ Affiliate



Affiliate Programs in Pakistan 8

Goto is one of the most famous online shopping marketplaces in Pakistan, with the goal of providing a dependable, hassle-free, and simple purchasing experience. Goto sells gadgets, health and beauty items, technology products, home décor, and clothes. Asadullah Khan established Goto in 2015.

Goto has one of Pakistan’s finest and most successful affiliate programs. Anyone may make a consistent monthly income with the Goto Affiliate Program. You only have to advertise the links on your website or social media accounts.

All Goto affiliates get an affiliate panel upon registration, which is very user-friendly and allows you to see the outcomes in real time. The advantage of Goto’s affiliate program is that you do not need a website to sign up.

You may utilize social media networks to market your items and make as much money as you desire. Like other websites, Goto gives commissions based on category, with the highest commission on fashion (5%) and the lowest on phones, devices, computing, and gaming (1.5%).

  • Commission rate: 1.5% – 5% commission, depending on the product category
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: PayPal or Bank Transfer
  • Products/services: Remote IT support, cloud computing and communications
  • Network: Direct


How to start Affiliate marketing in Pakistan?

If you’re new to affiliate marketing and desire to get started in Pakistan, you can follow the complete guide with useful advice and insights into how to develop a successful affiliate marketing program:

Choose your niche

The first step in developing a successful affiliate marketing plan is to identify a niche, which is a specialized target market or larger audience. A market niche is often defined by a common interest or demography, which influences product quality and pricing. For example, niches in the skincare sector include skincare for children, anti-aging, and acne-prone skin.

Select an affiliate program

Once you’ve decided on a niche, you’ll need to look for an affiliate program that sells items or services connected to your selected topic. You should be able to find a program that is an appropriate match for you since there are so many affiliate programs accessible in Pakistan.

Create great content

Because you will establish an audience on your chosen platform, you must write high-quality content that organically incorporates affiliate links. Your blog or website will go under if you are not constantly providing material. So, keep producing content that is appealing to the public.

Drive traffic to your affiliate channel or site

Once you’ve produced a significant amount of material, it’s time to promote your affiliate website. This is important in order to create leads, increase conversions, and attract new clients.

It is critical to have an SEO strategy. The higher your site ranks in search engines, the more visitors you’ll get. As part of SEO, a site’s mobile friendliness and keyword optimization are both required.

Affiliate Programs in Pakistan 9

Track your results

Monitoring your progress to determine what works and what does not is critical. This will allow you to improve the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing operations.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Affiliate Program in Pakistan? 

Researching and selecting an affiliate program that is a suitable match for you is critical. You can improve your chances of success with affiliate marketing in Pakistan by considering the factors listed below.

Target audience

The first step is to identify your intended audience. Once you’ve determined your target audience, you may look for affiliate programs that are relevant to them.

Products or services 

What services and goods do you promote? Not all affiliate programs are created equal. Some programs perform better with specific products or services. Make sure that the software you choose is suitable for your business.

Commission rate 

The commission rate is the amount you will pay your affiliates for each sale or lead they generate. The commission rate is an important one, but it is not the only one. You should also investigate the affiliate program’s traffic quality.

Cookie duration

When a user clicks on an affiliate link, a cookie is installed on their computer for a certain amount of time. This time period is referred to as the cookie length. This is crucial because it affects how long an affiliate may get a commission on a transaction.

Monitoring system 

The affiliate program should have a tracking mechanism that allows you to track your affiliates’ effectiveness. This can help you determine which affiliates are doing well and which need further guidance.


If you have any questions or problems, the affiliate program should be able to assist you. This is critical, especially if you are new to affiliate marketing.


Q: How to start affiliate marketing with no money in Pakistan?

You can set up a blog for free on sites such as WordPress or Blogger. After you’ve launched your blog, you can begin marketing affiliate items or services on it.

You can also advertise affiliate items or services on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

You can do this by writing content, sharing photographs, or running advertising with affiliate links.

Q: What is the potential income from affiliate marketing in Pakistan? 

The potential revenue from affiliate marketing in Pakistan might vary substantially based on the affiliate program, the goods or services being pushed, and the affiliate’s advertising campaigns.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, may provide a substantial income. Some Pakistani affiliates have claimed monthly earnings of up to $10,000.

Q: Can I join the Daraz affiliate program in Pakistan?

Yes, you can participate in the Daraz affiliate program in Pakistan. Anyone with a well-trafficked website or blog may join the Daraz affiliate network. On the Daraz website, you can apply for the program.

Q: Can I make a profit from Amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan?

Yes, you can earn money through affiliate marketing from Amazon in Pakistan.

The amount of money you may make is determined by the items you advertise, the quantity of traffic you produce, and the commission rate you receive.

However, with Amazon affiliate marketing, earning a large amount of money is feasible.


We hope our comprehensive list of the best affiliate programs in Pakistan has provided you with various possibilities to investigate and maybe join. With the numerous programs we’ve mentioned, there’s a good chance you’ve found at least one that piques your interest and corresponds with your objectives.

It’s worth noting that some of these programs provide recurring income in addition to one-time incentives. This implies that you might receive a passive income if the recommended customers or leads continue to create money or interact with the goods or services.

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